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  1. If you're in London then obviously a No No. Outside / Skirts, 50/50. Ulez clamping down again to the "inside M25 area" by 2021/2. As Nick above said, people who want the big heavy german engines are still buying and don't really car about the costs of owning the car and are more interested in getting a good deal on the car than anything else. Sold a Jaguar Portfolio 30k on the clock on a 13 plate, no Ulez, he wasn't fussed but because it was a good price and had every possible extra fitted to it inc rear entertainment.
  2. Haha I'm a sad stats fanatic Every rep pretty much hates having a sit down to talk to me
  3. I personally don't mind the phone call. Similar to the phone call from BCA after you buy something, I don't mind that either. Not gonna lie though, if they didn't phone I wouldn't mind that either haha. Just not overly fussed. But I do like a chat so I suppose I might miss the phone calls eventually and start ringing them haha.
  4. +1 Movex. It sounds trivial but I save about £20 on average from my transportation costs, I've found a very good transporter who I use direct now ( no telling, or you'll all use them and I won't get my cars! HAHA! ) That saving pays for just over half of one of my valeters a year! Movex is simple and easy to use, it takes less than 2 minutes per job posting.
  5. No rubbish now. Smell has already returned, yet with now a exotic cat smell tinge. Turned back to the Atom Machine from Euro Car Parts. Will update with how it gets on.
  6. Thanks for all the responses, really appreciate them all! So I started searching around and it seems the vast majority of the key programming specialists use an AD100Pro as it has all licences separately and starts from £1,495. Then after speaking to a few of the suppliers in the industry found they would recommend to "upgrade" to a zed full or a smart pro which were £3,500 and included 3 months free unlimited "tokens" (normally £15 a pop). Booked in for demos on all 3 so I'll let you know how that goes. We've got a snap modis ultra but my guys said it can't do keyless entry and proximity keys, etc? I'll get on the phone to snap on, just in case they're not doing something right. Well we're charged £140+ VAT upward depending on make / model / key on keyless entry vehicles from our local key guy. Worked out we would be saving if we did 15.6 vehicles let alone advertising doing keys ourselves now. We average around 40 keys per year where customers request it as part of the sale ( Although sometimes we can do a 50/50 contribution on a new key with a customer. ) and get asked for roughly 20 or so per year. It's a £100 minimum saving per vehicle so I'm willing to make a considerable investment to reduce my overheads and from the prices I've been quoted thus far would see a ROI in the first year.
  7. Can anyone recommend any decent key programming tools / equipment / software. Must be for the vehicle below: Main vehicles we supply are:- RANGE ROVER JAGUAR FORD CITREON MERCEDES AUDI BMW JEEP PEUGEOT SEAT I've had a look around but all with different or various reviews so it's not been the most promising of searches.
  8. You'll soon learn about AT... They don't give anything away, even if it's their F**k up. They give advertising platforms a bad name hahaha.
  9. Haha yeah typical. Love to see my name branding is catching on haha
  10. I've got plenty but I don't really want to post them here as it gives out "tips"
  11. I think I jinxed it as I've had another 2 this morning / last night. Ebay... Again... I've got a budget of 4k, I really like the corsa that's up for 6,700, can we do something? - - Felt like saying, "Well I can continue to advertise my car like normal and you can look for a car within your budget." Hey mate, will you take £9,000 for your Golf R Line?... It's up for £12,700... This one I messaged back saying, "No problem you can put as little or as much down as a deposit."
  12. PS - Walsall currently playing nice. I'm topped up now barring about 7k, so one more car. Thought I'd share now
  13. It was in fact Ebay Motors. Interesting to know that the majority thought Facebook / Gumtree. I don't really get that many of the UWOTs from there.