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  1. Are you sure? Soooo many stories out there of dealers being hit with a DSR claim / refusal. Luckily we've not been hit so far, yes a warranty claim here and there but not to the extent of a full refund including delivery costs within 30 days.
  2. Distance Selling Regulation Consumer Rights Act 2015 Right Of Withdrawal
  3. Ebay is there just for brand awareness and to keep popping up on customers searches. We don't reply to Ebay messages as it's pure drivel full of time wasters and people making silly offers or messages like "best price?". Your stock levels should perform well on AutoTrader and CarGurus. I wouldn't do anything else apart from them and a decent social media campaign on Facebook.
  4. Earunder


    there are many peoples... Ahhh brothers... this is where you went wrong. Too many factors to say how many you will accept. You could get 100 applications on a 60 plate Fiesta and only get 1 person accepted but they can't afford the repayments. You never know. On an average, most independent dealers do around 30-35% of their sales via Finance.
  5. It's pretty straight forward to be honest. Deliveries we use Movex or deliver ourselves if not too far. We request payment to be made 24 hours prior to delivery date. We send a video of the outside and inside of the car showing all and any marks / scratches / cosmetic defects. We do a brand new MOT with all our vehicles and a PDi. Movex also do a Cosmetic PDi on collection and delivery. We only take a deposit (£250) but don't take full payment over the phone. Bank Transfer only for the remaining balance. You must make sure you're red hot on your DSR, CSR'2015 and ROW. If you're not and you're unsure on anything, don't get involved as it can bite you in the bum selling to the wrong customer who will pull your pants down.
  6. Average figures from what I and a few others have figured out are: Standard Package: £85 - £110 Premium Package: £135 - £160 Prices are per car, per month and including VAT. All including Dealer Finance. Excluding any other charges or products. Compare that to: CarGurus - 100 cars = £450 Ebay - unlimited cars = £245 AA - 120 cars = £495 Motors - 100 cars = £175 Try to find out if CarGurus are advertising strongly in your area on social media and Adsense. If they are then that's a no brainer. They've been our best ROI for about 4-5 months, but they do tend to change their advertising focus so you must ensure you keep on top of tracking it and complain when your response goes down.
  7. I know the vendors do it, but I've never seen Auctions do it. No, wasn't UKCGR as that's BCA and WBAC.... It was under Group Automotive.
  8. Ok, so this is a new one! Today at Bedford there were cars that appeared to have come from Manheim??? Not bad stock lines but no reports on them though. I know the BCA prices have been making a good few hundred over the Manheim prices since November but surely not enough for another AH to put cars through... Conspiracy theories please... Being Bought Out? Testing a new selling strategy? Getting rid of the cr@p stuff that have issues? Marketing Strategy? It got me and a few others talking about it. Guess we shall find out in a couple of months.
  9. 0% - Put it this way, I don't put any pressure on our guys if they don't answer these queries. I prefer to not deal with them as they are more often than not wanting something for nothing. Wheels done cause 1 has a slight scratch, a panel sprayed because there is 1 stone chip on it, 2 years warranty upgrade for free, etc. They are usually on site for about 2 hours, taking up a salesman time and more often than not mine as they haggle for more. Someone else can deal with that.
  10. Display of trade plates A trade plate: • should be displayed in a vertical position • must be visible and easily readable from a distance between 18 to 22 metre • can be displayed anywhere on both the front and rear (rear only for motorcycles) • cannot be displayed inside a vehicle • must not cover the vehicle’s existing number plates (except for motorcycles). Make of it what you will.
  11. Did you not point out the trade plates to the officer? If ANPR, then the photo should show the plates. Were they displayed correctly and as detailed out? https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/854130/vtl301g-guidance-notes.pdf If so then you can contest the fine.
  12. As I said, I do quarterly checks on where our leads and sales come from and I am lowering our package with AT as it is too expensive to keep 3/4 of our stock on there. Maybe it's the area I don't know. It equates to £139.41 p/m per car including VAT which is from what I have heard, under the local average for the package we are on. Still absurd, I agree. Smaller cheaper cars that sit around for 3 months means your selling at cost or a loss, makes no sense, but that's been this industry for the last 18 months. Getting crazy now though with the AH prices with the majority over CAP clean. On the heavier vehicles I never had any concerns due to them selling every 6 weeks but now the margins are shrinking and turn around days rising it means the advertising costs are going up even without the April price increase.
  13. They are ripping off everyone but it's the only platform that gets customers for vehicles over £15k over the line. Put it down to trusting the platform, the huge brand awareness of AutoTrader, I don't know. I can't remember the last time a customer that bought a vehicle from over £15k came from anywhere else other than Auto Trader / Recommended By A Friend / Existing Customer / Local Customer. This and the fact we have spent thousands on our own Brand Awareness, Local Advertising, Social Media Advertising and SEO. From what I've heard from other dealers advertising around my level we are all on pretty much the same, although some aren't with Premium and are on Standard. I do believe there are still some different prices for different parts of the country or for those who they think HAVE to do it. I'm not quite sure why dealers don't ask dealers at the AH what packages each are on. For me and a few I know, we are always discussing expenses and deals we get from Lenders and every now and then AT pop up in convo. Should seriously get talking with each other, otherwise everyone is just assuming everything without knowing the full story. One of the dealers I know swears by AT and advertises 100 vehicles, only dealing with cars between £3k and £15k but only uses AT and a free Facebook page and doesn't spend on anything else. He has been around for the best part of 20 years also and seems to be doing very well still. I've always said, it works for some and not others and am a firm believer in that "motto" as it's very true. We came out of AT about 18 months ago but noticed our heavier cars were not moving as quickly and after 3 months out decided to go back with a 30 number advertising package with just our highest priced cars and low and behold, they moved quicker with a higher margin. Due to that we moved back to an 80 car package within 6 months and have been on that now for over a year. As I mentioned previously though I'm looking at other potential advertising sources now as the margins in this industry are getting smaller and add to that the incoming price increase with AT something has to change or give. I will in no way say AT is the be all and end all by any means. There are dealers out there with no AT who do very well for themselves off social media and SEO alone. We also spend A LOT using those mediums too and they do provide very good ROI. I wouldn't say you've missed out on anything. Only advice/recommendation I could give would be to try a 5 tier package, (Pay as you go I think, not sure but call them and see) then only advertise your oldest stock. That way you've got the photo's, the video, basically everything ready to go. Use them as like a last resort and see if it helps move the cars that seem to stick after 61 days or whatever you're release days are. You've got to always try advertising platforms, advertising mediums, etc to see if they work. Budget for a 3 month stint and if you can afford to, then try it and see. Some will pay off, some won't. Don't stretch yourself. At the current climate, I wouldn't recommend jumping into getting more overheads, as I mentioned previously I'm looking at ways to cut our over heads as I can see a testing time for the industry this year. Hopefully I'm wrong, but with the prices at the AH's at an all time high and the retail prices still dwindling it usually only leads to 1 thing.
  14. Yeah the "Bonus" cars are a silly gimmick to make you think you're getting a good deal. We all know we're not haha. From £4k upto £30k. Yeah, overheads are a killer, literally got to move a car a day. Mad that 1 advertising platform accounts to 1/4 of your monthly expense. Always times when you think I can earn more money with less stress having around 15 cars doing it on my own and by appointment. Unfortunately anything over £15k doesn't seem to sell anywhere else at the moment, although the stock turnaround has gone from an average of 45-55 days to around 75-90 days with less bonet margins.