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  1. I had the same thing last year, my salesman told a customer that a car was a euro 6... it wasn’t. Mind the customer found out it wasn’t within the week so we just refunded him and I sent the salesman on his day off to go and collect it (200 mile round trip).
  2. Ive just used the link... it worked a treat .... Thank you!
  3. Why thank you..... What about ..... V002921 .... Please
  4. Its time to get your boxing gloves on and fight this fooka! more information required.... Even the far end of a fart description will suffice.
  5. A wear and tear wheel bearing? Or a conrod bearing ? Or an alternator bearing?
  6. Fire paint stripper on them using a water pistol discreetly from a car/van? Phone him at all hours from a burner phone/phones asking tedious questions? Smash his windows?
  7. The timing chain will have too much slack in it. This in turn wears out/smashes the plastic guides... the little pieces of plastic then block the oil strainer.... which then puts the red light on the dashboard. seemingly some people can get them done at bmw under a brake recall? Might be worth phoning bmw back? cost wise it’s probably a £400 - £600 job. where are you located?
  8. We have had them all done by our local Volvo dealer, no fuss. There is a campaign for the EGR cooler. However they do clog up easily and Volvo will only pay for it once. If it’s a flow code they can be cleaned and refitted fine.
  9. I presume the moderator of the forum can pass on your contact details to HMRC
  10. Wow... part time..... If you can id get another job and keep up the good work.
  11. The rubber bung is under the battery tray. Unless that bung is blocked, water shouldn’t pool big enough to pour in via the pollen filter housing.
  12. Plenum chamber underneath the battery, there is a little rubber flange that clogs up. Remove said flange and throw in bin. If you have access to a ramp this can be done underneath by a young lad (watch him get drenched)
  13. Now now Justin..... Your Wrong..... As they reliably fail