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  1. I think when I looked when I was 24, I got quotes for £6k with heavy restrictions on what could be put on the policy. Why not wait a few years until you're 25 and build up a pot in the meantime?
  2. Unless the plastic guides have snapped and/or the chain is stretched
  3. Must of had some sort of paper work to back it up, old pre online mot paperwork maybe? I can't imagine someone bidding that much for a car like that with no paperwork, then again, I can't imagine anyone paying that much for a dirty old Sierra
  4. Only 7000 miles if I remember correctly?
  5. Talking about old cars fetching mad money, has anyone seen that video on Facebook of the Sierra rs cosworth going through East anglia car auctions last weekend for £80k?
  6. Owner could have cheekily asked the inspector to give it cat b write off so they got a pay out and able to get a newer car!
  7. I don't think they'll ever reverse a cat b, it wouldn't be worth the risk.
  8. I thought Cat B meant it could only be broken for parts? My bike was a Cat B write off after a crash on a round about years ago, I bought it back off the insurance company, I couldn't sell the frame but could sell everything else (that wasn't broken or bent).
  9. Give it another 10-15 years and I think people will be on board with buying cars from amazon.
  10. Sometimes if it's border line it won't throw a code. Could be a leaky turbo too? Could be worth getting it out with some v-power in the tank for a good couple of hours on the motorway to see if it's just burning off old crap in the cat/dpf, unless a previous owners drilled the DPF out
  11. Bad injector? Glow plug? Air filter? Diesel Filter?
  12. On my high end pc, trying to organise the photos on aa is all laggy and glitchy, takes bloody ages!
  13. With my track record, I should avoid anything with 4 wheels