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  1. Code Reader Snap on ???

    I’ve used Delphi clone for years, brilliant kit for literally a tenth of the price of the snap on equivalent
  2. Auto trader leads

    I agree but there will alwaysbe a genuine buyer within the time wasters. Sold a car to a guy in his 80’s a few weeks back. All communication was done by AT email apart from during the viewing and hand over. Turns out he’d had an operation on his throat that had given him speech problems and was embarrassed about calling people now because he sounded drunk. On the viewing he told me he was amazed how many dealers he e-mail/text about cars that never bothered replying. Luckily I did,and got a sale from it so it’s always worth doing in my opinion.
  3. July, how’s it going

    A bad June has continued into July for me now. Last car sold was just over two weeks ago.
  4. June Trading Activity

    It’s months like this I’m glad I have another business to back me up. Sold one so far and not even any calls or viewings on the others, oh apart from one guy that rang me on a Tuesday evening trying to make me promise not to sell it to anyone else as he couldn’t view untilthe followingafternoon. I’m definitely coming he said, I’m not a time waster he also said. Guess what? Never showed up.
  5. Auction prices have defiantly been lower this year than previous years, even the post Xmas price hike didn’t last long. Im not to worried just yet though. Still selling enough.
  6. BCA partner finance cars

    Who is Moneybarn? Finance repo’s? Logbook loans?
  7. BCA partner finance cars

    Surely can’t be worse than multi vendor?
  8. BCA partner finance cars

    I always assumed they were p/x’s taken in or lemons boughtby dealers with stocking loans and sold back through bca? As I’ve seen some right nails within that section.
  9. Dodgy auction tactics

    Nothing new, I’ve seenauctioneers running the bids up while looking at their watch, and as you say cars having the hammer down as sold only to appear again at the next sale or even shipped to another bca site. Best ones when they run the bids up then drop back down because they can’t get a catch. They know we all know what they’re up to.
  10. Who is doing well?

    I had a good couple of weeks end of April/beginning of May but died off this week, no interest at all. I usually gauge how the trades going by the prices at the block, if prices are high people must be selling, if prices are low or the place is empty then the trade on generalmust be quiet. Prices around here have been pretty reasonable most of this year to be honest in comparison to previous years, but the last few weeks some sales have been struggling to give cars away.
  11. Business Slow?

    I can vouch for that. I’ve been a home trader for ten years, along side another business so probably not turning over as many as some on here, but touch wood I’ve only had 3come backs in all that time. One for a dead battery, one for a reoccurring oil sealleak that I did replace before sale but had failed again, and a coolant pipe that burst on the customers drive home from sale which I gave a full refund for.
  12. Paddock Wood

    It’s happening at most bca sites, they are all overflowing with stock lately. Wolverhampton visitor car park is now closed and used for storage, someone on another thread said Nottingham has halved its visitor car park,Walsall have had to buy/rent more land for storage and Meashamexpanded into their visitor and staff car park a while back.
  13. BCA essential checks £7.50

    Still does, and yes I’ve won and driven cars home from there same evening.
  14. BCA essential checks £7.50

    Anywhere and everywhere I guess,I’ve not been on a sale day since they’ve done it but went there to collect a car I bought online last week. All the customer parking has had steel fencing put round it and there’s a small car park near the entrance with an electric gate which looks like staff parking. To be honest their yard is way to small for the size of the place, when I got the keys and went out the back to find the car the yard was literally gridlocked. Cars parked 4/5 rows deep, yard guys wern’t happy.
  15. BCA essential checks £7.50

    Wolverhampton have done the same, no visitor parking atall there now.