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  1. December......Decent or Disaster ??

    December is a funny old month. Can be ok , can be rubbish. Ive had a cracking september, October and November so if i cover my costs and a wage, I personally would be happy this month. However my priority will be too buy as much stock as possible ready for January
  2. Selling to a buyer without a viewing??

    Totally agree with this. I am in Norfolk and have done this to customers in Cyprus, Aberdeen and London in the last 6 weeks alone.
  3. Stock Turn

    Pretty much agree with that. I stock 10-12 but always 3 or 4 coming in so could argue its nearer 15. Sell 15 to 20 normally per month. But 20 years trading and a lot of repeat business
  4. Best Jump pack

    My 7 series battery was nearly new. Another garage condemmed it and he asked me to replace it so my cost was 0
  5. Best Jump pack

    Exactly what i do. Huge battery from a 7 series BMW and a sack barrow with jump leads. Starts everything
  6. Diesel Sales

    Ive been buying Diesels here in Norfolk . A few months ago they dropped hard and i bought loads of them. Same the month after and sold the lot. Unfortunately a few dealers have now got wise to this and theyve crept up again in price. That said we are in a rural area but people dont seem bothered.
  7. DPF removal

    Got an email from VOSA the other day ( we have an MOT bay ) and the emissions required for cars with a dpf will be halved so if you have a dpf removed car it pretty much wont pass emissions soon.
  8. Card Payments - Pros & Cons

    Never had an issue with credit cards in 18 years of having a card machine. Moral of the story to me though is if you have a customer who you think could be a total pain in the arse and wants to pay by credit card , just say no. If I have a customer come in and I think they could be future trouble, i just dont sell them a car
  9. Video feauture on autotrader

    I started using videos about 6 months ago and find them useful. Best to be honest on the appraisal and note any marks on the car.
  10. Never been this dead before

    We stock only between 10 and 12 cars. 2 to 5k. Luckily got a couple of excellent main dealers i still buy from. Did 17 in September and similar for October with 3 already ready to go in early November. Not trying to sound patronising but I am finding that you need to present the car superbly at the mo and it will sell. Also we do try and prep everything mechanically really well and even if it costs more on this car, you may then go on and do repeat business with that customer. All about the long game. Also as much as i despise auto trader, I have found their review system to work well. I ask all my customers to fill it in.
  11. Moto Novo Finance

    Are you sure that the car wasnt just on finance as a stocking loan?
  12. Wich car makes do you avoid ?

    Im still selling diesel well. Over the past 3 days I have sold a 2009 Audi A3 tdi Sport, Subaru Boxer Diesel on a 59, 09 X-Trail 2.0 DCi as well as a couple of petrols.
  13. Advertising on Motors

    Do you think the mota novo fund my car will work?
  14. Advertising on Motors

    Have to say I agree totally with this. Was ok to start but then the tv advertising money dried out.
  15. Never been this dead before

    I have had quite a good year this year. August was superb and September wasnt bad. HOWEVER the phones are quite quiet but i just seem to be able to put a deal together with people at the moment even though I am not seeing that many.