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  1. Who Can Recommend a Turntable?

    Umesh - any reason for the jump in your stock profile in the past year? Looking really good now!
  2. Facebook

    Only the gumtree crowd look on Facebook marketplace. Best thing to do (as Justina3 says) is create your own page and boost them in demographics befitting the car you have. Rory does this brilliantly - he should consult.
  3. Ebay adverts - worth it?

    ditch gumtree and go with Ebay Motors Pro You can get a better deal than that

    Not sure about that when it was marketed to encourage more online buying
  5. BCA auction fee proxy bid

    Free on Gold Car and above 'Free commission bids'
  6. FAO Rory / VAG 3.0 TDI

    ah ok thanks
  7. A while back you mentioned you have to unwind on a Q7 3.0 TDI due to engine failure What was the problem?
  8. This shall be good. Bookmarked
  9. How do you pass time on dead days?

    How many Holidays do you go on AD ?! I haven't even left the country in 2.5 yrs
  10. Manheim surecheck help please

    Hold on, you're complaining you can't flip a car for £600 which needs a load of work, but without actually doing the work !?
  11. Importing Cars to the UK

    That scene has been milked already for the past few years Remember when R32 GTRs were £5k...
  12. Importing Cars to the UK

    Interesting, thanks
  13. Importing Cars to the UK

    Would it be a go'er if you lived in mainland Europe ? Always surprises me how many US imported cars you see out there
  14. These can run very lean, are you sure its running at the correct idle speed ?
  15. Bye bye autotrader

    I'd love it if sponsored listings bit them on the arse because it obscured what people where really looking for.