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  1. Just incase anyone runs into any issues on Autotraders trade portal (ie can't load up adverts), try disabling your adblocker first! Hope this saves anyone a phone call!
  2. Branded clothing recommendations?

    And a low cut top showing off your cleavage..... Not sure if it works with man boobs though
  3. Mazda mx5 2.0 sport

    I'll have it off him!
  4. FaceBook/Instagram Boost Ads

    Tried Facebook boosting for about 6 months, just attracts fucktards that leave shitty comments that leave you questioning your pricing, adverts etc. Still do some free Instagram posts though for a little website exposure
  5. PayGo AutoTrader Analytics

    You need to call Auto trader and ask them to switch it on
  6. Hi bagheera, I'd suggest buying the £10 ebookon "how to be a car dealer" from car dealer magazine, links in one of the pinned threads, worth it's weight in gold and answers most of your questions.
  7. Paddock Wood

    I noticed Peterborough have taken on another vendor and the site is just crammed full now. I was at paddock wood for the first timeon Monday, felt like I was walking into the 70's!
  8. Valeting

    I only do the engine bays if they look awful. I wrap up any sensitive stuff with cling film, spray down with soapy water, agitatein, VERY quick spray off with the jet and dry with compressed air and towels, then dress plastics with a tiny bit of tyre shine on a microfibre towel. Only needed to do it a couple of times and it hasn't caused any problems yet (touch wood)
  9. Nissan xtrail automatic

    Long shot but the Gearbox oil might want a change?
  10. Importing Cars to the UK

    Wait and see what happens with brexit first!
  11. Great bit of kit for tightening those sump plugs
  12. Premises Insurance

    Depends on what your documents say, sometimes motor trade insurance just covers you for road risk and not for cars stored at premises at all. Best call them up and discuss
  13. How do you pass time on dead days?

    Catch up on jobs that the Mrs keeps nagging at me to do
  14. Reviews - cheating or not?

    Wow that's a bloody good idea! But I think it's cheating, they're basically getting them to play a lottery to leave a review, and why wouldn't you? It's a chance to win free money!