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  1. you may have a bit to learn......
  2. Bit of a laugh for a Sunday

    some new patter for the pitch there
  3. Am I being had?

    SCAM. If it seems odd, its odd. Trust your instinct, you will rarely be wrong. On a different matter MOT till July? Just get it done. the last thing you need is the phone ringing in July when a greedy main stealer has just given an extensive list of 'recommendations for repair' when its just passed its MOT. The first thing I learnt early doors in this job is to get a new MOT on all and do a short service on most to avoid any reason at all for the Punter to go near a garage. EVERY garage does a 'free health check' offer to upsell ANYTHING.
  4. Business Slow?

    TG, A yaris will always sell at a price point, not what you may want to hear but thats the reality. Is it more important to have the cash now or wait 2 months to maybe make an extra £200? Likewise the Micra. A Cat N needs to be cheap. I think I'm right in saying that finance companies wont do write offs, which will answer a question you had on another post. Juke, CRV and QQ - I think the problem you have here is that you are struggling to pay for the repairs as you're asset rich and cash poor. Find a friendly auction house where you can get them cashed in. Or register them to yourself a few months back and WBAC them. Dont expect to even get your money back. But Cash is King, I think you need to re evaluate the stock profile of what you are buying.
  5. Business Slow?

    Bet the A/C needs a regas though....
  6. Car gurus

    Back on to this thread as I wanted to look back at how everyone else gets along with CG. I've had more than a few CG leads in the last 4 weeks which has resulted in a 'new account manager' from CG calling this afternoon to 'introduce himself'. I havent given him a hard time because I'd like something for nothing from him and did spend 11 minutes discussing why, despite very prompt responses from me to an email enquiry, I generally didnt hear anything back. The stats he gave me were to expect a 1% hit rate from having the free package and around 9-10% from a 'paid for' package. I'm waiting for a cost from him on that. I'd actually be more interested in whether I still get a large number of enquiries from (as was described above) exotically named individuals on a paid for package, as those are the ones I think may be fakes. I could however be entirely wrong. My only theory on that is that if you are not British then you may not automatically think Autotrader and so would search for a car a different way? Anyway, it might be worth a go now that I'm not paying for extra AT stock since the half price offer stopped. I'll see how cheap they are.
  7. i like this! can you show it to all the noobs who are obviously privateers
  8. Ebay Auction, reserved at £250
  9. Newbie intro

    45k, a company car, and a sideline selling cars? Really, truly, dont give up the day job. Unless you hate it. Ive no idea about warrantywise, but have good experiences with WMS.
  10. contact a local finance broker / company to you. most will happily send someone out to you to help
  11. watch the auctioneer, you need to know the signals he gives off for no bids, bidding you up etc, and be strong enough to walk. its harder than you think when you get caught up in it. As Nick says above, watch and learn. And know what the faults are on the sort of cars you are likely to bid on eg noisy timing chains on corsas, and how much such things cost to fix. finding the private sales is one way of learning the faults and can yield good results. but can be very time consuming. I cant think of an auction which would consider letting you look at any documents. And remember the buyers fees. Can be punitive at first. And buy the guide for a tenner! Good Luck
  12. dvla duplicate mot certificates

    Cheers Jason, this helped me out when I'd forgotten to pick one up from the garage this afternoon!
  13. profit margins

    Agree with all of the above. You're not being unrealistic at £800, which the cap figures on an auction catalogue (clean to retail) would demonstrate. its making it profitable after VAT, advertising etc thats tough. But find your niche and what works for you.
  14. Business Slow?

    Agreed. And brutal as it may sound, I think you're paying them too much. £25 bonus per car you sell, when hes only there 16 hours per week? if youre selling 150 per year thats about 11k. my valeting bill is about 4k for similar numbers per year, and Ill certainly pick up a brush and sweep my pitch from time to time to save 7k
  15. Newbie to the site

    Think of the costs of the credit card aside from all the issues discussed above. You will get charged from 1.5% upwards for a credit card, it all adds up over the year. I use my card machine mainly as a deposit taker , and bank transfer the balance, which minimises the cost to me and speeds up the cashflow. But then im only selling around 15 per month and its just me, so tracking the money when it arrives in the bank is a lot easier. Dont lose sleep over 'losing' that deal. it happens from time to time. You may well be losing more money by not offering finance....
  16. Part-time Trader

    Because its hard to earn more money, especially if you are looking to split it in half with your partner. used car business with no self employed experience, 2 staff and stocking from scratch? Making 70k in the first year? good luck. Not what you want to hear, but you'll be lucky to have a tax bill in your first year.
  17. Car sales or car auction?

    still waiting for that 350m for the NHS mind.
  18. Lawgistics Warranty

    yes, i can! VGS Warranty, 4 star cover, cars up to 12 years, 120k, costs more for a 4x4 but thats the only limitiation (but then I dont sell fancy stuff, so would imagine a 5 litre bmw would be double too). £500 claim limit per claim, multiple claims permitted during the warranty period. Ive been with them for 7 years and had the same rep for that period too, which helps with grey area claims. I've had a number of 'goodwill gesture' claims paid out too. I think it helps that I put a warranty on all retail cars that I sell - I dont pick and choose which I warrant and then ask them to warrant the potential duffers. I'm sure they are 'up' over the last 7 years but I do get my moneys worth in peace of mind and if its only £35 per car more than self warranting thats only one decent claim a month and I'm up. If you want a bit more info mark, PM me
  19. A few questions from a Newbie

    More realistic than Jaime! Bagheera, get yourself to the auctions and find the 'problem car' which isnt too much of a problem to you with the knowledge. Ignore the auction mechanical reports, they're Boll*x. No planning permission required. Stand your ground on this when the inevitable nosy neighbour makes his presence felt.
  20. Lawgistics Warranty

    I think this is interesting, as I guess you are paying 20 per car for someone else to take the call, but the liability is still yours? I pay £55 plus VAT for 3 Month warranty. Horses for courses.
  21. I think youre confusing the issue. The purpose of 'owning' the car for 6 months is to sell it to WBAC. They wont investigate gaps in when it was or wasnt taxed.THE END.
  22. BCA Outsourced solutions

    I love the marketing sh**e in this. No report is complete without the words 'solution' 'strategy' and 'optimum'. FFS, it seems all theyre doing is collecting their swappers and putting them through the block!
  23. A quick hello

    If the prestige isnt working for you, it may be time to look elsewhere, but you're right in identifying thats where the high profit per unit SHOULD be. Pitches are good for mainstream fiesta, corsa etc, never hugely profitable on their own, but sell 15 a month and theres a wage at the end of it. Good chance of some warranty and accessory upsell too for youngsters who want to connect phones etc and parents who want someone else to pay if something goes wrong in a few months. I think you need to make sure you can offer finance with prestige (if you dont already) to make sure you dont miss anyone, and perhaps be more flexible about what you buy at the block. Prestige is rare where I go, and when it rolls through it makes big money, even when its not right. So try to go to an auction where there's several hundred going through so you can be fussy. Just remember, we all know theres bad cars out there. you will get one from time to time.I've got 2 at the moment that will only get me money back when I've retailed them, but thats life.Just so long as you can be profitable after a big fix, you'll be alright
  24. Write off for minor damage

    No No, she wouldnt have done. But if she looks at 10 cars (assuming she is sensible about how she searches for the car re price, seller etc) then the chances are that she wont see one. She doesnt sound like a cat n customer to me. Personally, its not the sort of thing I would (knowingly) sell. Ive never retailed a CAT c/d n/s car and have no intention of doing so. Too many questions that could be asked that I would never know the answer to. Have I ever retaileda car that was HPI Clear and yet had substantial body repair done? Maybe, but I never saw any evidence of it, and neither did the workshop who checked it for me. I think theyre potential trouble and wouldnt want my family in one, so shouldnt expect anyone else to do the same. Cosmetic damage only? Still not for me. I buy cars that need bodywork, but its a couple of panels needing attention, or a Ka with a rusty fuel filler flap area, not 'proper ' damage. But if it works for you, go for it. Just expect the odd dreamer who doesnt believe you. AND BE CLEAR IN THE ADVERT AND WHEN BOOKING THE APPOINTMENT. Dont waste your time, it is what it is.
  25. “Sold?! But what did it sell for?!”

    Your professional courtesy is appreciated! I love a customer telling me about the car they just missed out on, they know not to mess around on mine then