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  1. “Sold?! But what did it sell for?!”

    Is the bike still for sale? Yes. How low will you go? Anything less than 2mph and I tend to fall off.
  2. Motorpoint

    NCP make a good job of it.
  3. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    I do work for quite a few dealers, you busy ones are lucky. In some area's "even the liars are doing no good" that was a quote Geoff Warren gave me about 40 years ago. As a dent guy I am doing alright as an importer prices have had to go up but the sales side of that are holding strong.
  4. Branching out into other areas of business

    Nothing wrong with speedos, I wear mine for an hour most day.
  5. Amazing Valet Product for removing TAR

    Boring Dave must be in my age group.
  6. Just been offered

    I would stand on the original deal, treat people how you wish to be treated yourself.
  7. Alloy wheel repair

    I can think of two of the three tyre places in a small town near me who have the correct equipment, knowing how much you can do to the wheel is the secret to safety, and not being talked into what should not be done by the customer. I also feel the wheels should have a mark engraved into them to show they have been done, as once is maybe fine but a second time would not be.
  8. Evans Halshaw Prices

    I would, like many on here like to be £ behind Mr Finn in the bank account stakes.
  9. Evans Halshaw Prices

    It was a long time before I took up dents, if you go back to the seventies you will find a good few car dealers who cut their teeth in a green grocers, brilliant place to learn chest to chest. I take it that you took my point, the average retained from just the selling of the car I would imagine is smaller than most on here would want to work to.
  10. Evans Halshaw Prices

    As a kid I worked in a green grocers, we sold apples very cheap but nobody went out of the shop with just apples.
  11. Interesting sales technique.....

    What sort of car is it?
  12. Brand new person

    Welcome, one thing I would say is work out the difference between margin and profit, they are very different. All credit to you for being retained my youngest did it for 12 years and full time for a couple until cutbacks, he is now full time ff at Doncaster Airport, not a job I would fancy.
  13. If you didn't sell cars what would you be doing?

    Then getting out of the rat run at 33 and slowing down to enjoy other interests.
  14. If you didn't sell cars what would you be doing?

    But, what is successful?
  15. If you didn't sell cars what would you be doing?

    The amount of times I get asked when am I going to retire, I am and have been for years. I just happen to get paid for my retirement hobby.