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  1. Business Slow?

    I can vouch for that. I’ve been a home trader for ten years, along side another business so probably not turning over as many as some on here, but touch wood I’ve only had 3come backs in all that time. One for a dead battery, one for a reoccurring oil sealleak that I did replace before sale but had failed again, and a coolant pipe that burst on the customers drive home from sale which I gave a full refund for.
  2. Paddock Wood

    It’s happening at most bca sites, they are all overflowing with stock lately. Wolverhampton visitor car park is now closed and used for storage, someone on another thread said Nottingham has halved its visitor car park,Walsall have had to buy/rent more land for storage and Meashamexpanded into their visitor and staff car park a while back.
  3. BCA essential checks £7.50

    Still does, and yes I’ve won and driven cars home from there same evening.
  4. BCA essential checks £7.50

    Anywhere and everywhere I guess,I’ve not been on a sale day since they’ve done it but went there to collect a car I bought online last week. All the customer parking has had steel fencing put round it and there’s a small car park near the entrance with an electric gate which looks like staff parking. To be honest their yard is way to small for the size of the place, when I got the keys and went out the back to find the car the yard was literally gridlocked. Cars parked 4/5 rows deep, yard guys wern’t happy.
  5. BCA essential checks £7.50

    Wolverhampton have done the same, no visitor parking atall there now.
  6. Autotrader

    Anyone know how much it is to advertise under a grand on AT as PAYG trade? Thinking of chucking all the p/x scrappers on there now as eBay classified has gone up. I know it’s free or £9.95 for private sellers.
  7. BCA Outsourced solutions

    New name for BCA partner finance? As everyone knew theywere just the knackered p/x’s/auction lemons from stock loan dealers.
  8. Anyone know what time BCA are open on bank hol Monday? I know they’re open for payment and collections but not sure what time. Got a car to collect but don’t want to turn up to early/late.
  9. Online auction buying and grading

    I’d be more worried about mechanical issues buying online than bodywork as you can’t hear/see them. I will and do buy online but only if it’s cheap enough to take the risk, i’dstill much rather be there in person.
  10. Royal Mail vans service history

    Nope Royal Mail still have their own service centres, well they do around the midlands anyway. I know of four around here. I used to do a lot of contract work for Royal Mail fleet and I wouldn’t touch any of their vans to be honest apart from the overnight long distance Sprinters. Anything that was used as a local delivery van will have stupidly low miles but drive like it’s been to the moon and back over a ploughed up field.
  11. Royal Mail vans service history

    Royal Mail have their own maintenance centres. If you know what delivery office it was based at you could contact the fleet centre for that area.
  12. Auto Raperrrr

    eBay is increasing aswell. Still cheaper than AT though.
  13. I think it actually has! doesn’t come on with the ignition.
  14. They must buy from companies as weve had a few ex company cars from UKCGR. they don’t buy if the v5 is in trade or not in the owners name though. Probably because they don’t want dealers passing on all their shite to them.
  15. Your current longest car in stock....

    Maybe I was lucky then, £1295 mine was and sold for the full asking price. It was mint, 80k andfull history. Picked it up from BCA for £250+fees as it was sold with roof fault. Turned out the boot wasn’t shut properly and the roof actually worked perfectly. As for the Laguna, yes it’s a 10 plate 1.5 diesel, again with full history but not had a sniff.