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  1. Emails are no good from car gurus. We rarely convert unless they call us. When they call us it’s generally a decent lead.
  2. We don’t do it anymore. If they reject the car you are in trouble.
  3. Auto trader, use the moving link
  4. There is a huge issue with dragon 2000 if you are planning sending stock to auto trader. when you add a car to autotrader it adds all the standard spec. If you add via dragon it wipes it all off every time a new feed is sent. I have had lots of arguements about it. It’s a brilliant system if you are using it to integrate into sage accounts also
  5. I know how it works, I ran a web marketing company for 10 years, however those adverts are still being paid for by car gurus. Also seeing a lot of tv advert as well. they are working well for us anyway.....
  6. i have noticed car gurus are hitting google massivly.... every site i go on i see car gurus cars of interest. Its looking promising for the Gurus.
  7. So over the last 6 months we have noticed that we are getting much more sales from car gurus. decemeber and jan car gurus are almost at 50/50 with auto trader now. has anyone else noticed a large increase in good quality leads from car gurus? I seem to be getting much younger people coming through car gurus. our last 4 sales have all been gurus also. Tide is turning?
  8. I have very rarely ‘lost’ but bought a grade 5 white scirocco blind when 4 months ago for £3300 Because it’s was cheap’ from BCA it needed Body work & paint £600 - dual mass and clutch £575 - turbo actuator £150 - boost sensor £70 - satnav repairing £75 - mot & service £120 - air con re charge £50 - Finally ready last week and its up for £5495 but it was an absolute shocker of a purchase- I must of been blind drunk bidding on it. I may make £100 on it if I’m lucky after putting a warranty on it. 4 months of my life I will never get back Oh and bought 118d m sport coupe 3 months ago for £5000 12 plate 56k miles. Needed a new engine but will break even so hopefully get some finance on it
  9. Fan motor over winding, new motor required disconnect the motors 1 by 1 until the clicking stops.
  10. I thought he died... clearly not
  11. Seo marketing, only reason it’s posted here. Getting a back link from google
  12. Finished on 24 for the month.... Very very respectable
  13. i have had a Merc stereo go wrong and have bought another Used one from eBay, However when you turn it on it brings up the anti theft screen. Has anyone successfully recoded a used one?
  14. Well you deffo need finance for those types of cars. There are firms that will do the fca for you for around £300 wenhabe just signed up with auto guard and seem decent so far for warranties.