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  1. I made point 6. on here ages ago and got some stick saying it wasn't for me to tell people what they could and couldn't do. Glad it's been made clear cars for spares or repairs are not to be driven away from trade premises.
  2. Sounds like an accurate account of the position as I understand it. If you're in the business of selling cars you're bound by the CPA, the warranty is something you provide as a way of adding value over and above the consumers statutory rights. EBay is full of traders advertising cars as a business with the caveat that there is no comeback and no warranty but they are just as liable under the CPA. I often wonder why Trading Standards don't act on these ads. I realise ebay couldn't give a toss.
  3. I've stood in an empty hall... Just me, the auctioneer and the car, listening to the bids running up without online bids!!! I've always understood its legal upto the reserve, I maybe wrong. Whereas on the goodies side, spinning anyone, legal or not
  4. If you considered this a genuine enquiry for more than a moment take a step back and re evaluate what you're doing. Not a criticism just some advice.
  5. Unfortunately if I'd invested all my company capital in buying auto trader shares five years ago rather than selling cars I would have done far better financially. But where would the fun be in that.
  6. I think the questions you've asked could be resolved pretty easily with a few equiries yourself, the advice you're getting from some might seem blunt or toxic but it reflects the reality of business in a very tough arena. If you don't like toxiity or confrontation you may find it a difficult job. It's one thing having a dealership behind you when dealing with angry customers it's another having them come to your home shouting the odds. If you've got family or a partner it's worth bearing mind. Most customers are fine but you have to consider you're inviting complete strangers into your home and there are some crazy people out there. Some dealers who have been operating for some time do get a bit impatient with new entrants as there are so few barriers to entry anyone thinks they can do it.
  7. One of the problems with part time trading with a tiny amount of stock is the fact that things can grind to a halt when you get a car that just won't sale. If you've got 10 vehicles and one sticks it's a pain but doesn't drag the business down. When you've got two cars and they won't sale what do you do? It's a genuine question you'll have to resolve otherwise you could be doing nothing for two months.
  8. Thanks Willoughby and Trade Vet. That confirms what I'd suspected. I'm not a limited company but it does make sense that it should be at market value. The opportunity for avoiding tax would be to transfer appreciating classics into your name then use your personal annual Capital Gains Tax Allowance to minimise the tax bill.
  9. Hi all, more of an accounting question than a vehicle question I've been trading since 2005 first from home and then from a Unit. I've currently got a couple of cars that now fall into the bracket of popular classics. One in particular has appeared in quite a few years of the accounts, in the opening and closing stock sections. Taking life a bit easier these days and would like to take the two out of stock into my private ownership. No problem with registering them in my name but as far as valuing them for tax purposes does anyone have any idea how to go about it. I've had a few over the years that I've bought as stock but then a close family member has wanted them and they've gone back out showing a nominal profit only. On the market the two cars in question would show a combined profit of approximately £4500 on their valuation. So the question is what do I have to pay for them. Any thoughts or experience would be appreciated.
  10. You want to get a Parkers Guide... Very good
  11. A very nice seat to sit on in them. Sold one for spares or repair with 85k on it three years ago. Saw it the other day in a car park looking very smart.
  12. I had one I've not heard before today. I've got a modern classic ad on eBay and someone messages to say would you sell me the badge off it!!! It's an immaculate example with low miles. It's been around a while but perhaps thats the answer with slow sellers, sell them bit by bit.
  13. When I started I used to think it was great to get loads of calls, I'd found the right thing to sell. Then it dawned on me any more than one call means it's too cheap. I've always found its the most unusual stuff that attracts the most calls.
  14. Hi All. I've only contributed a couple of times here but a regular viewer. I've been trading full time since 2005 but only found you all a couple of years ago. I've found the shared info really helpful and interesting. I know this is isn't a happy topic for my first go but I can't find any information that deals with my question. My concern is about the fumes at car auctions. I happily stand for a few hours a day inhaling noxious fumes relieved only occasionally by a noxious coffee. Purely anecdotal I know but quite a few of my middle aged acquaintances have suffered some unpleasant illnesses which may or may not be linked. Has anyone ever come across any studies into the subject or come across remedies. I see a few guys wearing face masks these days. Sorry about the gloomy subject as a starter
  15. My 206cc story in brief. Petrol 2.0 gets bogged down at low revs in second and third. Usual plugs etc then trip to Peugeot Main Agent, diagnose hydraulic lifters, "as you're trade...£880 thank you very much". Politely declined, toured the car around and received quite a lot of useful advice. Began to narrow down to an ECU problem. Back to a different Peugeot Main Agent. Software update, £60 solved the problem. Perfect. I often wonder what the original Main Agent would have done with the car whilst it was with them. Mentioning no names but their intials are Robins Day in Bristol. This was years ago now.