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  1. Accountancy Fees

    Very similar, thoughwife does the VAT every quarter and accountant runs his eye over it. Doesn’t charge the £100 quarter for this.
  2. Google Business Review

    Had something very similar with Autotrader recently, some idiot left me a negative review who I never met or done business with. Autotrader refused to remove it and obviously backed this idiot above me a paying customer. I removed all adverts and served my 30 days cancellation notice. I welcome genuine negative reviews as once responded to can be seen as a positive. But not some keyboard warrior with nothing else to do.
  3. Where do you stop?

    For all that it is I would just touch them in yourself with a proper colour match touch up kit, £10 ish. That’sreally nothing for the age and miles Same silver colourshould do bumper and alloys.
  4. 2006 mercedes w203 c220 cdi estate

    Had to replace a door mirrorindicator unit on a CLK recently, push in two clips behind mirror with a flathead and they slide out. Mercedes had them on the shelf and cheaper than the localbreakers.
  5. Usage deduction 30 days

    She brought it to twomechanics who diagnosed plugs and MAF, so very minor. Have asked for a report from both mechanics with a diagnostic print out, she has said they won’t as they don’t want involved. I don’t think car has been to any mechanic and her top gear watching car expert boyfriend has diagnosed this. Ihave offered to collect and repair twice which is refusing. First time driver! £2900 . 2010 ka with fresh MOT 84000 miles
  6. Hi guys, have a real melter at the moment looking to return car for refund within 30 days. I have rejected her claim so far as the problem seems minor and at this stage she will not let me collect car to carry out work, only wants a refund. If i can’t be arsed with the hassle and decide to refund can I deduct usage within the first 30 days? I know this has probably been done to death, however reading up on it some sitessay full refund within 30 days regardless and other say deductions can be madefrom day one. Below is linked to CRA section 24 sub 10. This statesdeductions can be made and doesn’t mention the 30 period. Just looking clarity before I decide on the end result. Also what is deemed fair usage, daily amount? Mileage? Added costs to re advertise and valet? Extra keeper on V5? Many thanks Deduction for use if consumer exercises his final right to reject:  After the first six months, any refund to the consumer may be reduced by a deduction for use, to take account of the use the consumer has had of the goods in the period since they were delivered (section 24(8), CRA).  During the first six months, any refund to the consumer may be reduced by a deduction for use, to take account of the use the consumer has had of the goods in the period since they were delivered provided that the following two conditions are satisfied (section 24(10), CRA): 1. the goods consist of a motor vehicle, or 2. the goods are of a description specified by order made by the Secretary of State. This link posted by Mark101 says with the first 6 months deductions can only be made after 30 days 6 month rule section.
  7. Was out on a test drive todaywith a father and son in a b-class, it was a cold day and the cars heater was blasting. The father in his late sixties was playing around with the heater vents and put all heat through the dashboard vents, the son in his forties quickly closed the middle dashboard vents above the radio/cd player and told his father not to use these vents with the heating on as Mercedes cars produce so much heat they can melt CD’s which are in the player! Thankfully they bought the car with the nuclear powered heating!!
  8. First post and very relevant. Guy coming from Dublin tomorrow to collect a 2011 fiesta (I’m based near Belfast) took car out at 5pm to get fuel and passenger front spring snapped, car only passed MOT 2 days ago. Outsource mostmechanical work, thankfully it’s getting sorted in the morning before handover. Couldn’t believe it! PS fabulous forum.