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  1. Buyers who bring friends 'who know cars'

    I dont normally mind "a friend who knows cars" but if they push it too much I normally ask a few questions to make the "friend " look pretty unknowledgable. However i did have to educate one recenty. Had an 09 Audi A3 2.0 Tdi which had a bit of conjealed mush under the filler cap. Now every single one of these has this issue, its caused by condensation. The "friend" said definite head gasket and said he had never seen it before. At this point, i removed my glasses offered them to this "friend" and said if you have never seen this then maybe you should borrow these. Didnt go down well but sold the car and it has no faults.
  2. Cars you cant get enough of

    Here in rural Norfolk, i sell either small economical cars or a few 4 wheel drives. Nissan X-Trail 2.2 DCi fly off the front. I buy direct from a Nissan main agent and do well from Notes and Micras.

    Did my 3 months and cancelled

    I am going to cancel asap
  5. Autotrader price increase

    Greedy bastards. Id love to see them go under. Not a nice thing to say but i genuinely would
  6. Tough one to call. I do believe that there is still money in the game but that it is harder to make a good living than it once was. Our site was bought and paid for 19 years ago and the workshop/ MOT bay is flying so even if car sales go a bit quiet, then the company is making money. We are in a rural location and could probably put 20 plus houses on our site so if we have to bail, out then we can quite comfortably but why sell when we are still making a living out of it. My biggest issue is that after 23 years of doing this , I am starting to begrudge working every saturday. In some ways wish i had gone and worked 9 to 5 for the council with 25+ days holiday a year.
  7. Self Admin Warranty

    I have done my own for about 8 years. I put in £80 for cheaper stuff and £100 for dearer stuff. Every now and again I have a bigger claim but I prep my cars well and most never come back. Theres 50k in the fund now so happy days.
  8. Auction prices.

    i Just dont understand how dealers are surprised about auction prices. It has done it every single year for the 23 years I have been doing the job this time of the year.
  9. Diesels

    Same here. Diesels may have tailed off slightly but it is very slight.
  10. Battery Alert

    If you do a lot of Fords, join their Blue Over trade club. Will get 50% off batteries from retail, putting them alongside Euro's etc for price.
  11. Servicing Vehicles

    Mot and service everything regardless of what has been done. Every diesel has a new fuel filter no matter what.
  12. Hows January?

    Ive not done too bad but Janaury has never been great for me . But October, November and December were all record months so I am not going to worry.
  13. December......Decent or Disaster ??

    December is a funny old month. Can be ok , can be rubbish. Ive had a cracking september, October and November so if i cover my costs and a wage, I personally would be happy this month. However my priority will be too buy as much stock as possible ready for January
  14. Selling to a buyer without a viewing??

    Totally agree with this. I am in Norfolk and have done this to customers in Cyprus, Aberdeen and London in the last 6 weeks alone.
  15. Stock Turn

    Pretty much agree with that. I stock 10-12 but always 3 or 4 coming in so could argue its nearer 15. Sell 15 to 20 normally per month. But 20 years trading and a lot of repeat business