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  1. One can only wish Nick. His plans for oxford street fell through recently. It's all just to make £s. I really dont think he cares much about common folk who suffer from asthma & about peoples health.. The UK will benefit hugely. £12 per car to drive in the ULEZ 24hrs a day if before Euro6 + congestion charge before 6 if I remember correctly.. £24? For the common guy with a 10+ year old car. I personally think the city is going to suffer badly.
  2. What do you class as high mileage ?

    207K BMW 325d M Sport. Thought phone was going to melt the way it went off the hook. Still being used with no issues. I know a Local taxi driver who has a Merc 2001 E320 CDi W210 in white been in taxi since the day it left the factory. Been told it's on 800,000 plus miles.showing 130K and all ads up with services & MOT History..
  3. Was also MK5 with the DSG. Would understand on a high miler but a low miles with fsh?. I've been using it last few days & to be fair I'm not a big DSG fan but pulls absolutely lovely.
  4. I've a superb 2006 VW GolfDSG Auto with the desirable 1.9 TDi engine. Only done 51k with fsh & recent cambelt. Long story short would have sold within a week usually but not a call or email?. Advertised at £3395 which I think is fairly priced inc a service, 12 months mot & warranty. Have buyers really fallen for the diesel 'dont buy diesel' cr*p!. Recently had a 2004 Golf Auto 1.6 in stock with 90k & sold within 2 days. That was advertised at £2895.
  5. Deposits refundable or not?

    I was completely upfront with the buyer. Told him the deposit is non refundable. He happily agreed to leave the deposit. I was just wondering how other dealers dealt with deposits. I always offer a non refundable deposit, IF a buyer arrives and its not as described, we offer a full refund + Fuel and lunch at our local. 'Not mentioned in the advert'.
  6. I do non refundable deposits. Had a chap leave a deposit on a BMW and changed his mind 3 days later. Lucky for me im left with the deposit! - What do you guys do?
  7. eBay decline

    Complete the opposite here, All my sales arethrough eBay. I had an Autotrader package and only had a few calls, but eBay has always beengreat for me and well worth the money compared to other sites. Also Gumtree has bought me a fair few deals recently with 2 cars going to Ireland and 1 to Aberdeen, Older stuff but no hassle from the buyers and both called back to say how happy they were. So far had no timewaster on GT but Im sure when I listed an 08 A4 TDi Avant for £1995 I'll have a load of idiots ringing offering peanuts.
  8. Autotrademail

    Complete waste of time. especially since the re-vamp to smart buying. There fees are overpriced & most of thedealers on there are as dodgy as they come. NOT all of them but a big majority... Bought a Nissan X-Trail over phone description was good, Had trailer collect it and on arrival both rear brake pads melted onto discs they were that worn, The wheel bearings noisy, Both rear brake callipers seized & SOMEHOW just passed a 12 Months MOT???.... No where near as good as the old days...
  9. Fully comp policy maxcar 20K x 10 cars at any one time = 200K cover.. Spoken to a few local dealers and there policiesalso increased considerably.
  10. From home. No high performance stuff. Mostly German diesels... Times have changed under 25 is a nightmare...
  11. Im 24 and my last premium cost £3000 full comprehensive, Had a renewal today and cameto £4000. £3400 is the cheapest I've had so far Does anyone know an insurance company that covers younger drivers. Most simply don't want to know.
  12. Evans Halshaw do make me laugh...

    Some old chap with grand kids / new family think it's the bargain of the century & from a main dealer it's got to be a decent car!.... What's funny is independent car dealers get bad names & called all sorts well as main dealers are perfect and offer quality cars...
  13. Hi Everyone

    Welcome DBcars. R you based in Barnsley any chance?.
  14. Mine came in 3 days. Most of them have a distributer In the UK.
  15. I just got a Chinese fuel pump for an old BMW E30. cost £57 posted compared to BMW's £300 + VAT.. I personally find it slightly noisy when driving but am told its common on the early E30s. Been fitted a week & no issues as of yet.