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  1. Volvo customers have changed now. Good lease deals on new units make it harder for the used market. They have to be good spec. And most of the customers now look for the newer V60 model in that price bracket (albeit with a few more miles on). As BHM says, that car with 80k on would fly out at £3995 probably.
  2. To be honest, on a 57 plate. Don’t worry about it. Just make sure it’s got oil in the box and drive it until it either stops (very rarely) or sets on fire (quite regularly).
  3. I’ve got a teng one that I’ve had 9 years now and it’s still going strong. I just got a big roll cab thing off sgs engineering, I’m impressed with that too for £600
  4. Give him the bat then I think there are three options. 1. See a Lawyer 2. Put the claim through as though he was on your insurance. 3. Pay for the claim out of your own pocket? Id be going for number 2 and get him to work it off for the rest of his life (With is own insurance)
  5. Very kind of you to allow us to "play" with him first
  6. Have you tried Uk injector removal? He is North East based but goes everywhere. Hes called Paul, mind he’s very busy and you might need to book him for next week (Don’t expect him to come the same day, and don’t quibble on his price - because he has a queue of customers waiting to give him full money)
  7. Now i like a bargain... but ebay for spark plugs?
  8. Whilst its not ideal, its a way out. A good salesperson would work their way around it fine.
  9. A good clean, and pledge or mr sheen works well to make them go back a little quicker.
  10. David, Now be fair.... He can, but only if he has a pocket full of notes to bung the police officer
  11. Are you still having problems with this one? The rocker cover has a built in PCV, when you remove the oil cap with the engine running it should have a slight bit of vacuum. However when they fail they have pressure there instead, and through the dipstick too. when they fail they misfire, stutter, judder and nearly cut out, which throws on the esp light.
  12. Consult Manuel.... he says “que”
  13. Gearbox / engine mounts? Front arm - Rear bush, very common. Does the wheel move backwards in the wheel arch when moving away sharply?
  14. Give it a smack with a plastic mallet. I use a heat gun to warm the area a little first.