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  1. Who is doing well?

    It doesn’t help you, it never will. Somebody selling 5 cars in one day, 300 miles away from you, will have no bearing on whether you are doing something right or wrong. I’m completely with Justin, no point in knowing how others are doing and comparing it to you. I like to know how my trader mates on here are doing just because, well, they’re mates/acquaintances but that’s all it is. If you’re not selling cars is it ok, if nobody else is? Will that pay your bills? I had my best month last month. I’m possibly going to have my worst this month. A month is too shorter a period of time to assess your performance anyway. Three months minimum in my eyes.
  2. Help with essay

    You're talking to a bot.
  3. Ferrari - write off?

    Can you post any photos up? I love rubbing one out to smashed up Ferrari's even better if there's bloodstains on the windscreen
  4. More advice please

    Ok mate.
  5. More advice please

    Exactly. The figures are put on our AT adverts whether we like it or not. Anyone asking the question gets a “it’s depends” type answer from me. I don’t believe for one second anyone would be able to reject a vehicle on the basis of being mis sold a car that doesn’t hit the stated MPG figures but it’s just common sense to manage people’s expectations to save grief down the line when they return 40mpg instead of 50mpg that the manufacturers stated.
  6. More advice please

    Absolute cobblers.
  7. FaceBook/Instagram Boost Ads

    Even worse than boosting. Marketplace is a jumble sale for cars. I reckon FB works if you use it properly like Rory does, spend time and effort gaining followers, targeting adverts etc. Boosting them doesn’t work for me and is a waste of money other than to gain followers which may help long term. It’s a long game with FB. It’s not for quick sales. Or this, basically.
  8. FaceBook/Instagram Boost Ads

    Doesn’t work for me.
  9. Ring who? The auction house? Don’t bother, no one will be able to tell you anything further. If you really want the car then as said above, go and see it. Be prepared for it being an absolute dog.
  10. Safe? Its got nothing to do with safety. As assessor has quickly walked round the car, seen so much damage and thought “fuck that” and put U down on the sheet and moved on. In other words is worse, possibly a lot worse, than a grade 5.
  11. More advice please

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bokeh To the OP, its nine days. NINE! Start wondering after 9 weeks.
  12. If only I had a crystal ball.........

    Precisely that. When it’s busy, the proper buyers get all the attention. When it’s quiet, you convince yourself the messers are buyers and can be talked into buying something they have zero intention of buying.
  13. My advice is unless you know what you’re looking for, don’t bother going. I have bought and sold over 120cars as a relative newbie and i’ve been to one auction in my life. I buy purely online, have only ever had one true lemon (and my loss should have been half what it was but I wasn’t clued up enough to know what to stop spending) Another forumite whom I talk with a couple of times a week sells 30-40 cars a month and despite attending auctions in his early days, buys everything online. Some wouldn’t dream of buying online. I personally haven’t a clue for the most part about what to look for and smell etc so it’s a waste of time going. If you enjoy the cold, standing around for ages, listening to miserable old souls or bullshitters, you might like an auction. I can’t think of a worse way to spend a day. I did, however, get on me bike and bought a fair few private’s in my early days. That helped me along a lot.
  14. Business Slow?

    I'm not saying its a terrible deal mate I'm just saying you're not going to get Albert Einstein with a Microfibre in hand, you're going to have to wipe their arse until they have been with you a few months and know their routine inside and out.