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  1. Feedback / Advice?

    Yes, sorry mate I meant the actual reflections of the strip light itself, the white bar reflected in the bodywork. OCD I know! Your cars look super shiny!
  2. Feedback / Advice?

    Nice AD. I’ll be doing similar when I get a unit. One thing i’ve noticed is the reflection of the strip lighting back off the cars. I wonder what other options there are to keep the amount of light reflections down?
  3. Feedback / Advice?

    The first two photos are good in terms of the subject matter but by christ, does it EVERget light around your way?
  4. CDM Forum Awards?

    That's slightly inaccurate. You didn't get a load of shit for being a newbie, nobody gets that. You got a load of shit because you displayed obvious signs of being lobotomised. I think it's only now, when you look back, having come quite a way in the last few months, that you realise how brainless you appeared. You have however, always had a spine.
  5. Stock

  6. Feedback / Advice?

    Agree with the above, the photos are not the best but all round looks like a good website and very modern. Either take the photos outside or, change the lighting. It looks yellow, doesn’t help the cars at all. Brighter, white lighting I think.
  7. You mean an automatic feed? Highly unlikely. You’ll need car dealer manager or click dealer for that.
  8. Stock

    Bought two today, one for cap clean the other cap average. Assuming they won’t need much other than standard prep I can’t not make a decent profit. There’s bargains about....
  9. Stock

    Yet there are at least two forumites off here that have recently said that buying has been a lot easier lately. YMMV!
  10. BMW Wheels, silver or not

    Not really. Black on Silver for example is very popular. Gunmetal grey on silver looked washed out.
  11. BMW Wheels, silver or not

    That the same one you posted a link to in here? Red seats?
  12. BMW Wheels, silver or not

    Ferric Grey. Do NOT change them to black. Oh and add £500 to the price of it. Black with cream leather on a three series is like curry to a pissed brummie. Absolute cat nip.
  13. We love a leggy one......

    Welcome Big Mike!
  14. A Bad Day

    As I told you last week mate, ebb and flow. Now you’re on the right AT package you can’t not sell cars!