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  1. Any one know this guy, seems to be a big advertising tool for BCA?. Makes me feel, thanks to him proper car dealers are suffering. He helps/ gives out advice for a couple hundred £ to wanna be car dealers looking to make a quick buck selling a few cars on a weekend. Tells them how to buy, Where to advertise & how to sell etc. Fair playto him for makinga few quid extra. But do we really need more street traders who aren't traders? who always use the line 'Just sell a few cars for bit of xtra cash' types..
  2. 2008/57 Handbrake not working any idea what this could be..
  3. Roadtax Prices!

    Just bought a 2003 MX5 1.8 Sport. Had customer in to purchase it tried taxing it online and £305 for 12 months roadtax!.. Why would it be so expensive on a 1.8.. Last month had 2006 x-trail diesel in and that was also £305!.. Taking the P**s?.
  4. Trade insurance recommendations

    Roadrunner good policy cover and came in far cheaper than all the others.
  5. PRIUS

    2006 too old for mini cab in most areas. Think they have to be 2008 or newer. If its got a FSH and drives well should be a quick flip. If its got the Nav & rear camera, and all the rest should fly out the door. 120K seems reasonable for a 2006 &If its got FSH should be a good shout.. I would retail @ 3,495
  6. LHD - Left Hand Drive Needed

    Regardless of Age or Miles. LHD - PETROL - DIESEL - HYBRID Anything considered customer ready and waiting with cash!
  7. what do you do with your px's

    Think I'm simply going to open another website strictly for trade cars!.. Write harsh adverts and see how it goes. All honestly the PXs have good profit margins. Adds a little extra £ in the kitty for the weekend shopping.
  8. what do you do with your px's

    But that wouldmeana 3 months warranty on a £500 micra with 7 Days MOT????? Im more than happy and DOoffer a FREE 3 months warranty on all retail stuff & like Imentioned before we do oil/filter service + fresh 12 months mot if current mot less than 7 months + Fully valeted,1/2 Tank of fuelon ALL retail stock. But cant be offering the same facilities on an N'reg Micra. I took in chop and sold for £500 -
  9. what do you do with your px's

    Didn't do trade sales - Was spares & repairs. But how does one sell old PX's without the come backs! - If I for example sold the Micra as a normal sale then Im legally obliged to cover that car for 3 months if something goes wrong.. & All honestly I cannot be bothered with all the headache and stupid things like 'oh the clock stopped working' - its £500! With retail stock I always make sure we do oil/filter service + fresh 12 months mot if current mot less than 7 months + Fully valeted,1/2 Tank of fuel & 3 months warranty. Keeps the Customers happy & 90% of them return when looking for another car.. In the past some customers decide to drive and risk rather than trailer or recover them? - Its not like I can force them to trailer or use recovery?. I just won a car on eBay auction through main dealer was sold as spares & repairs - They didn't mention anything? Expect thanks for the business, Best of luck & off you go .. Back when I first started I sold 90% of stock for spares & repairs as the buyer wanted a Discount and preferred not to have the warranty - Engine/Gearbox etc perfect just didn't want to pay the asking price.. Simply put Im not giving a £500 discount + 3 months warranty.. just not cost effective.. & all of the drove off into the sunset.
  10. what do you do with your px's

    Nope trailered!..
  11. Reason I ask is I usually trade them on to local start up dealers looking for a quick flip.Its been ever so quite recently & can barely find any stock - so decided to advertise them myself. This week had3 px's come in and did pretty well on them. 1995 Micra Super S sporty thing - 7 Days MOT - Crusty front wing and faded red paintwork - GUY travelled 180 MILES from pontypool and very very happy.GOT £500! Totally surprised.. another was 1997 Toyota Carina - 1 Months MOT - Lowish miles 67k, Guy travelled 100 miles or so and extremely happy. And all honestly phone would not stop ringing! - One point I just switched it off to watch some tv in peace.. Obviously they were sold without warranties and sold as spares & repairs to avoid any headache in future. Didn't valet them or even add fuel.
  12. BCA New Dealers

    anything between £250 to £15,000 Japanese & German and always treated me well - Good profit and no major mechanical issues. Price was a worry and the fees seem fairly steep. Any decent stock in enfield
  13. BCA New Dealers

    Deal from home approx 10cars any one time.. Big garden & drive.. Still offer the usual dealer facilities (warranties/px's/nationwide delivery) I dont really have a criteria. If I see profit in something (jap or german) Ibuy it. Had a great start to the year and now have no stock left! That being said November and December were painfully slow. Finding it ever so hard to find decent stock & trying all sorts of new avenues - Trade networks, Private adverts online (most street traders), eBay etc. Just wanted to know if BCA is somewhere worth going.
  14. BCA New Dealers

    Proof of motor trade insurance - and told given silver membership.. Blue if no trade insurance is provided as far as I could tell.
  15. BCA New Dealers

    All fairness. I do either very low mileage stock under 40k or high mileage 150k +.. Price wise £250- £15,000.. Was thinking online but would rather go to and get a feel of theauction just to see how it goes before moving online..