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  1. What is the actual reg? XXX seems too good :-)
  2. Ouch. Just missed the cut. First ask your customer if they like the car and want to keep it for some “cashback”. You made a genuine mistake, you knew 16 reg was compliant and hope your cust will understand. If no then begin negotiating. In his email does it specifically say ULEZ or another word?
  3. Of course there are compliant Range Rovers! Just need to be Euro 6 certified which means around 16 reg. How old was yours??
  4. CRA states that a car should be fit for a specific purpose. Customer specifically wanted Ulez compliant. If it isn’t and he was told it was, the car was missold. Having said that he has owned it for a long time. I would offer to buy it back at a lower price or a refund that takes into account the use, mileage and added owner. Before you do anything though check online if it is indeed non-ulez compliant.
  5. I just sold quite similar X1 for just over £11K. Phone went off the hook.
  6. 100pm for website is too much but the other figures seem right.
  7. Sounds very similar to the one I just sold for £10400. 8 days to sell.
  8. In 2014 I spent £900 on the entry level Snap On Ethos. This has probably been the best £900 I spent on anything, for a dealer that has no workshop that machine has served me really well, it's very fast and codes are very accurate, it does no programming though. I now have a new Launch and that's OK but slower than the Snap On and the menu layout is a mess. It has many functions but it takes me forever to discover them. BMW Service reset for example has menu that only says BMW CBS. Who new that meant condition based servicing...
  9. I thought Best price was more asian / arabic expression where haggling is part of life. LAST price is definitely Eastern European.
  10. My best price or your best price? Then play it by ear from there... Even the “best price” brigade has to buy from somewhere so I will always give it a try.
  11. Join the car dealer group of Facebook, there will be several on it that will help quickly enough.
  12. Of course: My AT for 13 cars is £1200 + VAT a month. My for 20 cars is £88 + VAT a month. I don't know for other dealers but I'd love a platform JUST LIKE Autotrader that works for me JUST AS WELL AS Autotrader and that costs me JUST A LITTLE BIT more than
  13. You never wrote that it has 60K when you bought it! You just stated that the car lost 1000 miles in a month. Nothin else. I would've mentioned the current 60K miles in the original post.
  14. That’s not a clocked car, 98K miles in August, then the clever owner pays £££ to only shave 1000 miles to make it 97K AND take it into the same main dealer!!! Complete nonsense. VW dealer made an admin error booking the car in or a factual error telling you the mileage a month later. Don’t lose your sleep over this, don’t waste your time with BCA letter and enjoy your hols. Why would you say that? Does clocking 1000 miles seem right to you?