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  1. If you've read through your own T&C's and even you (naturally biased) reading them it comes across that you'll be refunded if you change your mind after leaving a deposit, you've got to give him his money back..... Then change your T&Cs to rectify the mistake so it doesn't happen again.
  2. If only I had a crystal ball.........

    The only car we've ever been given was a W reg Daewoo Matiz. We were planning just to use it as a storage shed, but the car was that shit that it wasn't even suitable for that Scrapped it for £20 Quids in!
  3. If only I had a crystal ball.........

    We did - awaiting reply. He was replying within 15 mins to all messages, but now.... Thing is, he sent 3 messages (was asked to call, suprise suprise, never called as he works 15 hours a day - poor thing) asking about a part ex, when it specifically says in the advert - No Part Ex as its a SOR car. Had a 170k 55 plate Saab 9-5 Estate, guy wanted £900 for it. 220k 55 Plate Honda CR-V, guy wanted £1000. 180k 02 Golf TDi, guy wanted £800. A monstrosity of a modified Citroen C4 coupe, 06, wants £1,690 Dreamers. We're always pretty generous when it comes to PX prices as well so its even more of a suprise when people are so insulted
  4. If only I had a crystal ball.........

    Saab 9-3 B204 turbo 11months mot Full history etc Clean tidy car! V reg After finally extracting some more info from the guy, offered him a generous £400 (CAP Clean £190) he was mightily insulted. He was giving me the oppertunity to buy a future classic. A quick browse on Facebook Marketplace, I find the advert the guy bought it from. He's had the car only a couple of weeks, bodywork is battered. The price he paid for this future classic a couple of weeks ago..... £440 ono
  5. Write off for minor damage

    We haven't retailed any write offs, but would have thought is would be a bit easier since the new catergories ame in... Well, easier for cars that have had light damage at least. A Cat S marker surely would be the kiss of death for 90% of people. Before, with C and D, you couldn't really tell how severe the damage was as it was in relation to the value of the car vs repairs (although I guess knowing the date of the write off could give an indication - but only an indication) The new system seems much simpler N= Non Structural, S=Structrual.
  6. Business Recovery Cover

    The AA is £15 a month for the two of us on personal cover, and includes a tow to our choice of destination. Unlimited callouts too. I think the speed just depends on how local the patrols are to you. I think they aim to be with you within 40 mins, which isn't bad. But I think if you are stranded in a live lane or somewhere dangerous, you are prioritised and they come out quicker. Touch wood, we haven't had to use them.
  7. Business Recovery Cover

    We're with AA - I asked, and have confirmation that they cover motor trade vehicles and told us to take out personal cover. Green Flag however, do not - as we found out sat in a car park with the bonnet up! They had changed their policy T&Cs a couple of months earlier.
  8. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    We had one this morning on a Lexus we have, wanted £990 off the asking price. Plus free delivery to Scotland We are based in North Devon!
  9. How do you pass time on dead days?

    Usually try to improve or tweak something - then immediately ruin it. Boom - Instantly there is something to do!
  10. Unit Size

    We've got just under 1000 sqft, can fit 7 inside (8 if one is a Smart car!) with parking for 3 outside. No seperate office room, but a desk to complete paperwork and a W/C washroom.
  11. I'd say with a Polo, it'd be more important to have an AUX input or Bluetooth.
  12. Reviews - cheating or not?

    I don't know why you'd bother offering an incentive. We were told by a Yell.com rep that we should just make reviews on behalf of previous customers. When questioned about the legitimacy of that practice, we were told that its OK as we are only writing 'what they would have said' So, by that standard you can put that £10 per fake review you leave in a pot and go out and get leathered at the weekend!
  13. Do you have a personal car?

    The 2.0 Auto is the £540 tax one. This one is £290 for a 1.6 with just 105HP - How they've managed to get a 1.6 to be so slow, and such high emmissions I don't know. The Lacetti has a little provenance - it was Top Gears car for a while, wasn't it. When we worked on a pitch we had a Lacetti hatch, got the rear bumper painted - swiftly followed by me backing it into a tap sticking out of the wall, and partner backing it into anoth car. They must have put magnets in the paint on that thing We find it so hard to choose a car for ourselves, we try to buy something - but we buy it cheap and its worth £x retail - makes no sense to keep it! As long as it starts, drives and the heater works we are happy. Shame customers don't have the same low expectations!
  14. Do you have a personal car?

    I don't want to make you all jelous, but we are cruising around in a Chevrolet Tacuma 1.6. Seriously though, we just use the shittest car we have taken in PX to run around in - we're lucky enough to live only a mile or so from our unit so its only a 10-15 minute walk, and the PX is there if we need to go anywhere.
  15. We had that on an Astra van not so long ago. Had to drill the stuff as even petrol wouldn't dissolve it! Engine was breathing through a straw sized hole - went like a rocket when it was cleared out though!