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  1. Depends on what you stock. 10 year old BMW’s vs 10 year old Volvos. I’ve sold both. Different breed from each other.
  2. I think it’s a good model. You get cars mechanically straight, don’t do too much cosmetically and sell to people who don’t give too much of a shit about scrapes and bruises but just want a boggo car that doesn’t need any spending on it. I do think you need a strong stomach and thick skin for dealing with some of the fantasists out there!
  3. Mileage descrepancies

    Wait until you sell a few “prestige” cars you’ll soon come across a few know it alls
  4. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    There’s one of those threads knocking about somewhere
  5. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    Hmmm, wouldn’t that involve DA owning the stock themselves? DA are just a platform aren’t they
  6. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    Mate have you seen some of the prices cars sell for on DA? A few hundred quid off retail, sometimes! Plus the smaller franchises probably don’t get the selling fees waived by bigger AH’s so they save those fees.
  7. I had a similar issue on a Jag albeit diesel and the problem was eventually diagnosed to fuel pressure dropping off and this was only diagnosed when (as Dave says) live data was read. Not completely relevant I know but something to think about.
  8. AutoTrader is over price

    A very good post, as usual.
  9. AutoTrader is over price

    Turn it in. Embarrassing.
  10. No one ever reads the adds at all EVER

    Horses and water etc. When someone rings and asks to book a viewingin, after you have qualified them, taken details etc and you ask "do you have any questions for me about the car at all?" and they say "no, I don't believe I have" which happens to me a lot, more than not, then you know you have done your digital job right. You can't be everything to everyone. Some people won't read the advert. It doesn't matter if you write a boon and mills style write up of the car or write "black, 3 owners, £6,995" either way, they are going to ring you and ask "how many owners" Some people may narrow their choice down to three cars, or two, a shortlist.One advert has given them all the info they need, they feel ready to see it. The other two have huge gaps in the information level and have left many questions unanswered. Who's car do you think they will start sub-consciously buying? You can only put the info out there. If some people don't read it, they never were going to. But if by putting the info out there, it earns you more sales, from those who like to have all the information spoonfed to them, why wouldn't you, I think.
  11. No one ever reads the adds at all EVER

    I had a buyer on a Scirocco in here two days ago, said he came and saw mine first because of the write up. I do like to paint a picture of what it's like to own the car where possible. As ever, in this industry, you can't be everything to everyone. There will be people who look at a few photographs and read two lines of your advert and ring and there will be people that will move on to the next advert because yours simply states a spec list of the car. Horses for courses.
  12. Premises Insurance

    There are some very clued up, qualified traders on here but I can tell you now, none of them have the ability to read your insurance cover documents! Ring your insurance. I think what you're getting confused with is, premises insurance doesn't cover your premises, i.e. the building. You would need building insurance for that.
  13. How did you take the leap

    Only after he'd eaten a left winger
  14. How did you take the leap

    I prefer a pink gin
  15. How did you take the leap

    Everyone north of the Watford gap is a black pudding eating, ferret chasing suspect in my book
  16. More trade in vehicles for Indies?

    One of the more bizarre threads I've seen on here. I can see exactly whats happened but curiously, nothing has actually happened.
  17. Unit Size

    Look at rural developments, farm estates etc. It's very difficult to find something in a city.
  18. Dodge Nitro anyone?

    'kin hell, not only are punters "off to have a think" but the dealers are at it as well
  19. Dodge Nitro anyone?

    I’ll take their money
  20. Dodge Nitro anyone?

    Where are you based mate?
  21. Unit Size

    2200 sqft. Can fit 14 plus a good sized office, two toilets and communal wash area.