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  1. You will be surprised how many £3995 buyers want it on finance. Of course it will be a huge advantage. Especially when you pocket a few hundred pounds commission from a car that only brought £300 profit. Then when someone is sitting opposite you asking "What can you do for cash" you will look genuinely taken aback as you genuinely wouldn't want cash, especially an amount lower than your asking price. Apply for your FCA permission ASAP.
  2. +1 on the bluetooth adapter, genuine mercedes. Works great.
  3. Last price, lost price. £8500. If she wants finance and does it with me she will also get £200 deposit contribution.
  4. And if she absolutely needs one I just took a 2016, 19K miler in part ex, no issues, wheel refurbed, LL16XAZ, black, black wheels, red roof, hers for £8500
  5. Come again??? They deliberately lower the TRADE value to buy low? Private sellers don’t use Cap. How does this low valuation help BCA to sell HIGH to you and me??
  6. There was a TOP 10 Article recently. Bristol number 1, Penzance not even on the list :-)
  7. CAP doesn't dictate. CAP follows as it takes sold information from major auctions to set values for the following months. Autotrader on the other hand...
  8. They are the cocaine capital of the UK! Their air is polluted with more than diesel particles.
  9. 9 from 14 and 2 today (my first day at work since 24th October)
  10. Mark, I was thinking of setting up with Autosales / Sage but they've been too slow to respond. Are you happy with VT / Sage? What other limitations do you see other than the servicing invoices?
  11. Yes definitely. I would aim at a grand off but will settle for £500 if they play hardball and threaten to close my account.
  12. Yes I do and my website address is the same as my trading name so it makes sense.