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  1. Hyundai - your experience.

    Isthread going to be as long asBenji's "I nearly possibly maybe might of could of bought an Astra?"
  2. Hi Tradex Try Justin at JC Cars in Norwich 0160378411http://www.jccars.co.uk/ A good guy to know for Clusters repairs and reprogramming. Ive used him a couple of times and he’s looked after me. David
  3. Business Slow?

    Mid range racing bike is £3000
  4. Car sales or car auction?

    Didn't someone post a similar set up on ebay. This was a physical auction which I believe started "when one or more bidders are present"
  5. Bank transfer problem

    You also accidentally posted this on the wrong thread I've just sent you £1,000,000. Did you get it? If not can you send the £2,000,000 to........
  6. Admin fee's

    Thats what what I though too.
  7. Mileage descrepancies

    EJ59ESY Fiesta. Comes back all clear on Autotrader/Experian. No mileage history recorded.
  8. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    Being in Norfolk I don't think half of the countyknowwe were in Europe in the first place! Brexit certainly hasn't affected sales!
  9. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    "You mean the one that is up for less money but will be more expensive when you have the belt and water pump done sir!"
  10. AT Portal valuation not working

    No. Mine is fine. Have you signed out/in?
  11. autogroup.com is for sale

    Will you swap it fora PlayStation and a flatscreen tv? (Courtesy of JB)
  12. autogroup.com is for sale

    Hmmm Spam,spam,spam, sausage,spam,bacon,spam,spam
  13. https://images.app.goo.gl/YFc7bbKXPKZDVa416 I saw that one being recovered.