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  1. Citizens advice! A part time scout leader doing his bit for the community, trained up by someone who knows less about the law than most on here. I’d rather ask my cat for advice than the CAB. I don’t have a cat.
  2. If you buy one and ship my stuff around at half the price Movex quote I'll tell you it'sa good idea
  3. Amazing Valet Product for removing TAR

    I drink Tardis, so there.
  4. a little help please

    Take photos of the damage, point it out on the advert, price it £500 below what you would if it were immaculate and sell it as is.
  5. Recalled car question

    This is a forum for car dealers. But, since you asked; why don’t you let the dealer do his job, get the (likely) small issue fixed and stop being such a fucking melt? You’re welcome.
  6. Newbie hello

    Good luck to you.
  7. How did you take the leap

    He was caught chasing ferrets and keeping pigeons. Treason down my way.
  8. Amazing Valet Product for removing TAR

    Correct. Tardis is the daddy. Chewing gum on seats too
  9. Selling through BCA PX Disposal

    BCA don’t retail cars. I see what you’re saying and I think as long as you’re getting a piece of paper signed that states the buyer is aware it’s SOR and that it must be trailered away, whether they drive it or trailer it is their business. You can’t force someone to get a trailer. They could tell you they have one parked up outside, out of your sight. What are you supposed to do, force them to drive it onto a trailer? Course not. I would say however that selling a car for £1250 as SOR when it’s retail price is say £1900 could be viewed by TS as an attempt to circumvent the law (CRA) Not that it stops hoards of supermarket car traders doing exactly that.
  10. Do you have a personal car?

    5.0 V8 Supercharged RR. Stupid car. I’m flirting between keeping it and taking the next banger that comes into stock as my daily, or selling the idiotic thing and getting a diesel E Class. So much car for your money. When I bought the RR I did about 3,000 a year. Now it feels like I do that a week.
  11. You seem a little obsessed with getting to Gold. It makes a small difference but that’s all it is really. Small. It ain’t the difference between making it pay and losing money. There is no “secret place” where a select few get clean stock a grand behind book. We all buy from the same place. As others have said, i’ll say it also, with the greatest respect, if you can’t turn a profit on a car or twoafter 2 years at this, then put your sheepskin coat away and find something you are good at. Speaking from the point of a relative newbie, you either “get it” or you don’t. Like most things in life. You’re good at some things and crap at others. Focus on your strengths.
  12. Oh ok, it can’t ever happen then, the oracle has spoken. The internet tells me a man walked on the moon once but i’ve never known anyone who did it so it’s probably not true. You lads crack on, i’ve said enough and probably, too much here. Good luck.
  13. Don’t say that, I’ve just got one in
  14. Ok mate, either read what I have written or let’s just call it a day. For a start i’ve actually said I never netted £4K. I said I can see how it’s possible. Not a work of fiction. I’ve also said what I paid and what I sold for. You don’t believe me or else you wouldn’t be “like a dog with a bone” as you put it. I’ve said enough, please yourself.