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  1. You can’t SORN a car that’s in the trade. It’s effectively without tax at that point. If you have been paying tax via DD then cancel the DD. If you paid either 6 months or 12 months then kiss goodbye to it.
  2. Fuck me, @Rory RSC is this another one of your nutters? Sounds very similar to your M Sport bodykit freak
  3. We’ve got one of those in the secret room
  4. Christ yeah, that's an owner, salesman, full time valeter and a driver right there.
  5. https://rover.ebay.co.uk/rover/0/0/99?loc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fp%2F23029962185%3Fiid%3D293282680441
  6. No. The COMAND doesn’t relate to Bluetooth. The Bluetooth module looks like a large computer mouse, about 8 inches long and 4 inches wide. Reminds me of my old chap. Anyway, if you don’t have that you don’t have Bluetooth. As for what to do thereafter, I can’t help i’m afraid. But it seems others might be able to.
  7. I think the fear of someone returning a car to a finance company for no valid reason is misplaced. Yes, people reject cars and yes they involve the finance company. But lenders are only too aware of the CRA and don't just bend over when someone complains that a tyre has blown of a set of pads need replacing. If you're happy to sell a car and stand by it under the law (as I'm sure we all are) then selling it on finance doesn't make any difference.
  8. If it’s got the Bluetooth handset under the armrest then it has Bluetooth. There should be a separate instruction booklet with the car. I’ll dig out the one I have for my CLS, PM me an email address and i’ll send over a photo of it. If it transpires it doesn’t have it, offer him £75 off to go halves on a parrot kit.
  9. Yeah but only cos you paid for an award etc etc. OP, if you only need to buy a few a month, buy privately or off other traders. When you need to buy 8+ a month, you’ll need the convenience and volume that auctions have.
  10. I’d say you’d get more finance props at that price point than the £7-£10k range. MOT failures, first time buyers, additional family cars etc. Blue Motor Finance are good, they have tiers, from prime down to hopeless. Get a broker for the declines.
  11. Yes mate, sadly there are no codes on VAGCOM. Pretty sure it’s clutch pack.
  12. I’ve got a Q5 s tronic sitting in the corner of my place. Sitting being the operative word. Going nowhere. I think i’ve got to retail my way out of the gearbox issues but it’s £2500. There’s also a small chance that i’ll need a mechatronic unit if the strip down and new clutch packs don’t do the trick.
  13. Sorry mate but a little “high price” marker on your advert won’t stop people buying a car like that. Very rare to have that sort of spec on a 1 series and people who want that sort of a car will either pay for it, or won’t. A little sticker on your advert won’t make a blind bit of difference.