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  1. New mot and I'll give you a ton. Lol
  2. Thanks. It's just a car we have had years and used to hire to cart stuff from site. Light been on and off for years but the best runner I've ever had.
  3. I heard the mil light has no need to work on cars registered before 31st July 03. So it will pass if it is on ? Is this correct?
  4. Just taken a lovely polo in p/x. The 2nd this week but both have no air. Both 12 plates with nice miles but not so sure now the summer's coming. I havn't had a car without a/c for years and didn't know they still made them without. Do I need to buy these two a Xmas card ? Or anyone have any luck with these? I normally stick to the jap stuff Toyota, Honda,Mazda etc
  5. Selling through BCA PX Disposal

    I never do well when putting anything through the block unless I’ve nicked it. I can watch a vehicle make say 3 grand and I can have an identical one same mileage,condition,and year and mine will make a grand less. Just put it on e bay, facebook or gumtree and be honest and list all faults. Selling at bca is like chucking money down the drain.
  6. Hyundai i30 1.6crdi

    Same here never had any come back on mine with a near to floor bite. Better than right at the top.
  7. Clio vibration

    I had the same issue. I was told tyres were ok until I went to an old guy who had been in the tyre industry for years . He told me definately tyre. I paid up under protest thinking it can't be, and as true as his word the vibration at 60 mph had gone .
  8. Mark 101 , that’s exactly my thoughts. Stalker, no I am sitting here on a Sunday afternoon posting this as I’m only curious and my insurance company in closed. Otherwise I would of course rang them first. Just thought I’d ask as some trader might have been here before. The trouble I have is trying to explain to a 17 year old that the 3 series and Land Rover will cost you thousands to insure. It’s a fiesta or aygo my girl.
  9. My daughter is approaching 17 and keen to get behind the wheel. Lots of her friends have provisional licences and are on their parents insurance for their private car. Can my daughter learn in one of the vehicles I have that is on my traders policy? I have a stock car I always use before retailing so thought she may be able to go out with me in this.Her friends have paid £80 ish for 100 days cover of which days they can choose as long as the vehicle is insured by the owner. Apparently you can choose 1 day to be insured then maybe take another day in say a week or two. So it could take 6 months to use up your 100 days. Hope this makes sense
  10. An incredible day....

    Sold three one Saturday afternoon and made more profit in a couple of hours than I had for the last fortnight . Doubled up on all three cars. What I’d give for the good old days
  11. Jaguar X type headlight bulb replacement

    2010 Mazda 6 is the same. Got to take wheel off and remove inner wing liner. Then they expect you to carry spare bulbs if you are driving in France. I sure won’t be changing a Mazda 6 headlight bulb in the dark.
  12. Diesels

    Anyone still doing ok with diesels? I seem to be getting offered plenty but can’t shift many. it seems the block has more diesels than I can count and I have a Volvo XC90 2.4 SE AWD one owner full mdsh and I’ve not had a call. I wonder if the phone is still working?
  13. Worst Test Drives

    Had similar happen a few years ago. Three of our European friends, one asking me to show him the spare in boot while other two are at front pouring small bottle of oil in expansion tank. I knew it was a con as I always check oil,water, washers, bulbs etc before viewings. Must be my ocd but it pays off sometimes.
  14. BMW E46

    Once again I have got one of these with engine oil leak. Always had these and been good over the years but lately everyone I touch 320,318 or 325 always have or have had engine oil leak. such a shame because I love this sort of thing but might stop buying these.