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  1. It just isn't that common these days (was it ever?), never kid yourself in thinking it is! Perhaps its just this game or now we get to deal with general public day in day out... Public never cease to amaze me in airports, pack their brains in the ruddy suitcase.
  2. Audi A4 1.8t Tfsi Rattle

    Thanks again, I'm going to go the path suggested! Just get shut as is, the more advice I receive its all pointing the same way.. Get shut! I'd left in in the corner over winter as its a tricky little one to drive, a license loser buts sticks a great smile on your face! Thought spring would be a better time to see the back of it, until the smoking issue becoming a talking point this week.. Apart from this lump in the front end with problems, its a nice car ~ best for then enthusiast to get it right I'd say... TGIF ~ I'll get on to shifting the Mini tomorrow and get into something else that's worth the effort! Cheers all, thanks for looking in and the advice/experience, mucho appreciated
  3. Audi A4 1.8t Tfsi Rattle

    Thanks a lot David, confirms a few thoughts I had after hearing of the "blasting solution"... When you mention oil rings do you mean the vale seals? The same lads who had the boroscope said they thought the chains were on their way due to general age and wear and tear (noise they associate with this problem), they also told me the piston rings we good; just its carboned up and would benefit from a blast.. its a one owner petrol Cooper S, full history in PX not owing me a lot. Been sat a few months as I suspect it'll do better in spring summer once fettled, been running it the last couple of weeks now the ice as gone and BINGO, got a tail full of smoke in a car park the other afternoon after waiting a while to leave.. Had the same on over run down a couple of hills too.. Now this white/blue cloud seems to follow me if left to idle for any time... Just want it right before it goes so any billies do not get over excited at seeing the same clouds of smoke.. The lads in the garage suggested it really isnt too bad and its me being p*ssy, they think I should just retail it as is.. they feel the smoke being produce is about normal for the age/mileage/history... it is not drinking oil.. with the head off I'd opt for any other parts to be replaced whilst in there I guess Cheers
  4. Audi A4 1.8t Tfsi Rattle

    Reading with interest, sorry to hijack! but read the walnut blasting bit .. got 2010 50k Mini losing the odd bit of blue/white smoke after idle/pulling away etc.. all points to valve seals (an infamous R56), but local workshop mentioned walnut blasting "could" sort this.. was shown boroscope images of how dirty inlet valves are, two of plugs appear to be fouling more than the others.. timing belt is a little noisy too.. its slot at the workshop is up and coming but unsure how far to go to find the cure / prevent parts darts etc Would a walnut help the "relieve" the issue with valve seals, cant see it myself but am prepared to be advised otherwise... Would walnut be the same as carbon blasting?? Have a remapping guy local now offering carbon blasting...... All input greatly appreciate (as always)
  5. Meet-up for forum members at CDX 2019

    Bit far for me, over 400 round trip, need to overnight with two days out of the chair if ales are involved ~ herding cats it is then..
  6. Tools of the trade

    Mans corner there Dave, pure and simple... metal top bench.. for explaining the finer points in life...
  7. Unbelievable

    Plural I heard, there is a bunch of them there, pointy shoes too.. related the same bunch of that one will come across as BCA auctions from time to time..
  8. Tools of the trade

    Thumps up too that... Shame you cant see the V5 to find out which goat herder it was... Anyway, as you say.. aint worth in it the grand scheme of things, and youre sure to have a happy punter now .. Car Dealer porn.. should be a whole new thread... Just as the wife likes shoes and handbags... Air compressors, ball joint splitters and jump starters..
  9. Tools of the trade

    Jeeeze, you'd ideally want to shuv this up the last MOT testers arse as you rightly say Dave, then secure the thing up there with theratchet strap... bordering on bloody criminal that..
  10. Unbelievable

    +3 Well done Mark, ones to remember this one when the idiots prevail (which can be most days) always great when a customer takes the time to say a simple thank you and put it down in words for others too see... Having a shitty day? then just pop back and read this.. and get on with it. As you said... Always happy to help customers who are not daft in the first place.. Virtual pint coming your way.. onward.. Good "team" effort all round looking at other forumites contributions... Good to be a part of it.
  11. What would you do?

    Could not agree more.. bugger to shift even a nice one!
  12. Tools of the trade

    So true, and there endth the lesson for Friday... Dave, stick me down for a copy of the book... you should do a daily blog.... gotta be worth any motor trader doing a night school class in winter on motor maintenance
  13. Tools of the trade

    Just following along on the thread, anyone any thoughts experience of this item in place of smaller OBD; OBD Alternative ?? I'm not wanting to fiddle about, just ensure I've got enough knowledge on the depth of a problem when it presents itself.. Got a spare laptop lying idle so was thinking I could dedicate it to this purpose.. All thoughts/advice greatly appreciated..
  14. Trade plate receipt

    On stuff like this, I just send it recorded - belt and braces, its all reclaimed any way... When they say they have not got it and time pressures are on, these buggers wont help anyone.. if you have a signature to say it has arrived; usually means they have got to work with you on a solution and give some leeway.. As above, one crock of sh*t is a good summary..
  15. HPI checks

    Check the level of detail provided on the cheap ones, weasel words are hidden in the cheap offers! Always check a V5 against the vehicle, owners address and ASK for ID.. HPI is not fool proof.. Plenty of billies want your money and dont care what the say to get it