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  1. Grantham - Garage Required

    Thank you Mark I appreciate your input on this. And thanks Rory, I had the same thought but albeit close in distance they are 1 1/2 hours drive away. I will update you all.
  2. Grantham - Garage Required

    Thanks Guys To be honest, the soot filter full was on when I collected the car. I ran it for three days (40 mile round trips) and saw loads of black smoke come out and the warning went off. I tried to do a forced regen on my Autel but Volvo isn't supported. It has come on again only today, guy does decent journey's and has covered 400 miles in less than a week. The guy says it literally will not rev up (typical limp mode) and he doesn't want to drive it, so although your suggestion is appreciated SC, I really need to find somewhere close to him. I have said he can bring it back here but he doesn't feel happy to drive it. Just for the record, this isn't a screamer - he is a totally decent lad and I just want to sort it asap for him. Anyone know Linctraders no.?
  3. Grantham - Garage Required

    I am not with the car, so cannot read codes. Soot filter full, which I thinks is Volvo's equivalent term of a DPF filter - car gone into limp mode.
  4. Hi Guys Anyone recommend a good indi garage in Grantham Lincs area please? Got a D5 Volvo with a soot filter (DPF) issue. Thanks
  5. Feedback / Advice?

    You're right L-P, the car does look completely different Looks great but you have missed a tiny bit That's not OCD, that is the only way it should be.
  6. CDM Forum Awards?

    Best Sitcom of all time - Fawlty Towers Second - Inbetweeners Third - Only Fools and Horses
  7. Handler Protect Warranty

    Work out: 1) How much have3rd party warrantiescost you to place over the past 6 months - A 2) How much you have had to pay for items not covered - B 3) How much you have paid to "top up" partially accepted claims - C 4) Total valueof honoured claims for same period - D Now calculate (A+B+C) - D If you have a positive value - self warrant
  8. After some mini advice

    There you go - night shift now operating
  9. A Bad Day

    I’ve got a back up Kia Soul - I think it is alright actually.

    I don’t have a chip on my shoulder but other than that, I would be perfect
  11. A Bad Day

    Thanks Tim Cheers Simon - keeps us humble Thanks TG I will conclude this story tomorrow when all done and dusted. Probably be something along the lines of my step mother hates it
  12. A Bad Day

    Thanks Dave
  13. Car valeting

    I have had this broom for twenty years, that's a long time Rodney. Well it's two decades I wouldn't go that far but it's a long time. Priceless
  14. A Bad Day

    It seems that way mate - struggling to keep at least 12 ready for December - not a bad problem to have.
  15. A Bad Day

    Second one dealt for the day - subject to finance (pre approved and invoice requested/sent). I'm back, guess who's back, back again.