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  1. Very poor here too Grant, so bored I'm more interested in knowing where you are planning on going for your city break.
  2. Hope you are happy with your decision happy!
  3. Just checked and dealer auction listings are just over 500, normally treble that amount...... Maybe they'll be putting most stuff on the new site and make people want to join with the £99 fee per month payable? I'm banned too @BHM but only from various vendors and not from the whole site, this is through previously walking away from lots of misdescribed cars and telling the staff (shouting actually) at how if they did the job properly I wouldn't have wasted 2 train journeys to and from them. Haven't bought off there in ages so likely to be unaffected by this.
  4. Must be a right hindrance fitting in work around your drinking hobby Mark
  5. Dealer

    CG ads

    Jacked them in last month........ Maybe they've put an advertising spurt on to entice me back. I'm really missing the ficticous leads too, things haven't quite been the same since I left.
  6. Been saying this for a long time. I leave it alone now as the amount of misdescribed vehicles is unbelievable........ Like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
  7. This is the exact car my son is nagging me for, thing is I know how crap they are, I had a 13 plate earlier this year where the conrod shot through the block! Not to mention the security issues with the mickey mouse keys and the fact that scallies love to steal the bumpers and skirts off them.
  8. Passionate about anything with an engine you say............. Become a mechanic!
  9. Was around 66% last year if I'm correct....... Nice to see them progressing while our margins are squeezed year on year
  10. Isn't this what Leeds Council are bringing in? Plenty more will follow as it will be a big money spinner for these supposedly cash strapped local authorities.
  11. Did you pass on the large brown envelope David?
  12. Don't like using either to be honest. Push them through first response if sub prime, failing that mallard or advantage can be OK too.
  13. Happened a few times with cargurus to us Rory. They even list the time in stock under the "negotiation" bar.
  14. Mark, meant to ask you how did your AT sabbatical go after?