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  1. Stop it, your making me feel even worse
  2. Very quiet, not even many messers the last few weeks.
  3. Damn right, everything starts around 400 under cap clean but often needs loads of prep! When bids go in and it shows how many are watching each vehicle then you are up towards retail money! A4C don't even require proof of trading to sign up so I'm adamant that doorsteppers galore sign up and are happy to make a hundred quid or so per unit.
  4. Deader than dead last 2 weeks. I'm hoping that it's not the autotrader change but we shall see. Done 1 today which is the only sale in 12 days!
  5. When this saga started back in March the bottom arm, door check strap and tyre (which was legal anyway) were changed. When I refused the radiator as it wasn't leaking, cleaned the pas pump off and told him the condenser and pas cooler was only cosmetically damaged due to its location behind the skid pan he didn't like this and started with his court threats. After seeing how this was going I told him to stop corresponding via telephone and instead to use written letters via recorded delivery only, between then and yesterday there were a series of letters back and forth and his court threats continued, he then started the process and I no longer had to write back and forth to him but instead to the court etc. @casper a different mot station has been used for its last mot, I informed him of that yesterday, I also informed the mot station of the situation and why I was unable to not take it to the one I usually use (he was fine about this), furthermore I paid him for the written report in response to that of Volvo. I really have tried to do my best and to my limited ability but I'm no legal eagle let's face it.
  6. The car had a new mot last month along with a report from the garage in response to the one made by Volvo. He insinuated that even The Volvo report may not be considered as expert evidence as they may be biased towards the claimant (for financial reasons obviously as we all well know), I will look at all 3 assessors credentials before choosing one and even asked if he can ensure they are not from the area in which he resides. It's doubtful he knows 3 mechanics in a given area who would all be willing to lie on his behalf and I've insisted it gets carried out at my premises (I still have the vehicle also) with my mechanic present to ensure there is no foul play or sabotage even (OK I know this may be a step too far but I'd rather be safe than sorry as this may be last chance saloon). Thanks once again everyone, I remember Mark101 saying once that it can be a lonely job at times and that statement has kind of sticky with me throughout this episode.
  7. Cut a long story short the judge has given extra time and claimant now has to get 3 independent assessors and pass their details to me, I choose 1 and only after that "expert witness" report has been submitted will they continue the process. Still up in the air for now, however on picking up on some of the judges points today he mentioned on more than 1 occasion about age and value of the vehicle etc this gave me some optimism. I was really worried before as I had read a thread on here about the chap who sold the galaxy automatic where the claimant kept driving it to destruction yet he still lost. Thanks to all those who gave their advice and kind words today. Will be updating again when I have more information.
  8. Jason, you are partly correct in what you are saying, just haven't had time to do a more thorough preparation for it. I have obtained a fresh mot carried out last month and also a report from the garage in response to that of Volvo. I've also got evidence of daily use of the vehicle showing that I've travelled a few hundred miles in it without issues. It has made my life hell and as I said earlier I'm considering getting out of the game, it's not that we sell rubbish and have stuff like this all the time as that isn't the case but this sort of scenario really gets to me and makes what is already a hard game even harder if that makes sense.
  9. Already rang them when this first came about, they don't want to know. They aren't going to turn up at court and the customer is using this as their expert advice /evidence etc
  10. For those of you who recall/contributed to this thread some time ago, the day of reckoning is finally here. The customer went ahead and issued court proceedings despite me changing some items on the car that didn't warrant doing such as the tyre, check strap, rack end etc. Either way I was never going to be able to keep this person happy. Today is my day in county court and I'm not at all confident having read others experiences on here since I first posted this. The whole episode has undoubtedly got to me and in the future with consumer laws etc it's only going to get worse. I have thought long and hard about jacking it all in if I'm honest. Be back later with the verdict.
  11. Applied for the private lounge around 6 months ago, never even got a reply. Didn't bother again to be honest, will never know what I'm missing out on
  12. I'm going start using this line (highly modified clio cup excluded). Good thing to get across, always learning in this game.
  13. Hope you told her car is worth between £300 and £500 due to it being 11 years old!
  14. Your willing to spend £165 of your margin on car mats like this?
  15. Mine's £3500 a month with the dreaded!
  16. Where are you based please? Local dealers to me have massively over inflated prices and just today I had a woman telling me she'd been offered so much more by the other garage blah blah blah. I wonder sometimes do they actually sell anything or just hope that customers turn up that have no idea about market prices.
  17. Had a guy travel over 190 miles last week........ Tried to get the price down but I already knew he'd been to see others that weren't up to scratch so I wasn't having any of it and was more than prepared to see him walk if he tried to pick holes in the one I had.
  18. Nothing all weekend, may as well have closed. How many did you sell Grant?
  19. I know a few on here have said that you have dealt with vehicles on the register before now, I'm curious to see how you place a value on them when comparing against cap prices. Any advice?
  20. I've said it before and I'll say it again........ Rating system would cut the wheat from the chaff. If a vendor was constantly having bad ratings then the prices they achieve for their stock would reflect this thus management would have to change their business model with the trade side in order to get decent money from the buyers on there. I don't buy off there any more, fed up with liars and having to get train tickets back, when I walked away from a car that took me around 5 hours to get to (3/4 different trains etc) then I made the decision to cut ties. I've had the arguments with Ian (Hodges as BHM referred to him as) and you just get a load of bull from him, there's no enforcing their policy that Jack references in the post above at all yet they won't shut that vendor off either as it's an income stream. Jason hit the nail on the head it would take a mass boycott for anything to be done but sadly this will never happen
  21. Maybe it is 2 days...... I thought it just may have been me having the errors when loading the page.
  22. Is it me or has this site been down since yesterday?