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  1. I've have started to notice more trade cars from N.I aiming to sell to England which I thought was unusual
  2. Is that you John - just posted it on the Facebook group ? Trying to retail a 19k car with bumper scuffs... 2018 AUDI A3 1.5 TFSI S LINE BLACK ED. ONLY 13K MILES. RECON - COUPLE OF BUMPER SCUFFS AND 2 ALLOY REFURBS ONLY 1 KEY CAPS @ £18,900 £17750 WILL BUY IT. NOT A PENNY LESS
  3. Yep, spec editions normally throw off the guides
  4. Trade it out at a loss to a London ULEZ garage before the next CAP price drop Good luck (assuming this is for real)
  5. Agree, I saw today new Volvo V40 D2 1.6 Diesel [120] Cross Country for £16196
  6. Any cheap dual action / orbital polisher Avoid rotary ones as a beginner
  7. Just re-read one of their adverts. Looks like they have finally been made to remove their 'sold as seen / scrap' clause I wonder how long they can operate if they're taking back cars
  8. What ? On £400 bangers ? Grade 2s need twice that minimum
  9. Half the regulars on here are newbies
  11. I don't know about these but it seems like a lot of money for a 6yr old unpopular car on 100k
  12. This can actually work in your favour if the vendor gets desperate and drops the reserve or more accommodating with provisionals.
  13. It's a matter of morals and double standards.
  14. Having said that, we've all seen private punters trotted up to silly figures. Yes they should know better, but its not right.