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  1. Cheapest Parts

    Usually. I use motorparts or Autopartz. Both seem to be very deer on prices these days?. Where are most dealers buying there parts. Just had a Volvo come in needs new rear brake pads & discs looking on ebay don't really feel safe buy a set of pads & discs from a company I've never heard off!.
  2. Hence y I only accept cash or bank transfer.
  3. My usual customers spends around 25mins half hr maximum.. before all paperwork, test drives & payment all done. It was for the son who's learning to drive?. Did inform them is a non ABS MODEL & therefore brakes are not as sharp as there 2010 VW passat!.... Indeed!..
  4. Sold 2 this week both weird customers? 1st old BMW convertible took in chop. Advert states roof not working. Only for guy to come down & complain roof not working. Spend 1hr half looking around it then to say ok I'll have it. Spends another 1hr trying to arrange insurance. 2 & half hours on a 97 BMW?. 2nd very low mileage 106. 7 months MOT. customers wants a full 12 months MOT which we agree. States brakes are spongy. Taken for MOT passes with flying colours. Call them it's ready only to be told you need to deliver it to us. I ask delivery charge of £80 and they offer there 2005 Hyundai Getz auto with 66k & fsh in return for delivery?..... oh and they want me to deliver the car & while they pay by cheque & ill wait 3 days for it to clear!.... I say NO!. Bank transfer or cash only only for them to go off on one about trust & all sorts. Guywas a Reverand? Never had 2 customers this weird before?.
  5. Reprint MOT

    Thanks didn't know that was an option?.
  6. Reprint MOT

    Bought a very low miles Peugeot but only came with the V5 & Owners manual Spent the morning calling some MOT stations local to previous owner but no luck. If I have a re-print of the MOT will the name of the garage who performed the MOT come up? or the garage who just printed it.. Never had this situation before.
  7. warranty companies

    Always used A1 approved.
  8. BCA Avoids

    I'm a realist EPV. almost everything I purchase needs a couple hundred £s spent on it. I'm more worried about the online bidding as 90% of the time I'm flat out and won t be able to attend..
  9. BCA Avoids

    Thanks Nick. Best thing I Think isjust going to head to the auction and watch from the side lines.
  10. BCA Avoids

    Mainly Low mileage, German & Japanese stock. All ages ideally low owner stuff with fsh.
  11. BCA Avoids

    Not a newbie so don't bite into me like poor old benji. What sections in BCA do you avoid.. Most my stock is privately sourced or from dealer around the country. But being very low on stock & needing cars urgently Im attempting BCA. Most auction I attended were over 6/7 years ago. Brightwells, MKMA & WOMA I've read on other forums and pages that UKCGR is an AVOID?.... My local auction sites will be blackbushe, Enfield, Bedford.. TIA for any help..
  12. Cars you had never of heard of

    Very early days when I first started trading never heard of aSsangyoung. That being said sold all the ones I've had pretty quickly and at decent profit.
  13. Buying stock

    Come to the point where I'm buying all sorts if there's some £ in it.. Just bought an old peugeot 106 with 21k miles. Honda civic with 50k miles & old Nissan 100nx with the t-bar done 54k miles. All 1/2 owners cars needed no prep & ready to retail..
  14. Your easiest sale ever?

    Was WAY TO cheeeeep to pass on... Quite right. Used to smoke around in a 'W210' E320 CDi years ago with a factory AMG pack.. Looked the bees knees back then!..
  15. Your easiest sale ever?

    Yesterday is most recent. 2001 Mercedes E430 Estate. Advertised yesterday got 3 calls in 20 mins. First guy got a taxi from derby to Buckinghamshire must of Cost him £130. Paid full asking price in cash & drove off into the sunset... & absolutely happy leaving 5 star review!