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  2. Rogue Traders

    This is quite common nowadays. Soo many on autotrader / ebay & gumtree.. Free ads for private individuals. We now search there number on Google if more then 1 car appears we assume they are a trader.. We have a few local to me who trade cars along with a 9 to 5 & to be fair we always do well on cars we buy from them.. But the so called selling for a freind / mother / grandfather is getting ridiculous. Autotrader / eBay and other platforms need to check who's advertisingbefore any tom dick or harry advertises on there platform.
  3. So won a few bits recently on dealer auction. Time to collect - nothing as described Won an Audi A4 Avant 2006/06 Sline diesel for £1650 - Got there started up and extremely rough so give it 5 mins to warm up and still rough!. On top of that the pulley was noisy and then once really warmed up took on test drive clutch & flywheel knackered!- tell the sales man travelled over 150 miles + good few hours driving and none of this mentioned in advert only to be told does say allow £100 prep! ---- I WAS FUMING TO SAY THE LEAST! Next one 2008/08 Golf GT TDi Sport 170 - Advert states good condition & drives well. Called on friday that I'll be there to collect on monday afternoon. Guy tells me OK car will be here & ready. Get there only to be told by the stuck up Tw*t, you didnt ring you've not got to wait an hour for us to collect from the other yard.. So im waiting in the showroom for an Hour. Car arrives go outside to see it and front grille absolutely knacked and all screws holding in place fallen out. Bumper corner scuffed, Hugh chunk missing from interior console? Ask for a test drive - Sorry all our salesmen are out & we dont have insurance for you to test drive. I say OK we have tradeplates and motor trade policy to drive now can we go for that test drive! he replied NOdealer auction doesnt allow test drives! - I simply say thank you and walk off to our car and head back home 100 miles!...... I get a call from dealer auction last week saying you haven't collected the car in time so we have suspended your account until you collect? - Why as a buyer am I treated like absolute trash when main dealers advertise stuff and deliberately miss-lead adverts us & get away with it time & time again! But I must say there a few dealers on there who absolutely lovely to deal with. I won BMW E36coupe a month or so ago for £400, Rang to arrange collection & had to reschedule, no pressure from the dealer simply OK thats fine. I got there and the car was totally under-described. Advert said no history & when I opened the bookpack there was 17 stamps in the book. It was absolutely immaculate & my eyes were popping out of my head with excitement of seeing a healthy PROFIT!.. when time come to pay had cash as it was only a small amount & was told sorry bank transfer only. I told the lovely gent I left my card at home & would it be possible to take the BMW to there local branch and put the money into there account... They said yes without a salesman / valeter & that did restore some faith into main dealers!.. Sorry for the rant but am I THE ONLY ONE this is continuously happening to...... Am I bidding on the wrong stuff......................................
  4. value?

    The old guy only used locally & therefore turbo wasnt getting used enough! The turbo itself is fine & fully functioning its the vanes that were sticking & causing LIMP mode. Quite a common issue on the2.0 TDi BKD models so my local indy tells me. History is also present from Seat Main dealer with last 2/3 yearstamps missing as only covered 4,000 miles or so & not been serviced.
  5. value?

    bought a 2008 seat leon stylance 2.0 TDi DSG Auto. Done 52,000 miles with partial history - Just been serviced I've had to have new turbo fitted because old turbo vanes were sticking.. what would you value this to retail at. prices online vary soo much.. SEAT's not really my cup of tea... but was extremely cheap! Any help truly appriciated
  6. Evening if you need any help send me a pm. Have dealt in many LHDs in the past. Would also be interested if its something you'd like to trade on?
  7. Prices at the block

    Sold a 2001 Volvo S40 Sport with 13,000 miles & 1 owner,17 Stamps in book always serviced by the same Volvo dealer.1st caller purchased it. Ieven went to the trouble of delivering it 200 miles away. was sat 6 Months with no interest. Then had the old Mercedes Coupewith 48,000 miles again 1 Owner & 14 Stamps and flew out of the door to another dealer who retailed it twice the price I got for it? & seems he has sold it. Low mileages are ahit & miss. Some fly out the door the other just sit around & gather dust. I think it also depends on History if it's got a good proper history faults shouldn't really occur. If it's low mileage &no service book and the old 'VOSA VERIFIED' Miles I would run 1000 miles.. I would expect a large service / repair bill. Personally I think any Micra / Fiesta / Corsa with Low Miles sub 50K is always an easy sell, but as mentioned above low mileage not always good & there are a few lemons.
  8. Prices at the block

    higher roadtax prices = customers looking for similar cars with cheaper tax brackets.
  9. Any one know this guy, seems to be a big advertising tool for BCA?. Makes me feel, thanks to him proper car dealers are suffering. He helps/ gives out advice for a couple hundred £ to wanna be car dealers looking to make a quick buck selling a few cars on a weekend. Tells them how to buy, Where to advertise & how to sell etc. Fair playto him for makinga few quid extra. But do we really need more street traders who aren't traders? who always use the line 'Just sell a few cars for bit of xtra cash' types..
  10. 2008/57 Handbrake not working any idea what this could be..
  11. Roadtax Prices!

    Just bought a 2003 MX5 1.8 Sport. Had customer in to purchase it tried taxing it online and £305 for 12 months roadtax!.. Why would it be so expensive on a 1.8.. Last month had 2006 x-trail diesel in and that was also £305!.. Taking the P**s?.
  12. Trade insurance recommendations

    Roadrunner good policy cover and came in far cheaper than all the others.
  13. PRIUS

    2006 too old for mini cab in most areas. Think they have to be 2008 or newer. If its got a FSH and drives well should be a quick flip. If its got the Nav & rear camera, and all the rest should fly out the door. 120K seems reasonable for a 2006 &If its got FSH should be a good shout.. I would retail @ 3,495
  14. LHD - Left Hand Drive Needed

    Regardless of Age or Miles. LHD - PETROL - DIESEL - HYBRID Anything considered customer ready and waiting with cash!
  15. what do you do with your px's

    Think I'm simply going to open another website strictly for trade cars!.. Write harsh adverts and see how it goes. All honestly the PXs have good profit margins. Adds a little extra £ in the kitty for the weekend shopping.