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  1. Electric Cars

  2. Electric Cars

    Well, Ive just dipped my toe in the water and bought a Nissan Leaf (To Retail). Next step, go on a training course
  3. Dodgy auction tactics

    Exactly what I was going to write Arfur. The auctioneers are only doing their job, help them .... they will help you.
  4. Electric Cars

    How are we gonne get up there? No fully EV will make it
  5. Not far! i wouldn't like to get dragged there by mi balls! Its got water problems, about 15 miles into a journey it flags up low coolant message and the bottle is empty, let it cool and the water returns to its level. I wouldn't want her driving too far with it, Besides, Dave sounds like hes too expensive for me
  6. Thanks DPF, Ive given the customer the option on what they want to do, were pushing to get the car back here, to lessen her costs. Thanks for that, shes had it in at three garages already and nobody can find the fault.
  7. Hi David Im not a member of the IMDA yet no. Its something I keep meaning to do but haven’t got round to doing yet.
  8. Good afternoon chaps. We have a Volvo V40 in Aberdeen with water problems. Anyone recommend a garage please?
  9. Transfer car from trade to personal name?

    For we buy any car purposes ?
  10. Vehicle Diagnostic Training?

    Unplugging stuff until it communicates?
  11. Vehicle Diagnostic Training?

    To add to this, Learning the hard way is probably the best way. Investing in wiring diagrams and learning how to read them and understand them. We have just been schooled this week in CAN BUS. MK4 Mondeo with no comms to any module on the High speed, however would communicate fine on the Medium Speed. It turned out the Power steering control module had a sort circuit internally that was disturbing the High Speed CAN BUS.
  12. Sold my last diesel

    What about when production of diesel cars stops altogether, and the price of used ones go up in value.... can we claim from the customers?
  13. Help with private plate swap please

    Nowadays its best to get the customer part exchanging the car to put it on retention and send you the v5 once they get it back before the yellow slip gets sent away. You now have to register it in order to remove said plates. So if it were me, id be using the original reg number to advertise it. Then put it on retention straight away once sold to new customer?
  14. Any BMW experts in here?

    In any case the gearbox will have to come back out. The release bearing comes with all clutch kits on these, however it doesnt always come with a new clutch arm/fork. Is the fork ok? Faulty flywheels so soon after replacement can be attributed to another fault elsewhere.
  15. #METOO Im sick of making money form reliable Korean Cars. On a sensible note.... Dont think for one minute that replacing your car with a German one will make your problems disappear.