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  1. Credit cards. Do you,don't you

    Even though I am charging an admin fee for both credit/debit cards?
  2. Credit cards. Do you,don't you

    Just charge an admin fee for both credit and debit cards, I find that people don't care and just pay it. I charge £30 per £1000. Hope that helps
  3. Searching for all pug experts

    Yeah bang on, replaced oil pressure switch and put a man oil filter on, oil change also with 10w-40 (£11 total), job done and runs sweet as a nut. Also noticed that the 118K was in km! Switched to miles and it has 73K on the clock!!! Yep it was definitely a bargain and a damn good buy! It's a tough game but I'm surviving. We do all repairs in house so save a few quid there.. then again my overheads are a lot less than you guys on here so that's the key to making it work when dealing with cheapies.
  4. Searching for all pug experts

    It's the 1.4 engine which I haven't had any problems with up to now but this has more miles than I would usually buy (117K). I'll try a new oil pressure switch, oil filter and oil change then go from there.
  5. Picked up a nice Metalic black Pug 207 for quite a bargain today from BCA, driven 30 miles home go for the junction to exit and BOOM..(STOP! OIL PRESSURE TOO LOW). I immediately think God damn, this is why it was so cheap and check oil again and it's nearly full so I chuck a bit more in and make it touch the fill line. Limped it back home after letting it cool down and the warning & lights seem to go away when revving and come back when letting the car idle, Faulty oil pressure switch maybe? It seems to have a oil leak from the rocker cover gasket and head gasket area of the engine and I can hear a little bit of a knock from what I presume is the bottom end, also a bit of condensation on the oil cap. What do you think, A lemon or a bargain?
  6. Corsa D ECU water ingress

    Blue hawk electronics 1/4 the price of BBA Raman, we had same problem about a year ago on a 2010 corsa d.. saved us about £800 not going with BBA, 3 day turn around and the car fired up first time no problems ever since. Make sure you get rid of all the debris in the skuttle panel and reseal the skuttle with clear silicone, you can also put a plastic bag around the ecu to further protect it.
  7. These are common for motors like the corsa's. Shouldn't take too long I have to do a stalk on a 07 Punto Grande this week as the lights never turn off (common fault).
  8. How impatient are your customers?

    It's hit and miss, I had some young girl come today and brought her boyf and mother along any way the car they come for had sold 20mins before they arrived (haha) however I showed them around this fiesta with some sporty gloss black boy racer wheel trims that was a little bit dirty from being used as the butty car and her mother said "No way, the wheels are crap" - I said while biting my tongue.. "there's a little bit of dirt on the wheel trim".. she muttered "Oh well, the tyre is crap anyway". Alright love, p*ss off.
  9. Customers demanding refunds on warranties?

    See now we're with warranty wise and the cooling off period is 30 days, now I also thought that because it's in black and white in the booklet we wouldn't have a leg to stand on but CA says otherwise.. Cooling off period's don't apply when you have bought the product or service in person at the businesses premise.
  10. Hey guys I just wanted to see your stance on customers demanding refunds on third party warranties they have purchased? They're mentioning the 30 day cooling off period and have already been in touch with the warranty provider however they obviously have to go through myself to obtain a refund. Am I legally required to refund the warranty when it was purchased at the point of buying the car and present on the invoice? Cheers
  11. Hello, Would anyone be interested in buying this, it's not something I would normally retail as out of my price range. Drop me a message if interested, based in north west. Cheers
  12. Auctions for the first time

    This is true, however I find the local punters pleasant to deal with, there's a few bad eggs that occasionally come in. Reminds me of a recent Peugeot 107 in Met. Red on an 06 with 96K on the clock listed for £1495 no offers, this lad turned up on a train and handed over £1100 and that was apparently all the moneyhe had. I said nicely, we need the full price or you'll have to get the train back home.. 20 minutes later after a trip around the corner to the bank he stumps up the full amount.
  13. Auctions for the first time

    My market is £800 - £3000 cars so it's what I would usually buy but I would pay about £800 privately and they usually need little bits doing. Citroen C1s / 107s / Aygo's are all shit cars I know but they sell good so it's what I like stocking as they usually fly out if priced right. This particular one was being sold by Arnold Clark, which vendors would you avoid? Apologies if I'm asking too many questions, I'm not asking to be spoon fed just looking for some honest advice ☺
  14. Hello We have bought all our stock privately,have previously bought a few from Copart so know what to expect in terms of lemons. We've recently opened a BCA account and have been placed on the silver tier, I had my eye on a 2008 Citroen C1 Grade 5 with 90K on the clockat BCA Preston today but never attended (currently house bound as suffering from a severe case of man flu), I called BCA to try and get the hammer price but they have a policy that they cannot give the prices out unless you've won that vehicle. Cap clean was something like £1020 but with it being marked as Grade 5, how much would you expect it to sell for at auction? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated as I'm totally uneducated when it comes to trade auctions.
  15. Trade insurance recommendations

    Hi mate Try Sam Hughes at impact insurance in Bolton, if anyone can cover you he can. Google their phone number or find him on Facebook and drop him a message