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  1. We have rights as well. Sounds like you've been more than fair. I would certainly challenge him, as he was told not to use it. The finance company may well help, by the way. Probably in their interest to keep the deal on. (I have had to refund in the past when I thought it was not fair. Negotiated with the finance and refunded original price less about £500 ) . Speak to the finance company, straight away, see if he’s spoken to them. ( he has to reject with them by the way). Let them know the situation, be pro active Worst case you refund, but he’s entitled to stand at least some of the cost , I would make him aware of this Surprising what can be achieved when you talk to all involved, and tell them clearly where you stand, bearing in mind you still have the fall back of money back if forced Just my thoughts!.
  2. If the man has caused more problems by driving the car when told not to- you should tell him, and get him to contribute fairly to the repair. You are perfectly within your rights. Dont just roll over- if he’s caused costs he should pay his fair proportion.
  3. Done well to get Gold account selling 3 per month????
  4. Anyone seen the ads for Hey car? who are they? Anyone been approached or using them??
  5. I had someone trying to buy one off me this week. He's on the oil rigs no access to internet banking, but willing to pay the full price and sort his own shipping. But can only pay via pay pal. In the email he asks for my PayPal account several times. I replied can only do bank transfer, or debit on collection due to scammers on PayPal. Never heard from him again. Hate these tosses.
  6. BCA didn’t deliver the log book- parcel force did. Seems to you need to speak to them!
  7. 1:4 also has the problem. In the past I’ve changed 2 of these engines.
  8. It’s always nice to cover the overhead( however big that may be) by, say 20th of each month, then anything else is for us. I’ve no chance this month, but pissed it last month! In all last 6 months only 2 show profit. Previous 6 months all profit! I think it must be tough at the minute.
  9. Oh dear it’s advice like this that gets the trade a bad name, I know we always end up carrying the can, but this advise is disgraceful. Just because others have done it don’t make it right. Flip needs to find out why it failed and bite the bullet if it’s failed - then move on.
  10. We asked the Motor Ombudsman for its view, and it reiterated that official, lab-produced economy figures are for comparison purposes only and not indicative of what will be produced on the road. Said a spokesman: “Unless the adverts or salesman made some kind of commitment that he’ll achieve these figures, then I don’t think he could rely on the comparison figures as not being as described.” So the short answer is no, rejection isn’t feasible. Maybe not complete cobblers?? (extract from internet-auto express).
  11. I would never quote MPG figures in an advert, or verbally. If the car does not achieve the figures you quote the customer has a potential to reject the car! Not as described!!!!
  12. In my experience the credit card company always inform you if they plan to take the money back. They then give you time to respond with any facts. I have previously fought a potential refund, with facts and paperwork to back it up. The card company found in my favour. They had actually refunded the customer, but re- charged her once they had my reply and had found there was no fault on my part. The law works for both sides. Had I been at fault I would have refunded long before it got to this.
  13. OK, let me put it an easier way - you want £800 (not enough gross IMO but let's use that). Retail £4995 Margin Target £800 Buyers fees £250 Transport £100 Valet £50 MOT £30 Servicing £200 Paintwork £200 Advertising £50 + any other costs Maximum Bid = £3,315 The answer is IT IS ALL IN THE BUYING didn’t you forget the Vat?? Means you need to buy for sub £3000 (then £330ish of VAT).