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  1. Ageas insurance MID app?

    It is Arista. This was the name of my insurer until last year when they were bought out by Ageas. Still says Arista on my Certificate.
  2. “Sold?! But what did it sell for?!”

    I always say that the car sold after HUGE interestfor the full asking price which in hindsight probably was too low. If we get something similar in the next couple of weeks we’ll give you a call but it was a rare find and it will be a matter of great luck. Then the next dealer that gets their call can make the easiest sale ever... professional courtesy of sorts.
  3. Gumtree / eBay Motors

    And that’s a US company so double whammy.
  4. Ageas insurance MID app?

    Call Lisa Cowley on0117 9058869, this is the helpdesk that deals with it. It’s always been her that I talked to so I assume it is a very small helpdesk.
  5. Gumtree / eBay Motors

    I hate it when an advertiser has this complicated pricing structure that infuriates everyone, even me on the cheaper option. They assume one dealer will never find out what another pays.
  6. Ageas insurance MID app?

    Yes I am with them butuse I have a set of login details:username, password, DA code and passphrase and it works well.
  7. Gumtree / eBay Motors

    £227 combined up to 20 cars
  8. Car Gurus

    6 mths deal for 15 cars is £230 so cheaper than last year.
  9. Trusted mechanic in Carlisle area

    Jimnys are really really overrated then. New £13K, 10 years old Cap Clean £7500. To have better residuals you have to be a Renaissance French artist...
  10. Car Gurus

    I forgot to add: sold two for the whole year from CG.
  11. Car Gurus

    I was paying around £275 up to 20 cars last yr
  12. Bye bye autotrader

    I'd usually buy 3-5 at a time from BB, pay and collect all keys / docs etc. Then on different days my wife would drop me off at one of the endless car parks which are long distance away from the main site but easy to get to by car and it takes us forty minutes from our place and maybe a tenner in diesel. I have attached a photo of one of their lovely world class facilities: And another from the times when cars were parked on site which is right next to the airport:
  13. Bye bye autotrader

    Tried both, average quote around £150 per vehicle. BCA came at £95, quoted 3-5 working days, seemed OK at the time. I almost never have cars delivered and will probably stick to my local Blackbushe from now on.
  14. Bye bye autotrader

    Would've beenin a couple of weeks after I got fed up waiting over 10 days for BCA Wolverhampton to deliver two cars to me but my other half is taking me away on hols tomorrowso BCA have all the time in the world now :-)
  15. Bye bye autotrader

    Push them a bit Mark, should work. Fingers crossed.