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  1. Mine wasn’t quite similar really, I never got to the Nav stage, it was just a constant “updating” message on the screen. In the end, mine was an issue with the module, someone had buggered it up by using a cheap CD update from eBay! So take it to a proper firm. The module itself is about £600 from memory or they send it off to France. Not cheap either way.
  2. A week! I’ve had hangovers last longer. Presumably the 3 series is a different type of diesel to the Astra, if the 3 series sold quickly. It’s the only explanation for it.
  3. I get 14 in my 2300sqft unit and I have a 200sqft office, toilet and storage set up. I’d say you’d get 18-20 cars in a 2800sqft set up
  4. Yep, most of that stuff is a “Chuck the book out” type of stock. Certainly more interesting than some stock profiles but each to their own. Good luck to you.
  5. Love the profile. I’d love to know where you get a steady stream of such cars as well as they’re exactly the type of cars I sell!
  6. Rory can often be found at his local orphanage handing out toys and sweets. When he isn’t helping old dears across the road.
  7. Eh? You paid £18,800 and had a gross margin in of £700 at £19,500. By the time you allow for a bit of VAT (at the price point you’re selling at it won’t be long before you hit the threshold) and allowing a bit for advertising and small overheads you’ll nett £300-£500, on a £19k car. Even the vendor is making more than that. Ridiculous. People aren’t going to buy a £19k Audi from a door stepper when they only have a couple of cars in stock, when they can go to the MD, get given a cup of expensive coffee and some smoke blown up their arse for a few hundred quid more. Three weeks isn’t a long time. I said the same on another thread yesterday to someone panicking about having a car in stock for a couple of weeks and no enquiries. I don’t know what books you’ve been reading or who’s advice you’ve been following but trying to sell £19k Audi’s from home on a part time basis, with a £700 gross margin in, is a waste of time. Your expectations of what you can sell at with your current set up are unrealistic. To build yourself up, sell £5k cars and do 5-6 of them a month with a £1k gross margin in. You ought to be doing more margin really given your low overheads.
  8. Clay bars remove surface bonded contaminants. Sap, tar, brake dust etc. You need to be polishing clean paint. If it’s freshly painted you won’t have this problem. Clay bar’ng a car is probably one of the best things you can do for a cars paint.
  9. Learn with a rotary but do so on old £30 panels from a scrappie. In my opinion it’s like learning to drive a manual car, thereafter you can drive both manual and auto. Learn on a DA and you’ll have to or want to, buy a rotary. Then you’ll have two tools. You can only use one at a time. To get you over your buffer trail issue, buy a Sealey rotary and a blue pad with blue anti hologram 3m product. It will be almost impossible to do any damage with that set up and will get shot of holograms in 30 mins for the whole side of a car But for future learning, get a hard pad, some compound and learn how hard you can or can’t go, on an old panel from a breakers. Rotary polishers are not fire breathing monsters unlike what DIY enthusiasts will have you believe. I have mopped umpteen cars and burned through clear coat twice. Both attempting to cut so hard on a very deep scratch that would have needed paint anyway. For simple swirl removal and lessening deep scratches, a rotary is the tool. Learn the hard way first, for an easier life down the road. My smart repairers use a mop, compound, a polishing pad and polish on fresh paint each time they paint a panel for me. Comes up right each time. Compounding and polishing isn’t difficult but you just need to know what you are doing each time you set the machine on. As said, detailing forums will help but like any forum, there are knowledgeable people and there are people who give shocking advice based on other people’s shocking advice. Conventional wisdom.
  10. Have you seen how many adverts there are? And have you seen how small a local trading standards operation is? And have you seen big the raft of other shit they have to deal with is? Thats why.
  11. This isn't exactly revolutionary. Sites like Wizzle and Autoi do exactly the same thing. There won't be enough stock imo. Anything worth having will be bought at silly prices and anything not worth buying errr, won't be bought. Among it all is the age old problem, the public wanting unrealistic prices for their cars. I've bought off Autoi before but opportunities are rare and most of the time you will see joe public wanting retail money for his car, that's despite the fact he's already received a guide price on what he should sell his car for, if he wants to attract bids. Nothing wrong with the idea. It's not new though.
  12. Whatsapp, text, carrier pigeon, I don't care. Timewasters will ring, text and email. As will genuine customers. It's 2019 and this is how some people communicate.
  13. Good for you mate, nice hobby you have.
  14. Yet another case in point. This time yesterday I had three appointments for today. Now i have none, the last one cancelled just now after the other two cancelling yesterday. I’ve had a lie in and i’ll be down my unit for about midday to do a bit of paperwork. I’m gutted that there’ll be no sales today as I need them but what can I do. Just have to take it as it comes.