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  1. I had a repeat customer (he has bought 4 off me in the last 12 months) bring his mate for a new car. His mate had been to Ford and eyed up a 1.0 Ecoboost Powershift. I spewed everything I could about this car and convinced him not to do it. Instead he allowed me to find him a late Focus manual (non 1.0 Eco), not an easy task. Anyway a few weeks past and I hadn't managed to find one that met the spec, mileage and budget so I called my customer (i.e. my repeat customer) to ask whether he would consider anything else. He said "The bloke is a twat, he has gone and bought the 1.0 ECO Power Shift from Ford." I can't wait for the call
  2. I used to subscribe to CAP black book in my early days. Used to get laughed at because back then as Glass’ ruled the roost and I was a clear newbie. Used to sell the books each month when the next one arrived, which more or less covered the subs. There’s a good ole days story for @trade vet
  3. Might as well fit some Continentals because every time I leave a roundabout at anything above tick over in this weather, I end up driving on the Continental side of the road I got left by a Fiat 500 on a roundabout today.
  4. I have been naughty today. Having had a gut full of EV nutters; someone walked in today whilst I was talking to the close rep - he was looking around my Leaf with a woman in tow. He looked a twat, urban dress wear but 20 years too old, I didn’t bother my arse to ask if he needed help. Questioning my lazy intolerant attitude, I looked out the window and saw a brand new Octavia VRS. At this point I knew I had made the right decision by ignoring him - he left and we never even spoke. My valeter got back (from fetching me a McDonalds) and said, that bloke in the VRS that has just driven past me was here last week when you were at the auction. Clearly a time waster.
  5. I wouldn’t even want to watch the World Cup if we were in the final, rugby yes, boxing definitely.
  6. You need to change the title of this thread Audi A5 S tronic, the reliable one
  7. So I am not the only one who hates Football then?
  8. I budgeted on £250 a corner, so I am happy with that but I thought Pirelli were OEM.
  9. I was just going to ask David that question because these 20" are all on about 3mm and quickly approaching slicks. I have had the car 2.5 days and just filled up for the second time - worth every single bloody hard earned penny. Had someone ask me how much the tax was, I said, I wouldn't let that concern you
  10. We are brothers from different counties.... exactly the same for me. Best thing I have done in this business (apart from taking a holiday) was to get a new completely seperate mobile number/contract for the business. This is where all VOIP calls are routed too. When work finishes (or I decide), phone goes off and I can relax knowing when my own mobile rings, it isn't a screamer. BTW, for those of you who have my number, that is my personal one, so I am not blocking "forum fweinds" just the midnight dreamers and screamers. I don't see WhatsApp on @umesh website. Cracking site though, lovely set up too by the looks of it.
  11. It’s a GoPro Hero 3 (I think) fitted to boot lid.
  12. I am seriously tempted to get a set of Miltek exhausts fitted but the thing is deafeningly loud anyway. Three neighbours came out this morning for a look. On a serious note, the car can be a handful and in the wet, probably the slowest car I have driven. I need a bigger gap to pull out (in the wet) than in a 1.0l Micra because it will simply sit and spin. With traction control on, you can look like a hero - with it off you're a brave man in the rain. This is a video I took of my final drive in my old XKR before chopping it in for a E350 cab.
  13. In 2014, I sold my XKR and it is the only car I have ever regretted selling, I actually regretted it instantly and have done since. Yesterday, that all changed when I bought myself another one and as I pulled out of Blackbushe sideways yesterday and pretty much for the rest of the day, I remembered exactly why I love them so much. I am almost certain this one has been breathed on because it seems so much quicker than my last one.