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  1. Diagnositic Equipment

    We have a snap on solus 2018 model, works well but you will never use half of the features.. overpriced and we have it on tick with about £1500 owing.
  2. Does anyone want my next Camper?

    Fantastic I would love this but my pockets aren't deep enough sadly.
  3. Just been offered

    Take the extra £800, you might need it for warranty claims
  4. Hyundai i30 1.6crdi

    I have one at the moment 110K, clutch & gearbox knackered.. been parked up for 2 months.. it was absolutely fine before this happened apart from it had a low bite.
  5. Why have any sympathy ifhe has blown it up as a result of his own daft actions.
  6. If you have only just started trading and are a ltd company, dissolve the company before a court case is filed and start under a new name but don't repeat the same stupid mistakes as you did this time round. Some people might not agree with the above but in the real world this happens on a daily basis, it's no worse thanPLCs hiring workerson a zero hour contract, minimum wage and getting rid of them whenever they please.
  7. Problem Logging into BCA Vehicle Search

    I was also having issues earlier just white page loading.
  8. Agreed. They are buying a car that is that. Go ask Tesco if you they can throw the milk in free of charge with your box of cereal.
  9. How much prep is too much prep??

    I have found that below £2K very fussy.. £2K - £3K you can get away with things like small rips in leather seats, scuffed alloys, minor dents.
  10. BCA Account Upgrade

    Silver, Gold and now Platinum for us. It does entice me to buy more from BCA in a way as i want to keep my 50% off food
  11. auction4cars

    Benji.. @MrVthis is why you should not buy from these auction houses. Suspicious
  12. Sounds good Lucas.. you're getting better, hopefully you will have your own pitch soon and all the fun that goes along with it.
  13. Auction 4 cars "release code"

    You bought an Astra twin top,what made you think that was a good idea?
  14. Auction 4 cars "release code"

    No.. I like to buy decent cars not shite.
  15. Auction 4 cars "release code"

    F#cking hell Benji, just buy from BCA or Manheim and stop using these shady auction houses. You will be able to inspect in person and go home happy that you haven't bought a shitter (only joking, it'll still be a shitter).