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  1. Just received this text...

    I came back to this as I have just taken an order from a company in Poland, started off with text messages a fortnight ago, then went to email and more emails then finished today with a nice cash injection, lovely way to finish a week .
  2. Just received this text...

    I get a lot of enquiries about my windscreen repair kits by text, I will answer 5 each way so 10 in total and then on the 6th tell them to call me, some do and some do not, most do not.
  3. Another fun valuation

    That is the later model, plenty of them still around.
  4. Unbelievable

    First car legal on the road in 1973 a mk2 jag cost £200 insurance £125, I was 17 and had just passed my test. Clutch lasted a month and I had an option when I had it done, engine out or chisel around the bulkhead if my memory serves me correctly, I took the cheaper option.
  5. Nissan X Trail production to leave UK.

    Anything unpredictable is not good for a business, so Brexit which of course is extremely unpredictable could have helped sway the decision.
  6. Best polishing compound?

    Rupes medium, followed by brake cleaner to check and then Rupes fine. If wet flatting I finish with Trizact 3000 prior to polishing.
  7. Never Gonna Moan Again

    When I was 18 I put up tv ariels around London for a living, now I am glad platform soles have gone out of fashion.
  8. Expected to see thread about No Brexit Deal

    I am not worried about myself, reinvention is written through me like a stick of rock, and the 47 years I have been in this trade have been very good. Still not sure what normal is though, earning a great living doing something you wake up and look forward too, is normal here, but most see it as rather abnormal.
  9. Expected to see thread about No Brexit Deal

    What is normal in our trade?
  10. Expected to see thread about No Brexit Deal

    Why do you think Dyson wants out. Great post. I read somewhere that cranberries from Canada may be cheaper.
  11. Expected to see thread about No Brexit Deal

    What makes me chuckle is the leavers are not going to get what they want, and the remainers are left to sort out the mess. You could not make it up.
  12. Expected to see thread about No Brexit Deal

    It is on my bucket list for this year to have a factory tour.
  13. Expected to see thread about No Brexit Deal

    We got Morgan.
  14. Pet hates...What really bugs you....

    I bought this car off of you only a few weeks back, OK let us get the paperwork out, it was actually 14 months ago, well it does not seem that long. Since you changed my spark plugs the handbrake has stopped working.
  15. decent smart repairer in Norwich area?

    Not sure about the quality of of some of them, bunged out with a few days skills training after dumping £40,000 or whatever for the franchise. Best look for an ex bodyshop painter who has served his time, they are about. It always saddens me to see the list of ex CA guys in the London Gazzette, I notice even one of their top guys who was all over advertising how good they are has gone bottoms up.