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  1. Advertising on Motors

    Have to say I agree totally with this. Was ok to start but then the tv advertising money dried out.
  2. Never been this dead before

    I have had quite a good year this year. August was superb and September wasnt bad. HOWEVER the phones are quite quiet but i just seem to be able to put a deal together with people at the moment even though I am not seeing that many.
  3. Wich car makes do you avoid ?

    Strange you say that I do superbly out of diesels but then I am in a rural location In some ways I am quite lucky because as well as car sales we run an MOT station and a service bay. I get to see customers cars go wrong and then decide that I would probably not buy one. So with that in mind , i avoid the following: Any car with the 1.9 tdi Fiat engine- so Astra, Vectra, Alfa and Fiat. Fed up with gearboxes, inlet manifolds, flywheels, egr valves, etc. Normally anything Land Rover although they do sell very well. Anything with the 1.6 Prince engine so newer Mini's and Peugeot 207 , 307 1.6 VTi. Anything random like Protons, SSangyong, etc.
  4. CAP or Glasses

    I use Glasses online simply because every auction house or main dealer has cap so its a doddle to get cap values and sometimes I dont feel they are correct. Over time it is your own judgement that is the key
  5. Taking Part Exchanges

    Always ask the question. With places like we buy any car now operating, i feel customers have actually become more realistic recently.
  6. Setting up a forecourt

    I admire your balls for attempting to open a 30 car pitch with no prior experience. It can be done but it is difficult. I personally think the hardest part will be valuing the part exchanges etc. I think you will come a cropper if you just look in glass or cap and say oh it must trade at this. Some cars are over book, some are considerably under. I personally would go and sell cars for someone for a minimum of 12 months to learn the ropes. Not a main dealer where you are a glorified meeter and greeter but at a place where you can learn the true values of second hand stock. Good luck though