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  1. Guys, can we close this thread now please. I dont like advertising the fact that the Korean cars are our favourites. Soon we will have everyone putting their hands up in the auction for them!
  2. Bee(stie)

    Not a bad finish that, I remember years ago a customer asked me, what are these marks on the paint, I told them they were the footprints of a daddy long legs, they just laughed and bought it! I wasn't lying.... i had picked the poor thing out of the paint the day before!
  3. Has it had an ECU software update? this car may have a timing chain issue and have fault **CODES** deleted? I know you have replaced the ECU but did you clone the old one? Will it start every time with a bump?
  4. is for sale

    will you take in chop against it?
  5. Trusted mechanic in Carlisle area

    David if we sell one to Cumbria and have problems we go and get them as unfortunately they don't work for peanuts unlike us in the North East. There are some good 4x4 (Land Rover) lads at Brampton supposedly, bit rough and ready but don't turn work away. I cant remember their name but i can get it if you like? Our local gearbox repairer runs a SJ410 pickup himself, i can recommend him to repair it.
  6. is for sale

    Will you take a part ex?
  7. AutoTrader is over price

    Right I'm here, where is everyone? Howay Ozz! I had to pay extra to get my sign on the bus! Stuff it....... i need a new car, I'm gonna look on Autotrader now..........
  8. AutoTrader is over price

    Right..... I'm on the Megabus from Newcastle to Manchester, I'm due to arrive at 16.45pm. Who else is going?
  9. AutoTrader is over price

    See you there in the morning, my next door neighbours house is up for sale, I shall steal the for sale sign and paint it with white paint and write on it in black paint... ”Autotrader =Thieves” Actually... can you pick me up, I sold my car this morning on Autotrader.
  10. BCA Assured

    It was a physical auction - bidding against the hall Not particularly, slightly behind cap. It was Lex Autolease - Grade 4 (Its actually quite a good Manchester grade 4 - Grade 3 is usually scrap!) I know, the previous Mondeo from them, got lifted within 2 hours of the sale, and all of the wheel trims had been pinched! Doesnt sound like much, but still its the principle.
  11. BCA Assured

    Ive got nowhere with BCA on a Mondeo I bought online last month. Bought out of BCA Manchester, Ex Fleet Mondeo 1.6 TDCI 64 Plate with 60k on. Assured report stated coolant level "requires attention" in red. Car turns up, very little coolant in bottle however the bottle is JET Black inside from contamination! Looked at the report and the Oil / Coolant Contamination part stated "None Visible" So went through the new procedure with BCA an filled out the online form, added photos etc. Got the usual fob off emails, and now i have asked them for a full and final decision. They are hiding behind the fact that the coolant level was already highlighted as an issue, and it is their opinion that this must have manifested since the report was carried out therefore we cannot make a claim! The car hasn't done a mile since its inspection, its clearly been missed by the assessor on the day. So, do we fix it ourselves and claim, or get a third party to fix it and make a claim? There is a difference between low coolant (water pump/radiator leak) and then head gasket failure before anyone comments on buying a car with coolant issues. I wouldn't have bought it blind with a contamination problem too.
  12. Skoda octavia EGR/Glow plug fault

    Benji, get the recall before done before the customer gets it. Don't listen and you will have to get an EGR valve and cooler fitted later at your cost. Its intermittent at the moment, but hear me now, it will become permanent. Yes, I have to negotiate a little to get it down. I have no problem with reman EGR on anything else apart from on these animals. They are fiddly.
  13. The popcorn and ice cream are ready here too
  14. Sorry.... you work for an OEM creating diagnostic codes.... but your pissing about with :- a. An Insignia and b. Snap on diagnostics And you came on here asking for help?
  15. Skoda octavia EGR/Glow plug fault

    We only fit genuine wahler ones now after pissing about with aftermarket shite lasting 3 months. We bought one from euro last week for £225 plus vat. And we have our own techs that fitted it. However I’d charge it out at about £150 plus vat labour I reckon. We had a young lad that did so many he got them down to 1.5-2 hours start to finish. Mind we swerve as as many as we can with the emissions scandal thing.