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  1. Yet we have been extremely busy this week. 5 sold and dead before hand
  2. AutoTrader is over price

    I left auto trader, life goes on. Robbing bastards though
  3. Bye bye autotrader

    Autotraders dominance is coming to an end due to their self reliance on Their name. I very rarely see them advertise and I dont even come up with my own company name on google anymore
  4. Bye bye autotrader

    Car gurus has been doing well for us. eBay motors pro been doing well. Had a few from gumtree also. we have a meeting with on Tuesday. They are very cheap but are they actually any good?
  5. Bye bye autotrader

    The firm is an absolute Pisstake with their pricing. was paying £1300 a month for their services. we are now doing eBay motors pro and car gurus amd marketplace and the enquiries are flowing in compared to auto trader. £650 compared to £1300 and the other 2 are giving us triple the leads. Auto trader really need to bring their prices down as they are a joke good riddance! Will do 3 month trialwithout themand see how we are.
  6. If the car has gone into limp mode with no light, there is a strong possibility the car has been re mapped and told to not bring the eml on. I had a merc doing this and was driving me nuts for weeks and weeks. Turned out we remapped it back to standard and there was a few codes. Turned out to be an oxygen sensor. Wespent £££ on it getting it to this point.
  7. You mustget the recalls done, they are extremely dangerous. I’ve had multiple cut out while driving. And 2 of my customers.
  8. Just been offered

    No it was seen in the forecourt a week ago and the guy rung up today asking if he can come and buy it.
  9. Just been offered

    I was going to say the engine started tapping and we are not comfortable giving you the car im about £800 better off if the other guy takes it tomorrow
  10. Just been offered

    Full money on a car with out 2 corner scuffs being painted at £8000 even thought I’ve already taken a deposit on it at £7500 and have to do the 2 corner scuffs and install a hardwired TomTomto the dash at a further £150 I REALLY feel like taking the full money and telling the woman to do one who beat me down over the price and finding her a different one! However that would be totally morally incorrect
  11. Codeweavers

    I have this on my cars. Take a look at one of my cars and scroll down, if you need any help setting it up let me know
  12. Selling through BCA PX Disposal

    Sell privately and do hand over in Asda carpark and wave it good bye
  13. 2011 BMW 320i Issue

    What about an Audi A3 1.8 Tfsi convertible.... good motors those. Why do you swerve German cars? It’s all we sell
  14. 2011 BMW 320i Issue

    1 series 116i came back today from a customer, engine light on and misfiring, low and behold timing chain recall. booked in end of March by bmw.... amazing how many issues we are seeing as a dealer with these 4 cylinder petrols.
  15. Car gurus

    What is your stock profile? Run of the mill or more prestige speccy stuff?