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  1. We sell tonnes of finance on cars 6-12 years old all German, and sports models, Sline m sport etc. Up to 120k miles. basically flash for not a lot of cash and to people that can’t really afford it.
  2. There appears to be a way of putting the car into trade without a log book but unfortunately I don’t have the jiggery pokery to do it
  3. Car needs to be in trade or you can’t do that at the post office. I have a guy who works in a post office who can do it some how but I’m sure it’s a bit dodgy. Any way I give him a drink for each one.
  4. Whats everyones expectations for december. We have done 5-6 for the first few days of December but someone turned the tap off since the 4th and we have had no phone calls and only 2 emails with 50 cars in stock and all on auto trader in the last 3 days. Im feeling a city break away for a few days just in case its dead. i have a couple of business partners so no real pressure to be here as everything is prepped / close to it. There is no way im sitting around for the next 14 days with naff all happening.
  5. I tried to get rid of her but she puts some Ann summers on and I’m straight back.
  6. If you are could you look at a car for me as it’s my birthday and the mrs said I’m not allowed to go
  7. I made this decision once, I soon went back and doubled my advertising lol.
  8. Cars shouldn’t be on the forecourt and ready for sale if they are not road worthy. Mot should be done before it’s up for sale.
  9. We PDI/service It, then valet it, then mot it. Not point doing an mot after in case they want to take it away on the spot. 80% of Our customers want to take the car there and then. doing an mot once it’s sold and it fails, then you could be in trouble
  10. Are you down or up on last month? 18 October - 26 November stocking 45
  11. My pal had his stolen and the whole dash lol. He came out scratching his head.
  12. I leave at 5 everyday. The amount of times they are ‘just leaving’ or ‘on their way’ and they never show is incredible.
  13. its meant to do tonnes of coding etc. its not just a reader no.