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  1. Transporters/recovery truck... shall I buy one?!

    I sold mine because it just takes too long out of the business. BCA charge me £60 from their local sites, Manheim £65 (single units, less if multiple). No queuing at the key office, no dirty ratchet straps, no missing calls etc. There has been a couple of occasions when I could do with one but there is always a work around.
  2. Amazing Valet Product for removing TAR

    My valeter swears by Tardis - I just couldn't resist after you said, make sure to wash it all off. Good stuff - I am old skool, so petrol for me too.
  3. Amazing Valet Product for removing TAR

  4. Diagnositic Equipment

    My workshop has just procured the top Autel wireless machine and I have the small handheld version. They are making traction - remember how cheap Teng Tools were 15-20 years ago and now look...............
  5. Diagnositic Equipment

    You've opened a can of worms now Umesh - come on Dave 1234567891011121314151617181920 - let him have it
  6. Newbie hello

  7. Funny things new engines and peoples interpretation of a new engine: New short engine, new head, complete - what about ancilliaries? I don't see much added value as the rest of the car and its running gear is 78K. Also, people worry that it must be a weak engine and consider they might end up needing a replacement themselves. I would rather a straight 78k mile car with original engine and FSH personally speaking.
  8. Reviews - cheating or not?

    I once bought a battery booster or OBD readerbecause of the high reviews because I know nothing about what to look for. I remain pleased with the product but upon unpacking, a card fell out saying FREE battery tester for every 5* review left. I put the card in the bin forfeiting my FREE goods.
  9. Newbie hello

    2 spoons of salt isn't it
  10. Newbie hello

  11. Expecting retail money back OMG

    I had a call offsomeone who just said - I would like to come and test drive your Audi TTS. I said we only do test drives after we have agreed a sale and a deposit paid. He said that’s fine, can I have my deposit back after the test drive. I said no (I could tell he was a young test pilot on a jolly). So glad I have learned to suss people after having my fair share of messers.
  12. Expecting retail money back OMG

    Exactly what I told him - oh, and he said there was no financial interest in the car - HPI said different. He knows all about the overheating issue and I made a point of telling him, I wouldn't even give him £5k.
  13. Expecting retail money back OMG

    I had a mate who asked if I would sell his 66 plate Fiesta Eco Boost for him. I said Eco Boost, no thanks. He said, but you can keep anything you make over £10k for yourself
  14. Newbie hello

    To be honest, I usually would but the first one bothered to pick up the phone and request a viewing. When I said, I work 8.30 - 5.30 (at least) Mon-Fri, I do weekends by appointment, which means if no one is coming I can have a well deserved day at home - what time would you like to come? He said, you enjoy your weekend and I will come to you on Monday, would you like me to call first? What a gentleman. I just said, you're ok to turn up, if I'm not there I will only be at the workshop around the corner. I am not going to gazump him for the sake of a loose CG generic lead, I shall reply to them on Monday. Maybe foolish but respect works both ways.
  15. Expecting retail money back OMG

    This is the reason I use a VOIP system - at a certain time each day, calls automatically route to a voicemail saying "we are closed, leave a message and we will call you back upon reopening." These people will buy a car from a main dealer and pay £30,40,50K+ and accept that they close at 5 or 6pm - us independents, they think they own us - which is why I no longer publish my mobile number - just a VOIP landline which gets routed to my mobile. I alsocall out from my mobile via VOIP, so it appears as a landline number and I can be anywhere in the world but it looks like a proper business number. Voicemail when I chose not to take calls.