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  1. Tail of Woe - Help Sought

    I missed that bit, just saw the $ part. Just seen it is only in Bulgaria, I have exported out there a few times and it is not like bringing stuff in from over the pond.
  2. Tail of Woe - Help Sought

    It may cost a few bob to get it over here.
  3. Tail of Woe - Help Sought

    Textured paint a doddle for any smart repairer, chrome trim just paint it black and it will never be noticed.
  4. "Did you buy it at auction?"

    There was a time not that long ago when people in these parts would not buy a car from outside of the area, reason being, they did not want something that had been driven up hills or in traffic.
  5. Main dealer trying to pinch my business [there's a novelty ! ]

    Clever marketing, I have to admit they are far better at it than I am.
  6. profit margins

    I find it interesting how little some dealers make margin wise out of the base sale without supells.
  7. profit margins

    An old neighbour of ours used to think if she saw a car with sold on my site we had that whole amount to spend, she just could not understand we only got a small perecentage, most employed people I know do not understand the difference between margin and profit.
  8. Business Slow?

    Around these parts it is the complete opposite of that, the bangers are so the prestige busy.
  9. You can get a bit off of a Snap-on man if you pay up in full when you purchase, you have to ask them for it though.
  10. “Sold?! But what did it sell for?!”

    Is the bike still for sale? Yes. How low will you go? Anything less than 2mph and I tend to fall off.
  11. Motorpoint

    NCP make a good job of it.
  12. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    I do work for quite a few dealers, you busy ones are lucky. In some area's "even the liars are doing no good" that was a quote Geoff Warren gave me about 40 years ago. As a dent guy I am doing alright as an importer prices have had to go up but the sales side of that are holding strong.
  13. Branching out into other areas of business

    Nothing wrong with speedos, I wear mine for an hour most day.
  14. Amazing Valet Product for removing TAR

    Boring Dave must be in my age group.
  15. Just been offered

    I would stand on the original deal, treat people how you wish to be treated yourself.