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  1. Bye bye autotrader

  2. that's a different way to put it Nick!
  3. FB Automotive

    He's damn right, not much potential for full price retail stuff but OK as a "bangers 4 cash" outlet.
  4. Feeling Like a

    Same here.......... Done it once, never heard a thing.
  5. Warranty for home trader

    Wish my customers were like this, to be honest I do too much just to get people out of my hair sometimes....... Too nice I suppose, even though it really cheeses me off.
  6. Sold my last diesel

    Us boyos in Wales only know about them lez you see in them videos, definitely nothing to do with motoring.
  7. Who is doing well?

    It's OK Nick......... They definitely weren't Bulgarian!
  8. Who is doing well?

    Who is doing well?................. Autotrader!
  9. Who is doing well?

    Funny enough I had an auris hybrid, all it attracted was foreign gentlemen from the Yorkshire area (taxi drivers) due to the impending changes. Glad to get shot of it after over 100 calls and not 1 viewing.
  10. Business Slow?

    Guy I know has recently jacked in his site, fed up of the overheads, doing a bit of trading and selling a few from home etc. Reckons he's doing OK putting upto 500 across the bonnet and he said he finds they don't come back with the stupid problems being a home trader.
  11. Business Slow?

    Which platform have you kept going if you don't mind me asking
  12. Business Slow?

    Same here, feel like I'm working to keep others and pay bills. My Autotrader bill is similar plus cargurus, emp, motors etc...... All in comes to over 4k a month just for advertising. I too am thinking of getting rid of my site due to the stress, hassle, bills, wages etc....... Heck some months I haven't even paid myself!
  13. Valeting

    Back last year I had a fussy punter who wanted the engine bay cleaned due to some leaves and general dirt, just to humour him I told the valeter to do it all by hand and don't put the lance in there at any time........... Now does he spend 20 mins picking out all the dirt and debris or take the easier and quicker option of being a jet wash warrior and just go at it hammer and tongs with his karcher. As soon as I turned my back he took option number 2 which I wasn't aware of until Mr cussy funt customer broke down with loads of dashboard lights coming on. Turned out water had got into one of the ecu's, had to be sent away not once but twice and all this time the punter is telling me how he's lost confidence in the car, wants his money back blah blah blah. Felt like telling him that it's all his fault in the first place as cleaning them in the first place is just asking for trouble.
  14. Admin fee's

    I'm all for getting the money faster Mark but be careful, anyone that knows the law can make a quick call to TS and it could really open up a can of worms.