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  1. What repairs/servicing won't you tackle?

    Is it a convertible
  2. Car gurus

    Well, that's typical. Really quiet then out of the blue - one sold (pre booked) and two further walk-ins SOLD. AT doesn't kick in until August, so all CG
  3. Car gurus

    You might be right Noa but being solely on CG isn’t providing enough traffic (except on one very cheap car) and EBay has burned their bridges with me I’m afraid. I am also starting to increase my stock value (vs. Quantity) and want more finance business to help compensate the larger ad bill. The biggest thing for me is the nonsense way CG ranklistings, trying to be clever and ranking on value over price (which is far too subjective). For example, in myopinion, my 2012 Passat Bluetech Sport with 80k, 1 Owner, FVWSH inc recent belt in black fully loaded is better value than say a 2013, 4 owner with patchy/no history at a grand less. How can you rank listings on value? Cheers Nick. I am waiting until August allowing me time toget all my ducks in a row, reword ads, start videos again (CG didn’t host them, so couldn’t be bothered to do them). Being on AT at great expense needs to be fully utilised and I don’t want any wastedtime, these next two weeks will push me to get things “ready for the launch” on 1st August. Onwards and upwards.
  4. Car gurus

    Well guys, I know one or two of you will be dissapointed in me but I have just signed up to AT again from the 1st August. Car Gurus started well for me but the last couple of months have been rubbish and Ebay never came to the party to match the price other dealers are paying, so that leave AT. I will give it a few months to compare and contrast and for those interested, will post results. PS: Sorry NOA
  5. Code Reader Snap on ???

    Check it has the latest updates because that sounds too good to be true.
  6. Finance for doorsteppers

    I don't have a problem with VAT, I have a problem with the margin scheme and the way it is calculated. As a dealer, we add value and the best way to do this is to buy something that needs a bit of recon BUT..... because of the margin scheme; If you buy a vehicle for £1,000 and sell for £4,000 (hypathtical I know). You will pay £500 margin. So what you may think but what about if you have spent £2,000 + VAT in prep? Yes you claim the £400 VAT back but your nett margin is still only £500.
  7. Finance for doorsteppers

    I am not sure how anyone can stay "unregistered" for VAT in this game.
  8. Code Reader Snap on ???

    Try the Autel Pro - I'm not techy but it looks a great bit of kit. Think EuroCP are doing them and have various offers. Cheaper than Snap On and I believe do more? Where is Dave?
  9. Forum problems!

    Brilliant film (the first one anyway, then I got bored of his skills).
  10. Forum problems!

    You've got my number and I have the number for most of the regulars on here. That's my back up plan.
  11. Another (My First) BCA Tale of Woe

    Manheim are pretty good delivery wise. Normally within 48 business hours. BCA seems to take forever. On balance, I prefer BCA as an auction house but Manheim are more customer focussed IMO.
  12. Remove Speed Limiter!!

    Yes, that was my post.
  13. June Trading Activity

    I'm only on 4 sold for the month, worst month ever but I couldn't care a bit. I have some decent stock and come Thusday night, I am away for about 10 days. Bought another boat for our holiday (another one yesterday, not the one I bought a few weeks ago) and am going to be busy sorting that out this week, changing for a bigger fuel tank,mop and polish, fit the new canvass and chart plotter etc. You watch the phone ring off the hook, so I don't get a minute plus it is currently in the unit blocking all the stock in, so someone is bound to want whatever is tucked in the corner.
  14. He’s after the finance comms lol
  15. Smells dodgy

    He’s still here. The next ad will say, this vehicle has been on a thorough 3 day PDI and trial to ensure it is perfect for the new owner, which is why we have just increased the price by £500.