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  1. Titan wet vac from screw fix £70 and it’s very powerful, a hard brush and some good fabric clean. That’s all you need.
  2. We have had a lot of interest from Ireland, no questions asked when they turn up and paid in cash too.... also my pal has had one turn up on his door With cash
  3. Thank you for this. The lady at dvla said the reason I couldn’t tax it was because it hadn’t gone into trade! I reckon she wanted me off the phone at all costs as it was 5:30!
  4. evening gents. just tried to tax a car with a v62 at the post, never had a problem before however... mot'd the car this morning as it had expired, I went to tax the car this afternoon but couldn't..... when I came back to office the mot had not updated. I thought it updated instantly on the system. the question I am asking is, can a car be taxed with no MOT, I think the answer is no but cannot find any info on google. which is why im assuming the tax was denied on their computer
  5. That’s it. I’ve decided. I’m getting a shot gun, a gun dog and a tweed jacket. Pull!
  6. I’m pretty sure it will sell off the front anyway, plus it is actually a nice car to drive so may I fact in keep it. I’ll throw the dog in the back and put on a brown cardigan with some driving gloves..... I’ll feel right at home lol
  7. It owes me £7k so I’ve just dropped it for £6995... I want it gone so if it doesnt sell for that then looks like I’m stuck with it haha.
  8. Lovely website by the way. really well laid out....
  9. I'm going to re photo it..... The fact it hasn't had a call in 3 months is absolutely killing me! i've just dropped it to what I paid for it now. sick of the sight of it now!
  10. Literally for life of me cannot sell this car. Average market price on auto trader is saying £9000 ish. Ive now priced it a grand below for over a 6 weeks and I cant even get a phone call on it. Its such a lovely car. 7/8 Volvo stamps and 1 owner with Nav. I bought this thinking it was an absolute banker haha. Never a again. Found a spelling mistake in the first line... must be where I am going wrong
  11. How’s it all going gents? 15 so far this month with 38 in stock, with some lumpy finance deals. Had a lot of finance declines however, the quality of finance customers are getting worst by the month but so far very happy with how it’s gone.
  12. Also worth mentioning you can use the v5c2 green slip to tax the vehicle as many times as you want on that same slip
  13. My trade insurance enables me to use for work use and personal
  14. I’ve done this on loads of cars. I don’t understand why it would be a problem. Its taxed, it’s insured, it has mot. And most of the time it has oil in the engine
  15. We did 4 on the Saturday and 3 hand overs, pretty busy....