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  1. Another reason I don’t like the 500 which appear to self destruct around 50k. Hope you wash your face with it mate.
  2. 99% of the time, I do this myself. I have also started doing this on minor cosmetic prep (wheels, very light scuffs). I explain to the customer (if they complain). Yes Sir, the wheels need a refurb but I have left them to allow the customer to choose the colour. We always MOT after POS so that you get a brand new FULL MOT. This has a few benefits. 1) Helps cash flow 2) Sometimes people do not care about a scuffed rim (if it is minor) 3) I sometimes use a refurb instead of discount or I will say, "I will knock off £200 if you accept the wheel condition for example." In which case, I haven't actually given any discount. MOT's are always done, no room to negotiate on that point.
  3. It may seem tough but if BCA rolled over every time some said "it was an accident, my kid got hold of my phone, my phone froze or whatever" can you imagine how many people would try and back out as the car isn't what they hoped or they simply changed their mind as a better car was coming through later on. I have nearly done it when my mouse was hovering over the bid button, so I just moved it well out of the way. On that note, one of my frustrations; I generally try and buy 3 cars at any time and have a list of suspects around 10 times that many (i.e. a list of 30 to achieve 3). The ones I "really" want tend to be further down the running order, so I often underbid on the first ones (unless they come at my cheeky bid) in the hope of winning the ones I really want. I have lost count of the number of times I have chickened out of another bid on the slightly less desirable stock becuase a better car is coming and ended up with neither (because everyone was chasing the same car).
  4. You are funny Casper and so polite
  5. Just remembered a CRV, not taken in PX by me but came via a Main Dealer. Prop shaft removed by previous Owner at a guess prior to chopping in as had a typical noisy rear axle - fixed via the usual hack.
  6. It also depends on the quality of the storage. Red diesel is diesel with a dye, that's all but, often found in farms, plant yards etc where storage of the stuff isn't anywhere near as clinical as a busy petrol station and tends to sit around longer. In boats, diesel bug is a big issue when leaving the boat moored without an additive - trick was to brim the tank. That said, imagine a half full rusty bowser at the back end of the cow shed - that isn't going to be too healthy.
  7. My first car MkII Escort cost me £290, that wouldn't buy a wing now. Never forget my Dad making me tell the insurance company that my 1.3 Popular model had a twin choke Webber carb and a K&N Filter. Insurance was £410 (in 1991).
  8. Again, on the banger money PX - I just don't bother driving them. If I have cleared a couple out of the retail and allowed £500 on the swapper, I just scrap them for about £150 or whatever I can get and still make a nice drink out the overall deal. This often happens when a dealer down the road gets all fussy about their PX and bids scrap money, customer gets all pissed off and dealer ends up making nothing whereas; I have still made a fair chunk and just have to make one call to get the junk lifted. Short sighted customers - all hooked on how much I allowed on the PX.
  9. I didn't realise I was a Vegan, amazing.........I don't drink diesel either.
  10. No but I could use a few for myself
  11. The only thing I would do differently is to have started doing what I do much sooner. I have been fortunate to have seen rapid growth in the last 18 months (since starting again). Imagine where I would have been if I had restarted 10 years ago.
  12. I have been attended to by AA on a car with trade plates. I did however hide them under the boot floor when they arrived. I fessed up to the patrol guy (a top bloke to be fair), even called me out of curiosity to see whether I had made it home.
  13. It would be easier to say what sport I do like than ones I don't. There are two, one I do (occassionally) and one I watch (constantly) Boxing and Sailing. The rest bores me especially football - I don't get it.