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  1. What do you class as high mileage ?

    Depends on the car I think. Some people see their purchase as something they will sell after a year or two so they are thinking of resale value. Someone buying a car they are going to be driving for the next 5 years don’t want to think a 100k car will have 150k on by the time they are finished with the car and can’t sell it.
  2. 2006 Audi Allroad 3.0 tdi

    Christ is there ANY joy in your life?
  3. When someone says to me they want a smaller car, that usually sets my spidey senses tingling. Smaller engine yes. Smaller car? I dunno. Who drives an insignia and thinks "you know what I could do with? Less room" That's not really THAT relevant here but I do find it odd when people want to downsize.
  4. Which is just about anywhere south of Nottingham to you lot
  5. Great price bracket stock!!!

    DA is full of utter bollocks for the most part.
  6. Cars in Ireland generally speaking are more expensive.
  7. Suzuki Vitara bidding war?

    No airbags in it I presume
  8. We're too busy selling cars and lighting our cigars with £50 notes
  9. Anyone reading this forum and wondering which traders to listen to,the answer is listen to anything like this, or similar, to what this guy is talking about.
  10. I think the answer is that none of us define it. A judge does!
  11. This could end up with Lucas telling us that he’s been chawed for doing the old boy in with a shovel so he could nick his pitch
  12. another lead from car gurus!

    I’ve done 3/4 in the last 6 months via them. I’ve still cancelled though. I’m going to try sinking some money into Facebook this year.
  13. How to obtain stocking funding

    If you had managed to get yourself to a 60 car pitch doing 10 a week I don't see how you would need a fund. If you had managed to get yourself to a 60 car pitch doing 8-10 a week WITHa stock fund then you wouldn't need advice off anyone else that's for sure.
  14. How to obtain stocking funding

    It's expensive if you have access to cheap money. I don't know of any banks that will loan me that sort of unsecured debt. So it's not expensive, I look at it this way; I buy and sell a car via a stock fund, lets say I nett £1100 and it costs me £150 on NG fees and interestto nett that. So I have made £950 profit. If I can do that on 6 cars I have made £5700 profit. If I don't buy and sell a car via a stock fund, as there is no other way for me to loan that sort of money (I have access to low level amounts on credit cards and IWOCO have also given me a small amount) then my profit is £0. It's not expensive at all.