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  1. Great. “Imported” it is then. Just untick “This is a Uk vehicle”
  2. So all we have to do now is to test some more removing more insignificant bits of info from the vehicle information to see which one will trip the price algorithm.
  3. So basically some people can see the new High and Fair price markers, some can't.
  4. Got it, borrowed a Windows laptop. Can you see a white Audi, 62 reg, £14500 No marker? Will publish crude workaround in the other chatroom.
  5. Sorry, don't own one :-) I have a black MINI Convertible, £17000, who can see HIGH and who doesn't see a marker at all?
  6. How are my markers live for some and not for others? I am looking on iPhone, iPad and Mac computer (without account) and the new markers aren't live for me All I can think of they are trialling them still for a small percentage of users. We will get an email when they go live across the board
  7. My retail check valuation disappears but because my high price markers are not live for me I can't see if they would be displayed on the live advert. Currently my High Price adverts have no marker. Just tried a new advert with no reg and it still gives me a marker. Because we discussed that "loophole" on the Car Dealers Facebook page the guy from Autotrader that was admitted to the page must've seen it and plugged the loophole. Will find another, there will be but will only publish in the closed forum.
  8. Remove reg number or VIN number from Vehicle Details and Stock Management. If problems with data check are flagged just remove VIN. No marker. No data check result.
  9. A lot of luck will be needed. A lot.
  10. Reminds me of that scene from the Senna movie where Jean Marie Balestre in a heavy accent said The Best decision is MY decision. He was out of a job shortly after.
  11. 11 out of 12 and I have a viewing at the moment which was scheduled for SAT 30th but I moved it to today. If they buy I'll write it in the November figures so 12 out of 12. I actually have 15 in stock atm but two of them are not ready, not started prep, not advertised and one hasn't even arrived so it could be a be realistic 12 out of 12.
  12. NacMan, Did you read what we both posted?????? What do you mean what sticker? Did you look???
  13. Is a sticker in the service book or in the rear spare wheel compartment. Find a free website to decode the 3 and 4 symbol codes from the sticker.
  14. I am looking for the same for an early Cayenne. Pioneer for around £250. I want it to have Apple Car Play.
  15. Mini was £8K. The Tesla he wanted was £130K. WITH his staff discount.
  16. I recently sold a MINI to a local customer that works as master technician for Tesla UK in their HQ (in Uxbridge, very close to us). I did ask him about the routine maintenance: Routine service is a software update, battery balancing procedure (again via computer program), check brakes and tyres, replace brake fluid (every other service), replace cabin air filter (every other service), check A/C system and regas IF required with the newer type of gas. The A/C pump is electric, no belt drives. The brakes work very little in an EV. Every time you lift the accelerator the car's electric motor(s) are slowing it as if someone stepped on the brake. When you get used to it you can drive it (carefully!!!) all day with one single pedal only including coming to a complete stop. So the brakes will last far longer than in my diesel Merc for example.
  17. BHM, full electric cars need very little maintenance. No engine, no traditional gearbox, no clutch, no diff. They just have a battery, one or two electric motors and some control modules. They do have conventional brakes but they see little use and will certainly last longer than in a heavy petrol car. I’ve seen BMW i3s with 120K miles on the clock, Outlanders with 180K at 4 years old and Priuses with 400K+ Will make any old Corsa look like a bottomless money pit :-)))
  18. Outlanders are great sellers even at high miles. Their plug in range is only 25 ish miles so majority of the miles are done on petrol at 35 Mpg. Ouch.
  19. Podpoint were great back in the day but I am assuming they are far busier now.
  20. I got a £500 grant on our £700 Podpoint two years ago. Not sure if they still do it.
  21. They usually ask me "What time do you close?" and I say: WE DON'T CLOSE. All viewings are by appointment, which car do you want to BUY, how far do you have to travel and when do you want to come? Depending on the answers I will make the appointment for a time that suits us both, especially if they are travelling long distance, have no p/x and are pre-approved for my finance without the need for further docs.
  22. Late November early December slows End of Dec usually busy End of June early July slows August is sometimes dead but if the weather is bad car sales pick up. September has never been a great month for me. Back from hols, understocked.
  23. Manually remove date of first reg or the full VRM of the vehicle from your advert, this will result in Unable to provide a valuation and no marker being displayed. No marker is better than HIGH PRICE, right :-) Absolutely as long as you make sure there is enough vehicle info to appear in searches.
  24. I'd call him. Just a quick call to say I just had a chat with another buyer interested in reserving it "unseen" over the phone as it ticks all the boxes for him but he can't travel for a few days. "I just called you out of courtesy as you had travelled to us and invested some time in case you were still interested"