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  1. Excellent. I would look really closely at the wiring just after where the Lambda sensor plugs it, they ahve a real tendancy to corrode and snap. Can you not just glue the needles back on in the right place?
  2. It does sound like the needle is spinning on the spindle.
  3. Presuming there isn’t an abs light on, the speedo will only use one of the wheel speed sensors to calculate vehicle speed. it sounds more like a fault with the clocks as the fault is on with engine off and vehicle stationary.
  4. Do you have an inquisitive kind? if so, get the clocks out and strip the front off and play with the dial until it reads correctly?
  5. It should have a DPF, there should be no smoke really.
  6. I think its a case of getting it into kit form and seeing whats wrong with it. Some of the multi chronic gearboxes have a filter buried right inside the gearbox. TBH of it needs a filter its fooked as it will be full of swarf from a major failure somewhere. My salesman listed his own Faulty CVT Audi on gumtree and sold it the same night to a polish man with recovery truck for sensible money.
  7. Hi Andy There was a guy on here a while ago that had a track car MX5 and messed about with them. I cant remember his name though. He was north east based, Blaydon area from memory. Found it.... AK Automotive, Rowlands Gill 4.717 Google reviews Auto repair shop in England Address: 6, Rowlands Gill NE39 1EN Hours: Open now · Add full hours Phone: 01207 544071
  8. Perhaps you need to google it... type into google “How to gain more patience”
  9. Now that takes me back to my youth.... I used to love going down to the local reiki and playing football... jumpers for goal posts n all that
  10. Yes I do remember that. The battery goes flat whilst on the computer too unless you either unplug the fan or have it on a BSU.
  11. I’d wager as already said it will probably require a new temp sensor...... Id also wager it needs a new timing chain with the cam sensor code
  12. They are free at your local supermarket car park! Just don't let the police catch you
  13. 14 Plate is two years out of warranty. I wouldn’t like to be swinging by mi balls for two years