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  1. Who is doing well?

    That is the biggest downside to Ebay, best price offers at stupid times of thedaynight. I soon realised I would never hear from them again once they had sobered up.
  2. Who is doing well?

    It's too soon to tell if losing Ebay has any impact but certainly losing AT only had a benefit, more sold less the big bill. Could be coincidence and never say never but for now AT is the last platform I would revisit. I'm trying Car Guru's now and to be fair, when analysing the ones I can (i.e. checking feedback, looking at old emails etc), they have quietly been delivering a few. I just hadn't apportioned any sales to them because I was on a free package. I really don't like their price markers but I do like the invoice they send me.
  3. Recession, no recession, Brexit, no Bexit, diesel no diesel - I care not one bit. 80% of my stock is "need" stock and only 20% is "want" stock. What do I mean? The 80% of my stock is stuff that people need, regardless of the economy, they either need a car or they don't. For the other 20%, there is usually someone benefitting from a downturn in the economy, so worth having a couple of"want" or desirable cars.
  4. Who is doing well?

    Going away at the end of June - can't bloody wait. Have a nice time Row
  5. Who is doing well?

    Just checked my VT CDM and it says I have sold 18 since 1/4/19. Stock currently on 19 but I am trying to increase that to 25 by the end of next week. Since 1/4/19 - I have no AT bill and have just cancelled Ebay too(22/5/19 was last day). I like to try one platform at a time because I am hopeless at remembering to ask "where did you seethe advert". This way, I know 100%* where the lead came from. *caveat - I have FB feed throughout at £25 per month, why would I cancel it? Hoping for a busy week next week. Have got someone chasing me down on a 207 CC but wants to view today and I want a day off. Also have someone else lined up for either the same 207 CC or another similar one I have. I'm surviving. Last month I "had it off" this month, I am paying bills. This is year 2 for me, so it is nice to have YoY comparison. Trouble is last year I did 9 in May (with no VAT margin), this year, I am sat on 8 with a week to go (but am now registered for VAT, so need to do 2 more to compensate).
  6. Car Dealer 5

    Just tried again and it is working. Cheers Row
  7. Car Dealer 5

    Anyone having issues logging in this morning, I am?
  8. When I type Car Dealer in to Google, I get that explanation too
  9. On the Fiat Punto I sold with the same problem, it was a broken cable. In the end, the quickest and cheapest option was to get a used seat.
  10. Mobile ECU Remapping

    Where does he work now? VW
  11. Are we going to have to refund this customer?

    He's giving the money back ultimately. This way the worst that can happen is a positive experience and possible 5* review from the customer or a second shot at selling a retail car.
  12. Are we going to have to refund this customer?

    Thank you for letting us know Sir, I do understand as many people now opt for an automatic gearbox. We have two options for you 1) We will refund you straight away and thank you for considering us or 2) We hold on to your deposit and find you a more suitable car within the next 7 days. Eveything else, all the other benefits we discussed will remain. What would you like us to do Sir?
  13. What does NAMA U mean at auction?

    Anyone know why they don't do appraisals on vans? - I like a van and always do well but often there is nothing on the report beyond the axle configuration.
  14. Am I being had?

    You might have to learn that in sign language though.
  15. Help with private plate swap please

    You could always change the address on the V5 to yours first, then any further docs will land on your door step (including the old and new reg)