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  1. MattR


    I'm surprised you haven't had many ask about finance already. I'd imagine many of your middle class punters are strapped to the eyeballs in Mortgage and credit card payments. Make it very prominent in your ads. They will be borrowing it from somewhere. you may have had some clues so far. A credit card deposit and 'collect in a few days' (so they can sort the loan out.). just sent a car back that was on PCP 'because they never own it' and now looking at a 3 year old car with you. not got a company car any more, get an allowance instead.
  2. I know we all sometimes end up with a car from a known source without a v5, but a car from Joe Public without a v5? Thats nuts. You should absolutely insist that the customer applies for one before releasing the car they are buying. It costs them £25 (i think). And if you then let the car go without having the reg doc for the p/ex in your hand make sure you have something to ensure they have a reason to bring it to you such as a deposit. How do you know he hasnt done a log book loan that morning? or if it even belongs to him? I had a customer have to do that this week, but their swapper was a 2007 peugeot 206 worth £100. Still made her apply for the log book. I sold her the 206 and she's a regular so I knew I'd get the v5 when she did, but still told her if I didnt I'd be driving it past the speed camera down the road and she'd be getting the ticket. she rang the dvla on the thursday and received it the tuesday after.
  3. type in a northampton postcode for your location (if it lets you) then put a distance of say 5 miles. PITA but could be a workaround?
  4. Ah. think i'll read the post properly next time. opticians appointment due me thinks.
  5. Matt 910, if you dont have the car anymore, why do you care?
  6. That background is fine. I would think that having the car a bit more zoomed in would be better so it occupies more of the picture would be better. Is the fence yours? if so, could you put a business logo banner on it?
  7. That would surely be a cattle dog?
  8. and one of them just rang up (2.28PM). 'Hi I rang up earlier about the Mazda, google maps says we will be there in 29 minutes' Me - 'sorry, as I said, I have to close at 3 today'. He sounded genuinely miffed. 'Oh. But we want to have a look at it' Me - ' I did explain earlier, i have a night out booked with my wife. And I'd rather disappoint you than her. I'm sure you understand.' When are you next open? Monday. Right, time to go and lock up before a tyre kicker gets in - I think the rain has washed away my enthusiasm today!
  9. they'll enjoy looking at it through the locked gates!
  10. Not my favourite question! But just had 2 calls in quick succession asking the same thing (first ones of the day). Especially as this evening I'm actually out with my Mrs, so finishing at 3 instead of 4. Explained that I'm leaving at 3 today, come what may, as I'm out with the good lady. 'but I wanted to have a test drive!'. And you can, just get on your way now (only local) and thats fine. Lets see if that happens.
  11. was your explanation that it was the messer horn? Better to use these when they are in a position to jump, bang their head on the open bonnet, dislodge it from the bonnet stay and land on their fingers.
  12. Whatever happened to green giant? Or Jamslug???
  13. A remarkably specific circumstance for a hypothetical question.........
  14. I'm sure the OP will be declaring all his profits in full to the relevant tax offices.
  15. How on earth does a dealer 'walk away' from all that stock, in its day surely worth tens of thousands? I can, however, think of more interesting videos to upload on to the internet.