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  1. Just ask them to put a new gearbox mount in before you do anything
  2. Stand your ground. They have only been in London twice In 5 months but beware you will lose in court.
  3. I absolutely guarantee it’s a mount. And I’m almost certain it’s the gearbox mount. Costs about £70 to fix. I’ve had this loadS of times and it’s 99% always the gearbox mount The gearbox mount looks fine but you can’t check it until it’s off and normally there is a tiny split on the inner rubber part of it. It’s extremely common.
  4. Emails are no good from car gurus. We rarely convert unless they call us. When they call us it’s generally a decent lead.
  5. We don’t do it anymore. If they reject the car you are in trouble.
  6. Auto trader, use the moving link
  7. There is a huge issue with dragon 2000 if you are planning sending stock to auto trader. when you add a car to autotrader it adds all the standard spec. If you add via dragon it wipes it all off every time a new feed is sent. I have had lots of arguements about it. It’s a brilliant system if you are using it to integrate into sage accounts also
  8. I know how it works, I ran a web marketing company for 10 years, however those adverts are still being paid for by car gurus. Also seeing a lot of tv advert as well. they are working well for us anyway.....
  9. i have noticed car gurus are hitting google massivly.... every site i go on i see car gurus cars of interest. Its looking promising for the Gurus.
  10. So over the last 6 months we have noticed that we are getting much more sales from car gurus. decemeber and jan car gurus are almost at 50/50 with auto trader now. has anyone else noticed a large increase in good quality leads from car gurus? I seem to be getting much younger people coming through car gurus. our last 4 sales have all been gurus also. Tide is turning?
  11. I have very rarely ‘lost’ but bought a grade 5 white scirocco blind when 4 months ago for £3300 Because it’s was cheap’ from BCA it needed Body work & paint £600 - dual mass and clutch £575 - turbo actuator £150 - boost sensor £70 - satnav repairing £75 - mot & service £120 - air con re charge £50 - Finally ready last week and its up for £5495 but it was an absolute shocker of a purchase- I must of been blind drunk bidding on it. I may make £100 on it if I’m lucky after putting a warranty on it. 4 months of my life I will never get back Oh and bought 118d m sport coupe 3 months ago for £5000 12 plate 56k miles. Needed a new engine but will break even so hopefully get some finance on it
  12. Fan motor over winding, new motor required disconnect the motors 1 by 1 until the clicking stops.
  13. I thought he died... clearly not
  14. Seo marketing, only reason it’s posted here. Getting a back link from google
  15. Finished on 24 for the month.... Very very respectable
  16. i have had a Merc stereo go wrong and have bought another Used one from eBay, However when you turn it on it brings up the anti theft screen. Has anyone successfully recoded a used one?
  17. Well you deffo need finance for those types of cars. There are firms that will do the fca for you for around £300 wenhabe just signed up with auto guard and seem decent so far for warranties.
  18. Hi jbs - things to consider - getting FCA approved to offer finance. What price, mileage and age will you be selling? - warranty company - advertising autotrader, Facebook, eBay and car gurus - website
  19. Cars with no reserve work on volume. They buy from Bca, deliver it straight to their yard, bang it on eBay and sell it for what they can sell it for. Just go down the BCA auction and buy it yourself.
  20. Ok so I i have purchased today a 60 plate c220cdi sport auto 4 door in white, white being the important factor here. I paid £3800 including fees and delivery. The cheapest one I can find with similar age and mileage is £5595 which is private, then they start at £6200 ish for dealers. EVERY Single car in white is priced HIGH.. How can this be? I want to sell mine way below the others at £5795 but it’s still going to be priced high. average market retail is £4700 ish! What a load of nonsense. Autotrader are having a nightmare with these price markers.
  21. We have had this recently but in the footwell of a 2007 a4. It’s gone now. Strange.
  22. Well we have surprisingly done 18 so far this month..... way way way over our anticipated numbers. 6 done this weekend.... how’s everyone else going? Unfortunately I didn’t book that break but happy with the additional £’s that I didn’t expect!
  23. Get the contact details of the delivery firms and go direct with them, now I get them even cheaper