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  1. Don't think there are truck loads of low miles 1980/90s Datsun's left. If you do know of any for sale pm me there will be a nice drink in it for you.
  2. Unlike you I don't believe in the customers always right. There are some lieing scumbags out there. If the buyer has taken a turn for the worst I'm sure he wouldn't have answered my Mrs phone this morning after declining 8/9 calls yesterday from my phone. Ive given him the option of collecting the car by Wednesday if not collected I will refund his money and sell to 2nd in line. As for the car I could have sold it 10x over. I'm not sure how you operate but once I give my word to someone I stand by it. Oh, and I'm aware of what unconscious is.
  3. Thanks for the concern but as customer are concerned we have plenty of them. Our stock is good high quality stock and as mentioned before could have sold this particular car 10x over. It's due to my word I accepted to hold the car for the buyer otherwise could have sold for above the asking price. I personally think I've been more than reasonable for holding it for 2 weeks. The LEAST a customer can do is ring and say 'sorry would it be possible to collect once Mrs is feeling better' Why should I be doing all the chasing. Only takes 2 mins to call or text. As for the storage charge I would not charge my customer, it was just so he would reply or call and arrange a date to collect..
  4. Well when I'm stuck for space and have to pay our local storage car yard a fee for parking there I don't see why I should be out of pocket. If I agree to collect a car we do on time or at least contact saying sorry we can't make it. I've held the car for 2 weeks. He texted last week I'll be over tomorrow and still not arrived. I could have sold the car 10x over and was offered a higher price than listed but I stuck to my word thinking of the customer. As for Mr dealer? I'm a small dealer who trades from home with limited space. I explained this to the buyer. Also when something goes wrong with a car, MR customer chases us down to repair or refund and when we don't answer all hell breaks loose. 200 miles away! . Otherwise I would have delivered the damn car for free.
  5. I have a customer who has paid the full amount and now won't answer my calls and hasn't collected the car in the time frame. Was informed going to be collected last week then told Mrs not well & now 2 weeks later won't answer calls or texts. What do I do. Very stuck for space have texted there is now a £10 per day storage charge and still no reply..
  6. 1999/V, 1 old boy owned from new 88,000 miles with 12 stamps in book Completely rust free Advertised at £2,995 bit high I know, thought the 1 OWNER & FSH stands out and it's a really nice genuine rust free original example That S500 was a steal & looks a really nice car.
  7. Will post some pictures tomorrow. Had my local Indy look at it & found nothing wrong checked pump and shocks and all the bits & pieces. The suspension doesn't drop overnight only slightly lower on the front all the time. Originally owner wanted S600 but had a 6 months waiting list then opted for S500 which has 3 months waiting list. S430 was on the showroom floor and decided to take it rather than wait. All honestly had a few of these and this is one of the nicest I've come across recently. My daily was an S320 CDi AMG with all the factory AMG bits, sold it few years ago for a newer one but was completely horrible.
  8. Local indy checked not sure with regards checking sensors as nothing was coming up on diagnostics, booked know again on Thursday to have up on ramp and have good going over.
  9. Both really. When started suspension raises but is still lower than the rear.
  10. Got a lovely very low miles Mercedes S430 in stock with FSH and maintained very highly Front suspension sits lower than the rear although the suspension lifts when unlocking & rises further with you press the AIRMATIC button with no issues.. Just a bit concerned to why it would be sitting lower on the front. No warning lights & nothing coming up on diagnostics.. Any help truly appreciated.
  11. Anyone else slow at the moment or busy. Have a few pieces in stock as just arrived back from holiday but no calls or emials. Before I left for holiday business was booming & couldn't find cars fast enough.
  12. Tried but no luck.
  13. Yes when traction control is pressed becomes brighter. It stays very dim even when ignition turned off. never heard of this before but possible. 1st SLK ive come across.
  14. Got a 1998 SLK LIM & traction control light on very faint barely noticeable but on? Plugged in diagnostic & no fault codes Any ideas??