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  1. Nissan xtrail automatic

    Long shot but the Gearbox oil might want a change?
  2. Importing Cars to the UK

    Wait and see what happens with brexit first!
  3. Great bit of kit for tightening those sump plugs
  4. Premises Insurance

    Depends on what your documents say, sometimes motor trade insurance just covers you for road risk and not for cars stored at premises at all. Best call them up and discuss
  5. How do you pass time on dead days?

    Catch up on jobs that the Mrs keeps nagging at me to do
  6. Reviews - cheating or not?

    Wow that's a bloody good idea! But I think it's cheating, they're basically getting them to play a lottery to leave a review, and why wouldn't you? It's a chance to win free money!
  7. Do you have a personal car?

    Knackered Subaru Legacy estate 2.5i, 140k, drinks as much oil as it does petrol, but I can throw anything in the back including wheels, gearboxes, dogs, children etc and not give a hoot!
  8. Glad to hear you got it sorted Dave! My next point of call would have been clogged fuel filter if it's been running on supermarket fuel all its life.
  9. Interesting sales technique.....

    I'm not sure there's even a skirt
  10. Interesting sales technique.....

    Annoyingly it's been deleted! I saved it as well as some of the remarks were cracking! Worthy of a Sun newspaper headline!
  11. Interesting sales technique.....

    Blimey, if you thought we were a bad lot on here you should have seen the comments on the original facebook post!
  12. Just came across this on Facebook, thought you'd all enjoy it!
  13. Selling a Truck that's in a company name

    Bugger thought this was in private!
  14. Selling a Truck that's in a company name

    Just spoke to him and I think he's going to p/x it against the new raptor to avoid the headache!
  15. A bit of feedback on my own ads please

    Great video Mark! Looks top notch and the voice work sounds perfectly fine to me!