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  1. Buy to let cars

    Genius business idea, practically getting free money once they've stringed investors along for a few months. Non FCA regulated, unsecured, no obligation to pay investors if the company goes tits up but hey, you can take us to court if you like (HA HA).. their FAQ is hilarious.
  2. Pearlescent dark red paint?

    Paint is the same price regardless of what it is at my local paintshop.. he's having your kecks down. £100 a panel is what we pay for everything. Look for someone on Facebook who wants cash in hand jobs, they will work for much less than this guy is willing too.
  3. Is there a limit to customer service?

    I'd just pay it and move on, last week I had to pay £220 for a replacement sub frame on a £12002007 Corsa D with 114K on the clock, 2 months after selling it due to rust and the arm falling through.. although I'm still adamant she had hit something. We put it through an MOT, only advisory was minor leak of exhaust gases. So to put it in perspective I made approx £120 on this car after repairs, plus all the headache that come with it.
  4. Belle vue auction days

    Picked up sometoday, 56 fiesta 82K, 2008 Pug 207 70K, 2007 206 60K, 2009 1.2 Corsa 70K. Happy days, would of loved some family cars but private punters were out in force today. Yeah I think I will ditch Friday now.. I will give brighouse a try over next couple of weeks. Belle vue is renowned for being full of scrappers.. the lack of quality cars out there is worrying some times.
  5. Belle vue auction days

    Morning guys Looking for some advice on what are the best days to attend Belle Vue, I usually only attend on Fridays however there is a sale today so will be attending. There isn't many on offer today but there's a lot more variety than my usual AH provides (Preston) so hoping to get some bargains.
  6. Paint depth gauge

    I don't think they're that expensive.. I "acquired" mine but just had a quick look on eBay and they start from £30.
  7. Newbie already struggling with margins

    Definitely get out there and you'll get a feel for it straight away, auctions can be mayhem and there is too many busy fools working on small margins taking big risks for a couple hundred quid profit. I have had nothing but nightmares at auction recently, can't buy good stuff for sensible money and even the shit stuff is making a lot.
  8. Vauxhall signum gearbox

    Try your local scrap yards or breakers for something old like that. Sounds like you will be making a loss, signums aren't good sellers sadly, a bit like a Vectra.
  9. Yep looks the bees knees.. just a shame no one wants it, I might try putting the price up to £2095
  10. This is how they worm their way out of paying out, they're an assurance product not an insurance product hence non regulated. They aren't as bad as people make out, they do payout sometimes you just have to pester them on behalf of the customer, we do well with warranties and I'm sure they do well of us so it works both ways.
  11. I have a cat D Fiat Panda 2007 at the moment, 41K warranted mileage pan roof etc.. they'e doing £2095 + on AT mine is up at £1195.
  12. Insurance balls up. Advice?

    Also avoid having your name on too many dissolved / liquidated companies, insurers don't like this and will penalize you for it.
  13. Insurance balls up. Advice?

    Ok so.. the question "have you ever had an insurance policy cancelled" Is asked to the individuals being listed on the policy, if the current (cancelled) policy is in the name of a ltd company then it isn't the individuals that have had the policy cancelled, but the LTD company. So if you're taking the renewal out under a new LTD company name then don't worry about it. I hope that makes sense.
  14. Insurance balls up. Advice?

    I would be inclined to stay with your current insurer.. at least then you could say they just ballsed up on the renewal and you haven't ever actually had a Insurance policy cancelled. Bite the bullet, pay it and get back on track.
  15. Unwanted Part Exchange offers

    I'd definitely low ball him, he might be lazy and take it.. then you're winning both ways.