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  1. Remind me. You're the fella who scoured Facebook marketplace and used in to take photos in a car park ? Progress !
  2. LR have always stockpiled new cars and worried about selling them later
  3. Factory shutdowns/reductions resulting in shortage ofnew cars stock resulting in supply shocks to nearly new at the moment...
  4. Cap black book

    Work retail backwards or find similar enough on BCA catalogues
  5. Petrol or Tar 'n or Glue remover?

    Have you been sniffing glue or petrol ?
  6. Dodgy auction tactics

    Because there's a good chance you'll get it cheaper in the next sale

    Even the RAC inspections are terrible for this. They've even sent a kid in a hire car dressed for an office..
  8. Who is doing well?

    My theory is that the facelifts aren't so close to £20k anymore and people realise new shapes are still at least double the price
  9. Who is doing well?

    Very surprising. Couldn't give them away last year.
  10. Business / Stocking Loans Question

    I didn't realise it was that cheap !
  11. Business / Stocking Loans Question

    You're correct regards BCA stocking loan I'm just puzzled what banks lend these lads huge sums based on very limited experience
  12. Not interested in one myself, but I am fascinated by these new starters who started out with 8x bangers 3 years ago and now have 100x cars and £700k - £1m in loans Who loans them such sums and what are the conditions, rates and deposits ? Ta
  13. FB Automotive

    I don't see the point personally if its just going onto the marketplace - which is the equivalent of Sphock and Gumtree. You need your own page with promoted / boosted posts
  14. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    Oh no, he was furious because he took a day off work and paid for a train ticket for a car he now wouldn't view because it came from an auction.
  15. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    Long time ago I said this on the phone which satisfies the buyer and he books his train ticket. On the day of his travel he calls me: he ran a HPI check that showed the car entered the auction 10 days ago.He was absolutely furious.