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  1. Indeed, they all sound like cheap fixes on a BMW.
  2. They are common on C Classes mate. If the vibration increases the higher up the rev range you go, I'd take it to another garage, suggest it could be the gearbox mounting, have them change them if they concur. As far as I'm aware until you actually take out mountings you can't tell if they are crushed/knackered so how your garage has ruled them out I don't know.
  3. It's not about who's responsible for checks, that is academic. The layman has asked the expert a question. The expert has given the wrong answer, the layman has taken the advice in good spirit and bought a product. That's all there is to it mate and all a judge will see. It's crap and a sign of the arse covering world we live in but men are no longer men and stand by their own decisions and responsibilities. The legal standpoint is clear, everything else is just down to how quickly and easily you can put this situation to bed and move on. Good luck.
  4. This thing was a shed. I was very happy to off it back
  5. If you (or someone that works for you) have told a customer the car is ULEZ compliant and it's not, you're on stony ground in my opinion. It's not as described, the CRA literally couldn't be any clearer and I'd say you'd have like, a 5% chance of success in front of a magistrate. I agree entirely with Nik, you need to start negotiations with this customer. There are times to dig your heels in, this isn't it.
  6. Get one done by Movex, get assigned a transport company, take their details, deal with them direct.
  7. I once backed a BMW cos the car was grinding it's tits off, impossible not to hear it and the auctioneer said nothing (I was buying online) It was a wheel bearing.
  8. You know you’re on a car Trader’s page? You’re looking about £4-4500 trade money.
  9. I'll have some of your luck I think! £100 loss being your worse! I done £4k on a BMW X5 once. Overheating, changed the rad and thermostat (as guided by the garage) but in the end it transpired to be a lot worse, plus the gearbox was starting to thump like a heavyweight boxer so I SOR it and took a £4k bath.
  10. I mean, it’s always happened here. “What can you do for cash” or “what will you knock off if I buy now” it’s just in days gone by, people would leave that conversation for when they have seen the car. When someone rings and opens with “yeah what’s the best price for cash?” It’s the wrong question, usually posed by non buyers.