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  1. Trade plate receipt

    I thought about that but they want proof of insurance and that is in the company name now.
  2. Trade plate receipt

    Becuase I incorporated last year after receiving plates (in my name), I had to apply for new plates using a VTL301, I even called DVLA to confirm that I was doing everything right. There was even some guidance notes saying you couldn't apply more than 10 days before when you want the plates to start. Mid Jan, letter comes back with my VTL301 and cheque saying due to the change of legal entity, I need to send a VTL301 - the very same form they sent back to me correctly completed. And, I also need to fill in a VTL308. I called DVLA and said I am confused, you're asking me to send what I have already sent. They said we are too busy to talk to you, send us an email. Auto reply to email says, this could take up to 8 weeks for a response. I then called again and said well how much shall I make a cheque out for because if it takes 8 weeks, that will not be the full years rate - they didn't know. Anyway, eventually I got a response and it was the VTL308 that needed to accompany my application along with the return of my old plates - now sent and just waiting and waiting and waiting. They sent everything back to my home address, completely ignoring my VTL301 application address, good job I hadn't moved house. If this annual renewal causes such backlogs, why don't they do rolling renewals throughout the year, i.e. whether you apply in Jan, March, July, or December - it is 12 months from then - same as normal RFL.
  3. Great price bracket stock!!!

    Could you not do exactly the same with BCA and Manheim Online?
  4. BCA Account Upgrade

    I went straight on to Gold (after I had just paid private fees on first purchase). I'm almost at platinum now, so it worked for them and me.
  5. Communication Problems - Mrs Richards
  6. What to do

    Exactly what I was thinking and I'm not at all technical. Dipstick measures depth of oil in the sump, which is where it would be if it snapped off surely, probably stuck in part to the magnet inside the sump.
  7. Expected to see thread about No Brexit Deal

    Good call - I have put it in the diary to do this at the next millenium
  8. I don't know why I don't sell houses instead of cars - I have moved 28 times (I'm 45) and never lost money on houses. I always plan to stay, do them up and can't resist a fresh valuation then kerching it is sold. My last one sold in 2 hours with £48k up in 3 years (spent £30k on it mind). Sale fell through (couldn't get mortgage) and we had more or less committed (at least in our hearts) to our current house. Had an open weekend with 5 viewings and had 4 offers of the asking price same day. Current house has gone up over £100k (3 years in April) according to agents but we don't plan to sell (yet) as we love it. Ticks more or less every box except for that sea view (no chance of enough coastal erossion as we are Midlands). I must add, I have lost most of that money made from houses (remember my old thread), so I am not bragging. Regarding immigration - I have no issue with it at all, providing those joining our shores add value not deduct value from our economy. And to be fair, I have never had my cars washed by a British person (I mean one of the £5 hand car washes). Eastern Europeans in my experience have a much better work ethic than us Brits on the whole. Look at Nick - I don't know everything but it appears he has an excellent business and he is clearly a very educated man, he knows more about this business than many and uses every opportunity available to grow and continue to grow - that is impressive. Look at Lucas - He is trying hard, his posts come across niave but remeber he is not speaking in his native tongue or culture but he is trying and from what he says, has already achieved much success in his life. If he replicates that here, that is only good news.
  9. Suzuki Vitara bidding war?

    I have just amended all my ads to say "former celebrity owner."
  10. Expected to see thread about No Brexit Deal

    Be sure to look me up if you do go, you’ll be driving pretty much past me.
  11. No PEN 1S True story. When DVLA released the M prefix cherished plate sale back in about 2003. I registered my interest in M4 RKY (for obvious reasons). I don't know how this works but anyway, I didn't "win" the plate. They emailed to say as much and suggested I could buy M1 LFS for the same price (I think £499 from memory but not much). I wish I had bought that plate, must be worth a fortune now.
  12. My accountant does mine and is currently uploading everything to Xero at which point, I will take over and manage myself (once up to date). Doesn't do VAT margin but that is a very easy calculation.
  13. Expected to see thread about No Brexit Deal

    My Dad loves Morgan's he has had several wooden cars and a friend of mine is one of the tour guides at the Morgan factory - I am in Worcester.