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  1. Fuel Lights on or off

    They are never ever empty just light on. never had any complaints or issues until this guy rocked up.
  2. AT pay as you go

    I'm the complete opposite. Most my calls are from eBay. Stopped using AT a long while ago and not noticed any difference in sales!. I feel the modern person looks on all sights such as eBay, gumtree, motors well as the old Skool always buy from AT!.
  3. AT pay as you go

    £99+ VAT! allows you to offer & buy cars from trade!. Depends what you deal in. For me it's a no go anymore.
  4. Had customer come in to buy aSaab diesel. Fuel light on & he went off on one, stating fuel lights should never be on& we should be more professional. I explained nicely that all our cars have fuel lights on for security. If someonedecides to steal a carthey wontget very far. and Sir if you decide to buy the car at the asking price I'm more than happy to put 1/2 tank of diesel!. Which obviosuly he declined & prefered the discount!. anyone else leave low fuel / fuel lights on.
  5. AT pay as you go

    We have ATM or smart buying as they call it now on PAYG basis! & think we'll be cancelling that as well.. Autotrader a big hassle & extremely expensive compared to other sites!
  6. Dirty interior & owners

    I like Volvo's and they seem to fly out the door & So Did the last saab. This partial was a low mileage 2001 58k 9-3 2.2 TiD. One of the roughest lower mileage cars I've come across... if you don't mind the bodywork goes like the wind!. Just really annoying when a you get a call being offered a low mileage car and its a pig.
  7. So second saab I've purchased it's a right pig inside absolutely filthy. My first was exactly the same!. Are saab owners just dirty people?.
  8. Another "Critique my ad" please

    Think the tyres need some 'tyre slick. When I advertise a car i use a fair bit. The customers always seem to like a shiny tyre. & pictures need doing properly. Pictures is what sells the car. I personally think a customer looks and the pictures & rings. The amount of time I've been asked when cambelts been changed and it's in the add!. I do like the red leathers.
  9. What REALLY bugs you !

    Customers calling & emailing asking you to arrange there insurance for them!!!..... Drives me nuts..
  10. September......

    Great start to September but seriously slowed down. Rang my own phone this morning to make sure it's working!.
  11. How many miles is too many?

    Had lots of mercs with 300k+ always sold to eastern Europeans who seem to pay good money!..
  12. T&C's on sales

    I sold the car to the buyer. It's just I've never come across someone like this?. Usually customers want a discount & after £100 off asking price they go off and live happily ever after!. I just wanted people's opinions on the matter to See how they would have dealt with the situation. I agree all cars need to be prepd before advertising but I'm really low on stock and the website & adverts on various sites looked a tad dodgy with just 3 cars. Didn't look professional in my personal opinion.. ive purchased a load of cars in the last few days & advertised all of them. The service & PDi + valet can all happen with 2/3 days of vehicle being in stock & MOT'd only once purchased or when deposit. This vehicle was advertised & within 20 mins the phone rang. Told the buyer it's just arrived & awaiting valet. Service etc to which he said just want to see the car & make sure it's right for us?. Upon arrival all the talk began regards cra & warranties etc.
  13. T&C's on sales

    quite the opposite EPV.. Car was advertised properly & very highly priced. I was pretty shocked the phone rang on this. To be honest my cars are always ready before the 1st call this chap rang me within 20 mins of advert going live. He was a local chap who seems genuine enough. He said he knew his cars & was in urgent need for an MPV asfamily car broke down.
  14. T&C's on sales

    My car is roadworthy. Just arrived and as with all cars I sell I have them serviced. Valeted. PDi & 12 months MOT. The guy was eager & wanted the car today without all the prep work. I offer a 3 months warranty exteneable to 24 monthson all cars sold over 1500£.
  15. T&C's on sales

    Had a customer pop in today really interested in a car. Wanted a discount and said don't worry regards warranty etc.Sold as is where is sort of thing!. I was quick to respond with CRA. He stated your more than welcome to write the vehicle is not covered under CRA & owner has inspected & viewed prior to purchase & once the vehicle has left our premises it's no longer our (the businesses)responsibility. What are people's thoughts on this?.