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  1. Sometimes if it's border line it won't throw a code. Could be a leaky turbo too? Could be worth getting it out with some v-power in the tank for a good couple of hours on the motorway to see if it's just burning off old crap in the cat/dpf, unless a previous owners drilled the DPF out
  2. Bad injector? Glow plug? Air filter? Diesel Filter?
  3. On my high end pc, trying to organise the photos on aa is all laggy and glitchy, takes bloody ages!
  4. With my track record, I should avoid anything with 4 wheels
  5. See i was going to include crying but was worried it'd damage my manly ego too much I think it's a very car dealer based hobby
  6. Does drinking yourself to sleep count as a hobby?
  7. You'll get the hang of it I'm sure!
  8. Tell them you'll send the spare key and service history once they've left a review
  9. I had the exact same person (Dean Talbot) try it on with me earlier in the year with an Audi A3, wanted it delivered, wanted to pay by credit card, wouldn't have it driven to him. Claimed he was in Preston, tried a couple of times with different postcodes. Wouldn't pay unless he could do it over the phone via credit Card. He's clearly a scammer!
  10. Had this on a family owned S2000 a few years back, tried a cheap one, didn't work. Paid extra for a honda oem one, worked a treat. Also make sure that there's nothing stuck in the plug hole, from memory the connection can snap easily add stay in the hole.
  11. Good to know, getting fed up of dropping the clay bar and having to bin it
  12. Have you tried using a clay mit/glove yet James? Just about to run out of clay bar and was tempted to try one to see if it was a but quicker
  13. I bought a £50 dual action from argos with some cheap foam pads from ebay, it's on death's door as the motors about ready to die after 8 months of abuse but it's a great starting point. Meguires make some awesome microfibre machine polishing pads too, expensive but work great.