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  1. Sold 50% stock (4 No out of 8 cars) which is a great start. However margins tighter and buying stuff over Cap/Glass doesn't sit well with me so holding back a little
  2. What real workshop invoice states a storage fee? Plus it is a terrible fake anyway. Tell him your solicitors will be in contact and to go away
  3. My 35th birthday present to myself... DB9 Volante. 3,000 miles over 3.5 years, 20k bath in the end. (Sold it last year thank goodness, they have continued to drop) Never again... until the next time. Replaced it with a baby so I don't mind at all.
  4. Hi, I've used them for the last 10 years without any issues. Never made a claim but for a small part time business they work a treat. They are also willing to haggle and each time becoming the cheapest even if you shop around. I update and manage my MID myself and once I'd saved the link, its a couple of clicks. Previously used RoadRunner but I found bollington more helpful and accessible.
  5. Very simple, Roweco should have bought it himself from the company and disposed of it privately. Hes still a builder not a car dealer and doesn't make a revenue from it. Ways round it but if you bend over for this facebook knob, be prepared to be f*cked over and over again until you change your name to Roger.
  6. Sold through facebook, why you gave him an invoice is beyond me. Cash receipt of course but not an invoice. You are not a trader and it was sold as a private sale. You don't sell more than 3 cars a year and your earnings are not from the selling of motor vehicles. Stop entertaining this dick. Give an inch, they take a mile and then some. Delivering it 100 miles in the first place should have screamed pain in the arse. If you were a car dealer I'd say just buy back and move on BUT you are not and it was a facebook add etc. If I buy a dud car, I just suck it up and your buyer should do the same.
  7. Nick, you always impress me with your facts and figures!!!! If you ever write an "auto"biography or how to guide, can you pre-order me a copy please : )
  8. Do X1's not come with Radios? Just crank up "Shaking Stevens - Merry Christmas everyone " and happy days, problem solved. If obviously the radio volume is set to an uneven number the BMW gods make strike down your engine by making the rattle worse causing the radio to be turned up even louder... High even number and this will cover all issues : )
  9. I've tried many platforms over the last 20 years (OMG - where did that go?) BUT AT still shifts the metal with least messers.
  10. Always MOT when a car arrives in, part of the prep and paint as standard now. Why worry after taking a deposit if it will pass or not etc which could delay or cancel the deal etc Wouldn't do it any other way. Saves hassle later on down the line in my eyes. Although depends on age of cars I guess. Nearly new stuff when deposit is taken may work better. Each to their own : )
  11. I went once with a friend to the launch of the model X. Wow the money they spent on food and drink for us all was impressive. However the build quality was shocking. P.S Holmfirth a lovely part of the world, I use to live in Upperthong (yes that was the real name to the others reading this haha)
  12. It's VAG, it will be the following, New sensors x4 New disks and pads x4 New abs rings + wishbones + mounts New suspension x4 New ECU New Turbo + engine New seats, doors and door pannels New wheels + Tyres New Key + battery If problem still appears, I'm afraid its new gearbox and steering wrack for good measure #dislikeVAG
  13. Really odd, I just don't understand how the system can say what is a good / poor price when so much more is involved. A car with similar miles but one has 12 months mot, cambelt changes and full history and the other has nothing and is pictured on a pub car park? But I did chuckle when I priced something 10k over retail (simple mistake on the keyboard) and it gave me NO price indication marker..... hehe
  14. Welcome! Its a funny old game. Everything that has moved super fast, I've bought more of and not opened the door on them for months. Funny isn't it! I find I have more luck with some brands than others although it maybe down to my enthusiasm level rather than the car itself? Hard to say, Good luck : )