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  1. And those delivery costs are hurting big style, UPS, DHL etc. put their prices up by a third within a week of the UK voting out.
  2. I am a UK distributor for a USA company, it is hurting at the moment and sales into Europe which I used to do stopped over two years ago.
  3. Not a clue BHM, but I do work for a couple of busy traders who seldom retail but turn a lot of metal.
  4. If you are good at buying just sell to the trade, this may create fewer problems.
  5. I am going to offer to do 2 dents for the price of 3.
  6. You sure do make me feel good that I do not deal cars any more tradex, do not forget though the good times are just around the corner. So I am told.
  7. Have you thought of other add on's to the wash, I supply a couple with windscreen repair kits who upsell nicely, or engage the services of a dent man or smart repairer and take a percentage off of them.
  8. Not that I know of, I am the only one I know of that has got a history as a car dealer, which sadly for me makes me sympathetic of the problems you guys have. What I think is a good idea is when your current dentman says no, then ask another one if the only other alternative is a bodyshop, I know of many guys who if the dent will take longer than 10 minutes are not interested in it, why should they be as we have plenty out there to go at. Myself I enjoy the challenge and do not need to earn as much as some of the other guys and I certainly do not want all the rushing around any more. Being semi retired is fun, I hope you all get to try it.
  9. A cheap dentman is often not a good idea, a good dentman will save you money. You want a guy that will take on the big stuff as well as the small, the cheaper guys tend to pick and choose a lot more and you will likely get a lot more cannot does off of a cheap guy.
  10. No, as I want them to remain customers and respect their privacy.
  11. I do work for main dealers who have more techs in the workshop than jobs turning up each day, they sure are looking for work right now.
  12. Mind needed cleaning because it got dusty in storage.
  13. Have you cleaned it, some have plates inside and if they get dirty they do not generate enough if any ozone.
  14. Mark101, just speaking from experience. 2 tins of beans on a shelf one dented and one not, which one are you going to buy, most would buy the undented one even if there was a price difference. Of course there is an exception to that rule, but I would rather appeal to the majority than the minority. Nice cars sell to nice people.
  15. I call it open gates, dirty car gate shut, scuffed alloys gate shut, dents gate shut, damaged screen gate shut, you want as many gates open as possible for when that customer turns up so that there is a nice clear path for them to walk through.