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  1. I've have started to notice more trade cars from N.I aiming to sell to England which I thought was unusual
  2. Is that you John - just posted it on the Facebook group ? Trying to retail a 19k car with bumper scuffs... 2018 AUDI A3 1.5 TFSI S LINE BLACK ED. ONLY 13K MILES. RECON - COUPLE OF BUMPER SCUFFS AND 2 ALLOY REFURBS ONLY 1 KEY CAPS @ £18,900 £17750 WILL BUY IT. NOT A PENNY LESS
  3. Yep, spec editions normally throw off the guides
  4. Trade it out at a loss to a London ULEZ garage before the next CAP price drop Good luck (assuming this is for real)
  5. Agree, I saw today new Volvo V40 D2 1.6 Diesel [120] Cross Country for £16196
  6. Any cheap dual action / orbital polisher Avoid rotary ones as a beginner
  7. Just re-read one of their adverts. Looks like they have finally been made to remove their 'sold as seen / scrap' clause I wonder how long they can operate if they're taking back cars
  8. What ? On £400 bangers ? Grade 2s need twice that minimum
  9. Half the regulars on here are newbies
  11. I don't know about these but it seems like a lot of money for a 6yr old unpopular car on 100k
  12. This can actually work in your favour if the vendor gets desperate and drops the reserve or more accommodating with provisionals.
  13. It's a matter of morals and double standards.
  14. Having said that, we've all seen private punters trotted up to silly figures. Yes they should know better, but its not right.
  15. Technically it isn't but I'm on your side.
  16. You never hear about Mk2 TT 2.0 TFSI having this?
  17. twerp


    Great to hear of your progress ! How many do you have in stock now Lucas ?
  18. Tell him to use transferwise Best rates for him and direct to your bank
  19. That's it exactly. Just looked at yours, it has plenty going for it and you bought it really well.
  20. Sure the prices are still competitive? Been some drops in past 6 weeks that took me by surprise
  21. I actually think this is why some of the new traders do well because they don't see everything as expensive and focus on % only
  22. Remind me. You're the fella who scoured Facebook marketplace and used in to take photos in a car park ? Progress !
  23. LR have always stockpiled new cars and worried about selling them later