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  1. That’s where I’m coming from , has anyone else checked the buggers.....
  2. Why did the salesman say it was compliant? (You’d have been better off if he’d ignored the question...as it is, he’s dropped you right in it by telling untruths) in your shoes, I wouldn’t let it escalate, the more it does, the more it’ll cost you....
  3. Take it to another garage for a 2nd opinion if you’re not happy with the first. Have they checked the engine and gear mounts? And the exhaust and inlet system for leaks? If not, ask them why. Also, is this whilst driving (speed related) or whilst revving the engine in P/N?
  4. If it’s a wheel bearing, a spin round the carpark might not highlight it ... not defending BCA, just reality
  5. Best ask your gaffer at work. If he’s doesn’t get it, maybe ask the dealer principal.
  6. If I had £48 k , and a year to live, I’d be tempted.....one year.....you never know
  7. Well, I hope Marian is making a good 2nd income ( and declaring it to HMRC) though it’s gone a bit quiet .... Mr Horgan seems to have plenty of talent in his family... good to see young blood coming through and doing well. You’ve trained them well, sir! As for CAP/Glass..it’s been said many times before,..the key way to make profit is all in the buying....look for opportunities below Market value..sorry but death and desperation continue to be good niches if you can hack it,to be in those areas of the market....just saying....
  8. you’re doing all the right things so far, best of British.....
  9. Ummm...sorry , just read the entire thread. If the OP is accurate, then he could teach a few of us lessons in how to get such a great part time income but sounds like he’s getting Great profits with very limited overhead, ( let alone VAT and tax, I’m assuming zero is currently being paid ) Unsustainable outside of short term. you really need to start to declare before the time bomb goes off . btw, we’d all like to get hold of cheap, clean stock. Those who can, won’t share for obvious reasons! Good luck with keeping this up , keep us posted, mate. (Just so we can copy your trading model. lol)
  10. If you are serious about this, you also need to consider to start declaring the profit and pay tax like everyone else does ..otherwise it’ll come back and bite you later. That’s assuming you like to sleep at night ..just saying.....
  11. There is some right shit being posted ......
  12. Definitely buyers remorse then....so you should be fine standing your ground,
  13. These bloody things should come with a health warning, dealers are starting avoid them as part ex, as any fault can wipe out and profit (as is happening here) . So was it really a main dealer who couldn’t find the issues? I really hope not as that is a bloody disgrace that they have effectively written off a 5 year old premium car. Any service history with it? There are a few LR specialist around, where abouts are you located? (I know a couple locally in the NW)