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  1. Really odd, I just don't understand how the system can say what is a good / poor price when so much more is involved. A car with similar miles but one has 12 months mot, cambelt changes and full history and the other has nothing and is pictured on a pub car park? But I did chuckle when I priced something 10k over retail (simple mistake on the keyboard) and it gave me NO price indication marker..... hehe
  2. Welcome! Its a funny old game. Everything that has moved super fast, I've bought more of and not opened the door on them for months. Funny isn't it! I find I have more luck with some brands than others although it maybe down to my enthusiasm level rather than the car itself? Hard to say, Good luck : )
  3. Well done AD! That seems to be my stock ratio : )
  4. Bollington I find are good and always beat Road runner after some haggling. Plus you manage your own MID submissions digitally which is quite useful, although maybe this is now standard hehe
  5. HI Casper, have you checked the reg on DVLA-som website as most advertise on ebay don't own them etc and when someone buys on ebay, they just buy it from the DVLA site. worth a try : )
  6. Greta hates Diesels All her fault Sold 2 diesels this week, no issues although my stock is now 80% Diesel for some reason.....
  7. I'd return it straight away as you are a magpie and no shiny bits no likey
  8. I try and avoid anything VAG. Over priced and always major issues.....
  9. How far south? I'm in Warrington! ! Got a few bits although I'm guessing way to far
  10. Good luck, don't catch a cold with the CRA 2015 though. But grass isn't always greener, don't forget HMRC's cut of everything + VAT plus plus plus. You are the last guys to get paid but have all the headaches. With everything, you will have good days and bad though and still can be fun : )
  11. Hi CRW, I underwrite for a few independent dealers. Although we use BCA as well. The independent small dealers are happy to go below cap / glass if they have reasons to, ELM light or marks / scuffs + damage. Its all about demographics and your place in the market of course. I don't have a glass palace etc so often find the general punters expect less. (MOST anyway!) Things at BCA are going mad at the min, over cap etc. Not for me as not my target market. I also do better with the cheaper end etc sub 5k. £500 a car is okay on a £1500 car percentage wise, if I could make that within my other businesses I'd retire tomorrow.
  12. He cannot have a leg to stand on but we keep all copies of adverts where it states the cat if it has been accident damage etc. Also state it on the paperwork as nothing to hide either and they sign it to say all the information, number of keys, locking wheel nut, and damage, marks and other issues are seen and noted! Verbal confirmation isn't worth the paper its written on as they say!!
  13. I work on Gut feeling most of the time. I look at AT's suggested market price then less £500! I also research the hell out of each and every car nationally. Then I check all known common faults and prices to repair etc etc before the car even lands. Then I just buy it with my heart anyway : ) Only storage companies can sell empty spaces.... I cannot