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  1. Agreed. I'm hardly busy, sell about 160 per year, 2 -5 k, and still turnover nearly 500k. I would think that you should be VAT registered within 6 months of starting. Or shut up shop.
  2. No major garage would cover a side job. So he isn't insured by anyone except you. If you declare everything, and declare your VAT status correctly, let it go to a court if necessary, sounds like you have nothing to hide, but he has plenty. He has driven it without your consent, with no insurance cover, and recklessly. An S3 overtaking something that speeds up? I wouldnt mind betting he was racing his mate. Lesson to learn, find a new mechanic.
  3. Not sure, would we ever have had Benji??!! But would say yes for Private Lounge
  4. I sold these from new. They came out on a 53 (just) and though the mk5 shape runs to 2008, this style of GT finished in 2006/7, and was replaced by the gt sport model. Sorry to sound geeky, the gt sport will have 17" alloys ( those are 16") and a different grille. Absolutely no way is that a picture of a 2008 car.
  5. Did you replace all of them?
  6. I think you should stick to noreservereading. You will get a high quality car from them.
  7. I do recall you've mentioned it before.... and the rat is a bit harsher than 'fat c**t!
  8. Your parents christened you 'fat c**t@???!!!! Sorry Mark, Couldnt resist
  9. The thing is, you cant always tell who is wasting your time. I had an email enquiry last week which was a part ex lead through AT, Details of car, I looked it up on dvla MOT history, it had failed its MOT a week before on corrosion. I called the customer, she said, 'I might come down saturday, but I havent seen one of these (my car) before, and I'm on holiday in a week so not in a rush to buy, probably make my mind up when I'm back in 2 weeks'. She rings on saturday morning to say 'I'm on the way'. I'm not full of hope on this but still do it right - check theres a bit of fuel in it, clean it off, all paperwork ready to inspect. She turns up, and asks about the price on her p/ex, which she hasnt brought with her (for obvious reasons, but she still hasnt told me that). I just say I wouldnt want it because of the MOT fail. So we take my car out for a drive, little haggle on return, deposit taken and car has gone this morning. So from someone who knew nothing about my car, and was telling me she wouldnt be buying on the day(or even in the next fortnight) to fully paid and gone within 48 hours. It would've been really easy to dismiss this out of hand. Unless youre really busy or taken the AD route, give them all a chance. they will let you down. But sometimes they will (pleasantly) surprise you. Sometimes the lies they tell you are good ones!
  10. Welcome and good luck with your new venture
  11. Offering customers a quid for their swapper. And them accepting. Then telling them to leave the tax in the screen at handover
  12. If they ask, tell them. If they don't, don't. Most punters understand very little about cars. Don't complicate matters. To be fair, I'm surprised they didnt ask if the cambelt had been changed......
  13. Great. Now Nacman has over 25 posts.......