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  1. Powershift boxes must must have the fluid changed regularly. A lot of people dont bother because you are looking at £200. But if i was selling one I would make sure i had the margin in it to change the fluid before it left the forecourt.
  2. September......

    This is a tough subject. This is my take on it and it is a simple one: Its horses for corses. What works for one company may not work for someone else. Each to their own. I do my own in house 3 month warranties and have done for 10 years. Every now and again I have to do a warranty job but as the cars are prepped to a high standard, it doesnt bother me at all if i have to dip into my warranty pot.
  3. No I am saying the gearbox is terrible , not the chap who repairs them on here. IVe had a couple of Insignia's with the bad gearbox and converted them including driveshafts etc to the better gearbox.
  4. Your favourite valeting products and why ??

    Whilst I agree, there are far better products than Midnight in my opinion. Absolutely stinks.
  5. HPI Subscriptions

    What do you think of the valuation tool. I use it but ocassionally it over values cars by crazy amounts!
  6. VW Up! Any good?

    This is true. Both an Up and a Citigo ive sold have had issues with going into first. VW have developed an improved clutch which costs a fortune. Apart from that they drive superbly for a small car.
  7. Terrible gearbox. Wont touch them. The lower powered Insignia also has this box and has horrendous problems too. The 160bhp diesel however has a brilliant gearbox.
  8. Why? I have plenty in the bank to buy stock. Just like looking at it and counting it.
  9. True but id rather that than give it to a warranty company.
  10. PX Bundle

    Always found it easy to sell MX5's. If they are not rusty, they sell.
  11. Each to their own on this one. I put in £100 a car into a seperate fund and pay claims out of it. Few years down the line ive got £45,000 pounds in that account. Nice little pension.
  12. Farthest Billy You've Had?

    Over my 20 years doing this, I have sold loads to far away places. Exported Nissan Navaras to the Russians, Freelanders and Autos to Nigerians. Vauxhall Brava pick up to Somalia where I heard the convert the rear axle to a gun turret!! Also a disabled Doblo conversion last year to Cyprus as well as a Rolls Royce to Paphos.
  13. Buyers who bring friends 'who know cars'

    I dont normally mind "a friend who knows cars" but if they push it too much I normally ask a few questions to make the "friend " look pretty unknowledgable. However i did have to educate one recenty. Had an 09 Audi A3 2.0 Tdi which had a bit of conjealed mush under the filler cap. Now every single one of these has this issue, its caused by condensation. The "friend" said definite head gasket and said he had never seen it before. At this point, i removed my glasses offered them to this "friend" and said if you have never seen this then maybe you should borrow these. Didnt go down well but sold the car and it has no faults.
  14. Cars you cant get enough of

    Here in rural Norfolk, i sell either small economical cars or a few 4 wheel drives. Nissan X-Trail 2.2 DCi fly off the front. I buy direct from a Nissan main agent and do well from Notes and Micras.