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  1. E class £800 over cap clean and I had already sold it.... had to let it go even though it was a guaranteed deal.... what I don’t understand is.... people paying massively over cap clean but auto trader isn’t reflecting this. Where is the money going?!
  2. we have had 70 enquiries plus, and only 7 deals. But the quality of the leads have been dreadful.
  3. died on its arse for us, after a record 29 last month... we have only done 7, lots of enquiries still coming in but what a difference 14 days makes in this game!
  4. Footwell modules always fail in BMW’s
  5. Im going to get the ecu file sent over to a mapping company tomorrow and see if it’s been fucked about with. im assuming it’s possibly an injector however
  6. the otherone is still sitting on the forecourt, and the previous one I threw it in the auction as I got it cheap and didn't lose on it.
  7. Glow plug would surely show a fault and an injector also? Air filter is clean, and fuel filter surely couldn’t produce smoke?
  8. Bought car Monday online.... why is there an online buying fee.... that’s actually a joke... paid this morning. Was in and out in 45 mins.
  9. Went to blackbushe today to collect.... that is a big big site.... had to get a mini bus on a 5 minute drive to get my car lmao
  10. Hi guys. Had 3 of these now out of about 60-70 we have sold. But..... 2010 2.0 tdi scirocco 105k miles with full Audi history. 1st and second under full throttle grey smoke pouring out. 3rd 4th and 5th Gear, full throttle 3000rpm upwards grey smoke but not quite as much. check for boost leaks and air leaks etc but.... can never seem to get to the bottom of the issues anyone had this? Also no engine lights or codes.
  11. Price low to high within 50 miles I should suspect would be most people’s choice.
  12. Blackbushe to Essex been quotes £160 plus vat transporter. £88 driven, I’m not sure I want it driven that far if it’s not mechanically sound?
  13. Does anyone have a rough idea of delivery costs. for example BCA Nottingham to Essex. We are going to be hitting the online auctions tomorrow as we are being heavily out gunned down here in Chelmsford, Colchester, Enfield etc.
  14. You can’t stop these private sellers, but they come and go and very rarely last long or grow their business. So why worry, it’s the buyers that are the mugs from buying from him in the first place.
  15. sounds like you are a remainer lmao