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  1. “Sold?! But what did it sell for?!”

    Your professional courtesy is appreciated! I love a customer telling me about the car they just missed out on, they know not to mess around on mine then
  2. have been busy during the week including 2 on Good Friday but nothing booked in for today and the phone hasnt rung yet. If nothing changes by 2, I'm locking up and going home!
  3. Car Gurus

    I must be due an upsell call this week, 6 car gurus leads since Monday. And not one of them has replied to my email. how mysterious.
  4. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    Not busy here either, saturdays seem to have died a death too....
  5. Facebook

    Never thought of videoing it before
  6. Facebook

    Hoping for some help please. I know facebook works for a couple of people I know and for a number of you on here. The people I know put their cars on Marketplace but by using their own personal account not a business page. I can't see how to advertise from my Business page on to market place, hoping someone on here does and can point me in the right direction. Thank you!
  7. that worked out well then! And you can bet your bottom dollar that the next car she buys will have far worse issues and a less understanding seller!
  8. Car Gurus

    I'm on the free package, and will be staying on it. It generates some leads, but only as their standard email template. I always respond (and do so quickly) but rarely get a response. sold a couple off it this year, which is a fair result for free advertising.
  9. Bye bye autotrader

    I did this last year for the first time, my rep (who has now left....) suggested it to me so hope the new one is as helpful.
  10. Zuto - Referral fees?

    did 2 deals late last year without a charge from Zuto. It prompted me into getting my CCL after years of putting it off. 4 deals on finance in the first month (out of 16 deals) since I got my CCL. SO worth getting one!
  11. BCA essential checks £7.50

    its £7.50 for nothing, as if you wouldnt buy a car because a couple of bulbs have blown?? Do I check them before buying a car? No. Because thats what an MOT is for which I do before it goes on sale. It's like Nick says, a few quid which doesnt stop you buying the car (but does wind you up) but makes a huge difference to them at year end.
  12. Vw 7 gear Dsg issue

    Ive just had this on a beetle, lock jammed down on handover... Ended up spending last friday fetching it (an hour each way)and getting it repaired here so it didnt fall into the hands of someone elses labour charges or a 'health check'. I put a VW part on which was £140 but there seem loads of non gen around for around £20. Anyone ever had success with those or do they break in no time? I didnt want to do it on this one because the customer isnt local
  13. Two vw's without A/C in a week.

    Sold one of those last week too, but to a local lady. To ensure that she was able to save as much weight on it as possible it didnt have a parcel shelf in it and had approx 2 litres of fuel....
  14. Insurance claim what to do

    I Dont think you need do any more than tell the insurance company the car was stationary (as all your stock is) at the time of the incident. If youhave your own personal car then that would surely help your case - why would you be in a pitch car 2 hours from work?
  15. Two vw's without A/C in a week.

    Everything has a price.... It may not have AC but then some people really arent bothered. On a pitch, you will have a better chance than online. I've got a base Up (take model), no ac, keep fit windows, and no central locking, just like an old escort you have to lean over and unlock every door individually. No idea how long I may have it for, but theres always someone out there who wont be bothered.