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  1. Electric Cars

    Rights and wrongs of EVs? All I'm bothered about is being able to get where I want, when I want, which is the same as when I bought a £300 Datsun Cherry when I was 17. And 90% of Joe Public are the same. As long as I can sell profitably, thats all that matters, and EVs will be profitable, some more than others, as is the case now. Are they the right things to have? From a direct pollution (the fumes at the roadside) perspective absolutely. As an example, we were away in our caravan over may bank holiday and the chap next door had turned up in his w reg MG Midget. When he drove it past my kids (10 and 8 years old) were covering their faces because of the fumes. And thats what we all grew up with. So we've come a long way, because a new petrol or diesel is so much better than that, but when it goes that bit further with all the EVs how much nicer will that be? Unless you live next to the coal power station producing the electricity.......
  2. Sale or return fee

    No Set percentage, but can be messy. Try to buy it outright instead. If its sale or return, they may ask for it to be returned after you have done some recon (PDI, Valet as a minimum) and advertising costs, thats ignoring your time. I'd avoid the notion of sale or return personally, they want it to get more money off you than you may ordinarily give. And dont forget, its YOU who will be sorting out any future problems. This forum is littered with stories of cars going wrong even after theyve gone through a rigorous process. this person will not be helping you if you need it, so dont feel like you need to help them.
  3. sfi air box

    I'd try the GD 7 Airbox.
  4. HID conversion to LED on MKZ 2017

    I would think you can retro fit the LED lamps. I would make sure you by the cheapest LED available on Ebay. And make sure it comes from China.
  5. FB Automotive

    I've been cold called by these guys who will apparently list all my stock on facebook marketplace for £25 per month, with a 1 month free trial. Doesnt sound expensive, wondering if anyone else uses them?
  6. a large inflatable gorilla and a 'windy man'
  7. Any BMW experts in here?

    Take it back to the guy who fitted it. Hopefully its a 'no problem, I'll sort it ' mechanic.
  8. keeps me busy on a saturday
  9. whoever she may be its an improvement on what has gone before
  10. Is it supposed to move forward? Not all of them do if its a basic model I seem to remember
  11. Just Give it back. And if your boss is the decision maker, its down to him to deal in person with it. Not You. Time wasted over a deposit when you should be selling the car to someone else. Me? I NEVER take a deposit before someone has seen the car. Its amazing how quickly they can get to see it when they realise someone could buy it before them. But then its just me here so I'm not competing with other salesman(and women). And Id rather not let a billy put a car on hold till they can get their finger out and come to look at it.
  12. Hyundai - your experience.

    theres a bum for every seat. i10 sells (in my experience) to people who dont care about cars. cheap to run is all theyre bothered about. Minis? Each to their own....
  13. you may have a bit to learn......
  14. Bit of a laugh for a Sunday

    some new patter for the pitch there
  15. Am I being had?

    SCAM. If it seems odd, its odd. Trust your instinct, you will rarely be wrong. On a different matter MOT till July? Just get it done. the last thing you need is the phone ringing in July when a greedy main stealer has just given an extensive list of 'recommendations for repair' when its just passed its MOT. The first thing I learnt early doors in this job is to get a new MOT on all and do a short service on most to avoid any reason at all for the Punter to go near a garage. EVERY garage does a 'free health check' offer to upsell ANYTHING.