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  1. BCA fees

    Price hike with immediate effect on 28th Nov. In Preston they have both the old and new pricing sign up so I will take a picture on Monday and post it here for you guys to compare.
  2. Taxing car for own use

    Yeah just tax it via DD mate.. don't bother changing the v5 over.. everyone has their own way of doing things though so I'm sure someone will chirp in saying that this is against the law as you're not registered as the keeper and it's a trade vehicle blah blah.
  3. Should I come Back to the Game?

    That sounds like polish heaven.. but not a profitable kind.
  4. Mini Gearbox broken - warranty claim ??

    It's an old Mini.. She's had 4 Months usage and done 4K mileage near enough. Just stand your ground and say it's a used car she's had 4 Months usage and done a lot of miles, the fault obviously wasn't present at the time of sale, it's her vehicle and therefore her responsibility to fix the vehicle. If she starts sending letters and making it official just offer a 50% contribution. The best case scenario is it doesn't cost you a penny and the worst case is it will cost a couple hundred quid.
  5. Dealer to dealer etiquette

    What went wrong? Burn baby burn...
  6. Project Mondeo :)

    Cap clean is £260 on that bad boy.. £995 all day long.
  7. TFR Traffic Film Remover

    That's just trade account pricing depending on your account terms you should get a similar price.
  8. Well, that's it....the midnight flit

    Good luck, it sounds like a great move! @trade vetThat sounds great but many of us still aren't a part of the secret VIP Club. @Andy Entwistle
  9. TFR Traffic Film Remover

    ECP £14 / 25L.
  10. Gumtree and Motors package

    What's the lowest priced AT package these days? Is it still possible to take a 5 car package?
  11. November Trade

    How do you sleep at night? £23K.. Per month.
  12. Gumtree and Motors package

    £180 + vat for 10 incl virtual show room is what we was offered.. they wouldn't go any lower than that.
  13. What would you do?

    Happy days.. good luck with the viewing!
  14. Car valeting

    Titan for dry vac and George for wet vac, Karcher K4 jetwash. All the cleaning products are Autosmart apart from TFR which is £13 / tub from Euro.

    Where are you in the Country? I use a guy called Nas from Blackburn, you will not find a more experienced locksmith / auto electrician.. message me if you want his details.