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    I had rear suspension drop on an e class every night - had to replace the air bags
  2. Collecting from BCA auction Blackbushe.

    if you ring them they will tell you? pretty sure you shouldn't be taking our word as gospel....
  3. Who is doing well?

    We did 4 Saturday and 1 today so 5 this week but had 20 enquiries in last 2 days. Got 24 in stock now just bought 2 more from auction last week and hitting the auctions again next week.
  4. I’m after a cheap 3 seater van

    I can fix any pretty much as long as the cost of parts doesn’t outway the cost of a new boiler. I’m goodfrom electricalfault finding to combustion and circulation issues its all well and good saying you’ll be busy but unfortunately it doesn’t always work that way.
  5. profit margins

    I won’t buy a car unless it has £1500 margin in it minus any prep costs, unless it needs loads of work and I just don’t even bother these days with that sort of stuff. if I clear £1000 minus any vat then I’m over the moon
  6. I’m after a cheap 3 seater van

    Hi mate, no all is good, I work mornings 6-2 doing the gas and village cars 2-6 in the afternoons, quite tiring but it’s working well, my business partner does the mornings
  7. Free DMS

    Is there any free DMS with sage integration? My main company usesdragon2000 for our main company which is fantastic but I do a few on the side away from the main company as a secondary income and wanted something basic just to do the VAT Margin scheme and stock book which will integrate into my sage installation. regards grant
  8. I’m after a cheap 3 seater van

    £75 It’s for my kids mainly 6 and 9 years old. I’m a gas and heating engineer on the side, so need something to do both
  9. I’m after a cheap 3 seater van

    i know the belingo does 3 seats. small 3 seaters that are well priced are very hard to find.
  10. Hi gents, if any of you have access to any, I’m after a cheap 3 seater van like a fiat doblo or Peugeot bipper that sort of thing. Let me knowas they seem hard to find. only need it for 6-12 months, ideally white and needs to be presentable - thank you grant
  11. How many cars do you have
  12. Yet we have been extremely busy this week. 5 sold and dead before hand
  13. AutoTrader is over price

    I left auto trader, life goes on. Robbing bastards though
  14. Bye bye autotrader

    Autotraders dominance is coming to an end due to their self reliance on Their name. I very rarely see them advertise and I dont even come up with my own company name on google anymore
  15. Bye bye autotrader

    Car gurus has been doing well for us. eBay motors pro been doing well. Had a few from gumtree also. we have a meeting with on Tuesday. They are very cheap but are they actually any good?