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  1. I am going to get glow plugs checked 1 by 1 on Monday for continuity also going to take off egr valve and check and clean aswell as replace fuel filter and fill tank with some diesel v power and a bottle of injector cleaner stp stuff and hope it improves.
  2. This thingsended up comingback at me once engine heats up it starts flashing up stop and the red stop engine management light illuminates and struggles to accelerate just got it tonight so will hopefully try and rectify the fault tomorrow before plugging in, any ideas gents?
  3. Where is Lucas gone? Oh Luca!

    How is the mans nose bleed ?
  4. Not obd compliant sir
  5. February.......

    Older clean stuff flying out this month 4 gone 2 56 plate Clio 1.5 dci direct from East Lothian council (no prep) a Lexus is200 auto 2 owner nice thing (mot valet and 3 tyres) and a doctor owned from new 2001 passat sport 1.9 tdi 130 which we put fresh mot service and front and rear discs & pads off Ebay for £65 delivered in the market for more cheapos we can sell at under 2k.
  6. Any Jimny Buyers??

    Have a 57 plate Jimny sitting with a knackered gearbox and 2nd hand boxes for these are 1000+ absoloute shit boxs and rear floor pans rust badly too.
  7. How’s January started out?

    Crazy, silly people.
  8. wow these engines really are pony
  9. High oil usage - Audi 1.8 tfsi petrol

    Top oil up and punt it from the co-op car park and price 500 less than rest with same mileage to shift it then eat the sim card, ps i also had a Skoda Octavia 2.0 tfsi vrs with a serious oil leak which was between gearbox and engine.
  10. Always buy Auto BMW Lucas and never go near a Auto Mercedes.
  11. Bangernomics

    A lovely wee Audi A2 1.4 Tdi in crystal Blueneeding a rear door latch 350gbp px smoked it for last 3 year 30 a year tax 02 plate still looks mint 144k also refurbished the alloys love the wee thing and will never die !
  12. Project Mondeo :)

    Free money
  13. Cazana - "Top 20 Used Cars in 2018"

    I went through a stint about 3 years ago selling mk4 1.4 Astra ls, used to buy every sale and do about 5 a week same with older Focus 1.4 never any comebacks and made good money all 350 odds out door and selling 1250 and 1350 that was my golden number.