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  1. Applied for the private lounge around 6 months ago, never even got a reply. Didn't bother again to be honest, will never know what I'm missing out on
  2. I'm going start using this line (highly modified clio cup excluded). Good thing to get across, always learning in this game.
  3. Hope you told her car is worth between £300 and £500 due to it being 11 years old!
  4. Your willing to spend £165 of your margin on car mats like this?
  5. Mine's £3500 a month with the dreaded!
  6. Where are you based please? Local dealers to me have massively over inflated prices and just today I had a woman telling me she'd been offered so much more by the other garage blah blah blah. I wonder sometimes do they actually sell anything or just hope that customers turn up that have no idea about market prices.
  7. Had a guy travel over 190 miles last week........ Tried to get the price down but I already knew he'd been to see others that weren't up to scratch so I wasn't having any of it and was more than prepared to see him walk if he tried to pick holes in the one I had.
  8. Nothing all weekend, may as well have closed. How many did you sell Grant?
  9. I know a few on here have said that you have dealt with vehicles on the register before now, I'm curious to see how you place a value on them when comparing against cap prices. Any advice?
  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again........ Rating system would cut the wheat from the chaff. If a vendor was constantly having bad ratings then the prices they achieve for their stock would reflect this thus management would have to change their business model with the trade side in order to get decent money from the buyers on there. I don't buy off there any more, fed up with liars and having to get train tickets back, when I walked away from a car that took me around 5 hours to get to (3/4 different trains etc) then I made the decision to cut ties. I've had the arguments with Ian (Hodges as BHM referred to him as) and you just get a load of bull from him, there's no enforcing their policy that Jack references in the post above at all yet they won't shut that vendor off either as it's an income stream. Jason hit the nail on the head it would take a mass boycott for anything to be done but sadly this will never happen
  11. Maybe it is 2 days...... I thought it just may have been me having the errors when loading the page.
  12. Is it me or has this site been down since yesterday?
  13. What were you expecting Simon...... 3 years !
  14. Yep my sentiments exactly, they think you are their friend who can get them any parts/labour at mates rates rather than paying to maintain their own vehicle. I still get them 18 months on!