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  1. Car Gurus

    We pay £130 for 10 cars, during the trial month we sold one substantial car and one cheapie so signed up for 6 Months. Sphock Motors approached us and offered 20 cars for £80 on a 12 Month contract and he assured us we would sell LOADS!! I then asked around and everyone said it was garbage so I never bothered.
  2. Aston barclay poor condition reports

    Benji.. do you ever go BCA Preston? We buy similar stock and I think you might have a chance still.. If you ever want some guidance in person just drop me a message. Cheers
  3. (Keep going!!) Looking for a Partner

    Sounds like a troll or you're genuinely stupid.. invest it all into Bitcoins, it's safer.
  4. How much did it cost in the end?
  5. best tyre shine

    We use high style £20 a bottle works well and long lasting shine.
  6. zafira 1.9 cdti to buy or not to buy....

    I like the 1.6 Petrol zafs.. anything above that incl 1.8 Petrol is bad news. Stick to what you know and all that.
  7. Home traders

    I would tell them to mind their own, be civil but if they're watching customers when arriving that's just weird and you should have a little chat with them. Believe it or not I have the same problem with a neighbouring business at my premise, they're nosey parkers and think no one can see them starring out of the window. You will get this everywhere you go
  8. Any landlords on here?

    If they don't give you your goods by Tuesday, I'd seriously considergetting some scally's to recover them for you..
  9. Any landlords on here?

    Cut it, Cut it..!
  10. Have him return it at his cost to your self - it should say this on your invoice, worded differently obviously. Do not bend over backwards for him, playing MR nice guy in situations like this does not work, please for the love of god do not seek a "specialist" local to him and have them repair this old lump.
  11. How confident are you of this Nick or is it one of those "uncertainties" of the CRA. 8 weeks of motoring, engine blows up.. two options. 1. Car is in warranty - Customer seeks repair at no direct cost 2. Car isn't in warranty - Customer pays for repair On a £6K car with mileage like that I'm sure he was offered a third party warranty and refused to pay thus going with the FREE 30 day warranty (self warranted). In my opinion it's the customersproblem, out of warranty and 2 months after sale so OP shouldn't be put in such a situation or made to feel responsible whatsoever.
  12. Car dealer club

    I haven't been able to join either.. What is the point in having a freaking private section for traders when no one is able to join it apart from those that pester..!
  13. Does the customer not know that a BMW uses 1L of oil per 1000 miles. My advice to you is don't give up, I am also going through a hard time but still surviving. The odds are against us newbies from the start and if we can make it past all the bollocks that this job brings then you know how rewarding it can be
  14. Newbie

    Must be Benji..
  15. E90 316D CAUGHT FIRE

    Extremely unlucky, I don't think BMW will pay out personally or that you will win a court case as they have issued a recall. How did you buythe car as in the Sales Of Goods Act it states that everyone in the supply chain (all sellers) areresponsible for having recalls done and making sure the vehicle is roadworthy.