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  1. I can’t believe the DVSA have not thought to invalidate MOTs following insurance loss. You’d think it was common sense. Always always do a new Mot on a write off car to confirm that repairs have been carried out to a high enough standard and that the car is STILL roadworthy. There is no point to save the £30odd test fee.
  2. I think it will be 19.2 19 the year and they do a new update twice a year sometimes so 19.2 or 19.4? On 16.2 you will comfortably work on vehicles up 2017 model year
  3. For that sort of money you can use it for a year, then sell it on for the same money and it's a no brainer. Even if it doesn't have the latest updates doesn't matter that much, you just won't be able to read some 2018 and 2019 cars. No big deal.
  4. Erm, maybe excluding MX5 because of the buyer profile :-)
  5. Great bit of kit, I have the more basic Ethos (reads everything like the Solus but you can't do coding) If you don't do a lot of coding (new batteries, new injectors etc etc) the Ethos is great for under a grand and then spend the other grand on a Launch which can do a lot of coding and just in case one can't read something you can always fall back on the other. I have both, my Snap On is 4 times faster.
  6. So you've paid for it. Many times over :-)
  7. I get very annoyed with myself when I experience this, as if I should've known what everyone is after, at what exact price point, in what colour etc... Japanese petrols are in heavy demand in my area and back in the day majority of sales were diesel so there aren't many of them about. Around £3-£3500 seems a good price on AT, I am assuming you are either not on AT or somewhere closer to £2750?
  8. Stock selection. 1) White BMW 3 series M Sport coupe with dark grey or black alloy wheels 2) very low mileage Honda Jazz Auto under six grand. Very different people will look at either car so the Facebook targeted "boosted" ad will aim at 25-35 year old men for the first car for example and 55-69 year old ladies for the Jazz. Heavily focus on Finance for car 1 and don't even bother mentioning it for car 2.
  9. Every time I buy only one of something if it sells well I end up selling a dozen of it in the next year or two. Sold one Cat N with huge profit last year but it's not a market I want to delve in. Beginners luck I reckon.
  10. Global payments reduced my debit card rate from 0.9% (!!!) to 0.2 when I mentioned I will switch to Barclays. Do the same with Worldpay.
  11. Majority of TFSI have been sorted by Audi under warranty but you are only really safe on a post 2014 14 reg and newer.
  12. 1.8 TFSI. They will not be disappointed. The quality is obvious immediately. You smell the leather and you know. The price should usually be higher for the Audi but as I told them "you get lucky sometimes". The 1.8 TFSI may not win awards for "engine of the year" but it's was so much better buy than the small Ecoboost, they don't compare. Best £8500 these customers could've spent on a 2014 Focus sized car that wasn't a Focus.
  13. Looked for a newish petrol Focus for a brand-loyal customer recently. Ended up getting them an Audi A3 for the same money :-) 20 years of Fords and I don't see them in one anytime soon.
  14. Sold for £9K? Bought for? How does this compare to my 2016 model?
  15. EVERY modern car is built cheaper, less durable and much more complicated than it’s 80s and 90s counterpart. Having said that parts are cheaper and plentiful and anything can be fixed. You can always have a yard-full of 3-4 year old Hyundai and Kia still in the warranty period but then we only live one life. I personally love German cars and will not go back to selling rubbish built in Ellesmere Port, the home of the Astra.
  16. That's what I used to do every holiday until this coming one but because of the time difference and the costs involved I decided to suspend the ads. Save £1400, put them towards the cost of the holiday.
  17. I am away for almost a month in August and have given my notice in April. Asked them how much notice do they need to restart my advertising in September. 1 day is enough, they said :-))) If you want to cancel even a single unit of stock it's still a month.
  18. So I thought at the time. Yet the market proves us wrong. Again :-)
  19. Like the 2016 Ford Kuga Titanium I bought in p/x early June for £9200 (under Cap Below at the time) and watched similar cars go through the block for 10500-11500. Now my £9200 are just shy of Cap Clean and at £12K I've only had a couple of calls.
  20. Oh, sorry Grant when you wrote “I literally just book them in now and that’s it” I thought that was literally it.
  21. You don't text them to confirm a day before? You don't text them to confirm on the morning of the appointment? You don't call them to ask about pre-approving them for finance so you can save (them) a lot of time on the day? You must at least be calling them to offer them to reserve the car because of the high level of enquiries on it? If you don't people won't get serious about your car, they will continue to online-window-shop until something or someone makes them serious. 3 sold this weekend, all 3 on finance, all 3 with a small deposit paid unseen. One is actually paid by the finance co but the customer has not even seen it yet.
  22. That's why I sell 90% of my cars. The other 10% go to people that were actually looking for such a model. I have almost no local customers. Even with just £150 deposit unseen most cars are as good as sold.
  23. I wish I saw this post sooner, it was such a long day yesterday, especially the traffic back. Definitely going again next year but on the Saturday.