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  1. Always used Jepsons - great support too.
  2. +1 for these - well worth the extra £
  3. James Dillon’s courses are excellent - I’ve done a few. Technical Topics in Bridgwater.
  4. It’ll be a Personal Import of some sort - could be armed services or could be that they owned it in a country outside the EU and have claimed exemption from customs charges. You then have to wait 12 months before you can sell after it’s imported.
  5. Yes - find it very good. Has a few snags but most software does. Doesn’t handle margin scheme vat so you’ll have to do manual adjustments but it’s not the end of the world to do.
  6. We offer 3 months on engine/gearbox for mechanical failure. The reality is we cover lots of things as a goodwill gesture. It’s a tricky conversation when someone asks about warranty to say it doesn’t come with one - but you have your CRA rights. Stupid really as there CRA rights are much greater in reality - but there’s a danger in highlighting the CRA too much imo.
  7. It’s a masterful plan - I can’t believe no one ever thought of it before?! ☺️
  8. If you have reached out to him already ie made him the offer to inspect and refund then you just need to wait for him to respond. Sometimes (it’s happened to me on a few occasions, although not when it’s gone as far as this) you’ll never hear from them again as they can’t be assed/know they are in for a hiding as you’ve called their bluff. Just make sure you get your paperwork right in the future and save yourself the agro!
  9. Yours is a tricky case - not helped by the fact that you didn’t get your paperwork right at the start ( not trying to be rude, just factual based on what I’ve read above) The reality is (as seemingly proved above) that going to court is a lottery, many judges will side with the retail customer and your best bet is to try and avoid it. That said, yours is an unusual situation but if it were me I’d be trying to reach out to the customer, resolve it as best you can and move on with your life/business.
  10. This - screamers are part of the game. Deal with them professionally and move on. It’s hard not to take it all personally sometimes though and end up spending valuable energy trying to prove a point. I’ve been guilty of this many times.
  11. That’s a proper tale of buyers remorse! Some people are such drips - hopefully Volvo are helpful and don’t give you the normal ‘health check’ drama’s of half worn brakes being dangerous etc
  12. Sounds a bit confused to me. Your stock is a current asset and sits on your balance sheet normally valued at what you paid for it. You can either take the money for the fuel out if funds allow or let it sit in your Directors Loan Account. You can then choose to take this out or if it works out to be tax efficient for you, you can charge the company interest for using it.
  13. That’s the point with this example - the fault was there, the dealer didn’t do his job well enough and got taught a pretty harsh lesson! I doubt he’ll do it again.