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  1. New portal autotrader

    Nice try Yeah advert response doesn't load tho
  2. New portal autotrader

    It is true, I asked to be moved back to the old portal but nope, not available any more.
  3. Hey guys, We've all been doing pics for some time now and just wondered how you guys got on with videos and what setups you were running. We currently have a Nikon D3300 and take between 40 and 60 pics per car. The guys hate me as I'm a finicky fucker and have them follow my photo guide to the book so want but I'm kinda stuck as when I've gone to do videos, the movement of the camera just frustrates me (as I said I'm pretty finicky). I don't know anything about stands, hand held thingy's that make it smoother or even if they work at all so any help and advice would much be appreciated. PS - I tried the YouTube smoothing rendering thing but that just came out like the car was warping in and out from a star trek movie O.o
  4. Double threads

    I don't know what you mean I don't know what you mean
  5. Extended Warranty Advice - VAT

    We invoice extended warranties separate to the vehicle sales invoice. We then charge the customer the VAT on the extended warranty. I find It's an easier way as itkeeps everything separate and simple. We use The Auto Group who have been very good over the last 2-3 years.
  6. Videos - Need some advice

    Thanks for the helpful tips guys. We've got an iPhone here so will see how the lads get on with the iMovie app. Didn't even think of it to be honest, thought I'd be forking out but if this works out, I'll be chuffed to bits.
  7. Videos - Need some advice

    Like this? So they do work? They look all fingers and thumbs. Just don't have very good reviews but I suppose that could be from people like me who are all fingers and thumbs...
  8. Fence or Bollards ??

    We're currently on a site right in a town center and have been here for 18 odd years. Up until last year we had 1 car stolen but such is the state of car crime right now it doesn't matter what you do really as we've had 3 stolen since April last year. 2 x Evoques and 1 Disco. Our CCTV is literally state of the art, tracks people on site, ANPR on entrances and face recognition on the main office entrance. 2 of the thieves were caught broad as daylight on it, identified also butare apparently still on the lose stealing cars according their own facebook accounts. They are that brazen now they don't even cover their faces... It doesn't matter what you do really, you can just try to make it as hard as possible. I'd go for concrete bollards and steering wheel locks on any keyless cars. Anything to slow them down or deter them entirely. Good luck with whatever way you go. I'm dreading our insurance renewal this year.
  9. autotrader problems this morning

    Worst Platform ever. Limited to viewing 50 so everytime have to click the box at the bottom to show more. Traffic light system has been removed to show how your ads perform against others. Instead mow a hard to see exclamation mark. Can't open multiple windows to view response data and instead have to go into the data using the same window which when finished sends you back to the top of the list and again resetting your stock limit to 50. I'd love to know what dealers they got in to recommend this change as they've chosen some real computer and data illiterate morons. My guess, Autotrader just done this off their own back again thinkingthey know everything.
  10. Distance Sale

    Unless your desperate for it to be gone walk away. Asking for trouble on that car especially if you get "one of those customers".
  11. autotrader problems this morning

    I completely agree however I'm saving myself more than 250 quid per month and getting more for my money with motorcheck. I didn't like how HPi snuck in a 12 month cancellation clause and that when I chose to cancel still had to agree to the price increase. Ridiculous and I'm pleased we're not with them as I just knew more price increases were going to follow as seems the norm. Autotrader is an easy fix, just rotate your ads every 2-3 weeks orchoose a lower package. No point going premium if your only competing against 10 or less cars or the same spec within 80-100 miles. Lots of things to tinker with Autotrader so that's just trial and error to see what gives you the best return. Some say advertise all the stock, others rotate, others choose premium some do basic. There is no right or wrong, just what works for you.
  12. autotrader problems this morning

    left hpiand joined motorcheck. Worth looking up
  13. autotrader problems this morning

    It's shocking, slow and uneasy on the eye. Oh well we better get used to it as that's what the April 7% price increase pays for.
  14. Why do you mark your cars as SOLD

    It's great finding little niche ones no one else has picked up on yet
  15. Why do you mark your cars as SOLD

    Never done it apart from on our website with ClickDealer. I also don't get it. Why pay AT to advertise your sold cars? Why not advertise a few less and have some in reserve for that reason. There is not too much to give away anymore as everyone (if they actually had the time to) can find out anything anyway.
  16. An absolute s**t service from BCA Assured

    Never had a problem with them, but I wouldn't hold them to tyres. Not a dig, just not worth the run around and hassle.
  17. Unwanted Part Exchange offers

    Always low ball... Anything that comes our way in terms of unwanted stock we go a few hundred UNDER CAP Below. Never turn away a sale but don't get stuck with rubbish you don't want. We then use Paddock Wood to sell our unwanted P/ex's
  18. Is CarGurus worth it?

    While the concepton that thinking is good the actual response from it is un-logical / illogical as your basically asking normal punters, who don't usually haggle on the price, to do so and in turn, turning them into the melts that we come to disregard and hate. I agree 100%. I'm all for getting more leads but when more leads turns into more work and time with absolute lemons I'd wish they'd leave sh*t alone and let us get on with what we're good at.
  19. Z4 Alpina value?

    Hahaha, I find it relatively amusing tbh. The look on their faces when told their BMW after spec'd, time machine, marvel of a super car is actually not worth a carrot is priceless. Lord the Alpina owners take pretentious to a whole new level. It's still a bloody BMW not a sodding Ferrari Enzo Don't fall for the trick of there isn't many out there. As there isn't but there isn't many buyers out there either for them. IMHO it's a £12k (At Most P/Ex) Retailing at £14k Even at those margins I'll have to have been sitting on my car for a long time to even think about taking it in as a Part Ex. I still think it's a car you're going to be sitting on. Most Alpina owners want less than 3 owners, FSH (A BIG BIG MUST, every 10K min), and want it spotless with no signs of it being painted or sprayed outside.
  20. Z4 Alpina value?

    Don't do it... Offer him a small discount off your car if he sells it privately or goes to WBAC. Less hassle and as others have said you'll get the Alpina brigade round telling you stories of how they were design engineers at BMW for 24 years and how they managed to rebuild seven BMW engines and their first car was a GT40
  21. May sales

    We're ok, kindabang in the middle really number figure wise but number *unit* wise we're down about 5, so finance reading it looks good as profits per unit are up, unit turnover wise not so much. Nothing to go on a lavish holiday for and nothing as bad as last month, so meh. It does 'feel' quiet though with little walk ins. Lots of finance props again but still have around 8 from last week all accepted with good low rate prime lenders now not answering calls. Strange people. Picked up 7 last week from Manheim, all little cars, £6-7k,(Fabia, 3 x Aygo, Civic and a 2 x Corsa) all well under book. Looks like the AH's and vendors have given up on their ridiculous high reserves and are now letting them come through. Anyone having any luck at BCA? EDIT * *
  22. Tiguan Craze?

    Ok, so last month we took a 10 Tiguan, Auto, 47k, Silver in as a Part Ex, gave just under cap average, was good condition, but never done well with them previously. Sold it within 20 days made a very tidy profit on it too... No end of the month we took in a similar one, 12 plate with 78k on it manual in black... again just under cap and sold it within a week!!??!! I didn't cheap them out, (just under 2k profit on each, and priced at CAP Retail. WTF is up? Was it Lucky? Have they gone popular? I'm actually thinking of getting a couple in now but last time I did (was a couple of years ago) they sat for ages. Ergh! Dilemma How do you guys find them?
  23. Tiguan Craze?

    Hahaha this is sods law. Just seen on our CD - Part Ex due that another Tiguan coming in Saturday... Although it's Manual, Petrol on an 08 done 48k. This now surely simulates a craze? 3 part ex Tiguan within 3 months... I reckon the first one told his Tiguan friends we give good part ex prices on them
  24. New companies to purchase stock

    Yes they are. They are keeping high reserves on vehicles at the moment because there is going to be a crash in the new PCP deals which is evidently showing affect on 2-4year old vehicle sales and prices. In a consumers point of view why go for a PCP deal on a Merc 3 years old when you can get a new one with a lower rate APR PCP deal for an extra 40-50 quid per month? Hold out if you can as the AH have to sell them at the end of the day. Bedford, P/Wood, Blackbushe, Enfield are not even allowing us to take our old P/ex's down to them so I'm sitting on 9 now from last month and the start of this month. I even tried to call Chelmsford and Colchester but they were also the same and not allowing more stock to go through.
  25. Trading standards

    Indeed it would be the customer who purchased the vehicle where the paper trail stops ahead of. If it were a private sale, then the onus falls to the next responsible party, something that a private seller is not. If the paper trail prior to Delroy taking in the vehicle is evident, such as it is plain to see in black and white on a simpleMOT history report, and Delroy is the next responsible party (being a trader) and he has not done his due diligence then of course it still comes and falls onto him whether he passed to trade or not. I'd love to be wrong, but that's my understanding of how this will go.