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  1. Your current longest car in stock....

    I'd get bored of both ends then, bit like the Mrs
  2. Your current longest car in stock....

    Just got rid of my longest standing car so far, it was a Mondeo Estate Titanium X 2008 with only 70k on the clock, had it for 85 days, glad to see the back of it!
  3. Autotrader Customer Services

    Vikki asked me for some feedback on it as they're looking for things they can change if they're not working well!
  4. Autotrader Customer Services

    Thanks! Have just sent a PM
  5. Morning all, Is anyone else getting really crap customer services from Autotrader recently? I've had to call them everyday this week with technical problems and people not getting back to me via email or phone. It's just basic stuff like changing a phone number (had to call twice to get it changed over 2 days), address changes taking over a week, the "new business manager" not replying to emails etc.I've never spoken to my account manager, even after requesting he calls me when he wasn't busy on another call (this was back in early Jan) Called up today to make a complaint after the new trade portal has hidden things like retail checker and naturally my account manager wasn't available, spoke to a lovely lady called Vikki, she helped me find everything on the new portal, but she cant do much in the way of sorting complaints because shes not my account manager. Is it just my bad luck or are they always like this?
  6. Dealer working from home vs Neighbour (problem)

    https://www.glitterretribution.co.uk/spring-loaded-glitter-canon Sounds like the sort of guy who would love glitter everywhere, shame you can't order these full of dog shit instead! Very sorry to hear about your Father.
  7. Help if you can......

    This is appalling, it's getting worse and worse every year. The scum really don't care how it affects anyone else, rotten selfish bastards. My condolences to you and his family.
  8. Citroen Help Please

    Just a daft one, is it getting up to temp okay? A friend had it on hispersonal car a while ago, turned out the thermostat was stuck open and the regen cycle wouldn't kick in because of it.
  9. How’s January started out?

    I agree, haven't been tempted to go to any auction recently because the selection is crap
  10. Never Gonna Moan Again

    I struggle going up a step ladder!
  11. Critique my ads!

    fingers crossed!
  12. Critique my ads!

    Yeah I realised that, should have gotten diesels! Although I thought the Audi would be in the "hot hatch" market being a turbo petrol?
  13. Critique my ads!

    Thankyou buddy!
  14. How’s January started out?

    2 in the first week with viewing booked in over the weekend. Got some stock at good prices so hopefully they'll make up for this month!