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  1. I have no idea why anyone buys stuff that needs excessive prep. I work this job full time, have a (more or less) full time valeter, driver, gofer, a part-time mechanic and an MOT workshop on my doorstep and prep kills the momentum, I hate laying out money and waiting weeks to get it ready for sale. I try and buy cars that need minimal prep but all of them have: New MOT, a minimum of an interim service + inspection and valet. Those are the basics and it still takes a lot of time. Add a few "issues" and that can further increase prep time; I certainly wouldn't be deliberately buying engine swappers or like Tradegirl, CAT D/N cars to repair - slows things up far too much. I can't imagine how you do that alongside a full time job (or has that changed?)
  2. I used to love attending auctions, the food hall, the auctioneer, the banter. I only don't go because of time constraints. I bought 5 last week, the ones I thought were going to be risk free (a 1 owner Golf GTI and a BMW 325 6 cylinder petrol) turn out to be the risky bags. The banger MX-5, the U Grade S-Max and a 36k, 12 Honda stamp Jazz Auto are all fine, except - I bought the Jazz (£1,000 over book) for a lady who had called the day before who said she cannot find a small, petrol, automatic car for £4k anywhere can I help. Less than 24 hours later, I call and say got you one....You can guess the rest. Luckily (for her) I missed the call and got a voicemail saying..... I left a deposit on one after we spoke yesterday. From now on £500 dipper no exceptions of sourcing. Happened twice now in two weeks.
  3. Started off really well this month but gone quiet now. I am sure AT will put it down to the end of the double up freebie but I just think it is one of those things. Of course, now it's quiet I have a couple of screamers. I am well stocked and having to store a few cars in my garage at home, so my ducks are all in a row ready for another flurry of buyers.
  4. I started using Xero but it doesn't have CDM which is why I switched to VT and Sage.
  5. Do you remember the urban myth that a Maestro would say "oh shit" in the event of an accident. It was big news when I was a lad. I had a G reg Maestro Special when I was at college in 1991, my dad bought it me. I hated it and did a straight swap for an Orion Injection Ghia. I have never had as much money as when I lived at home, thanks Dad.
  6. Buy yourself a cheap dedicated PC with Windows (£300) and pay VT and Sage £500 in total per year and you are 100% sorted. 1 press of a button on the 7th of Feb and my VAT is done, I am compliant, my books are always up to date every single day before I leave work. Takes 10 mins per day and makes you feel so much better knowing your real financial standing.
  7. VT just google BBSOL Works a treat for me.
  8. Bloody hell Casper, that was an anti climax
  9. Sounds like my policy but it does restrict under 25’s and relatives (my choice).
  10. I will be the first to admit that I wish I had experienced the cars of yesteryear. I started in early nineties (dabbled from my childhood home) aged 18. Mini 1275GT, XR3i type stuff and had fun but made no money. Started again early noughties and even back then cars were far less complicated. I was one of the first with a website and card payment machine. Had a long sabatical and got back again in Feb 2018. On the whole, I love it but every day has its challenges. I can either buy or well but never at the same time. I either have plenty of customers or reliable staff but never at the same time. I have garages that cannot keep up when I am busy but come asking for work when I am quiet. Challenges.
  11. My insurance went up to £4,300 this year with Aviva. Their excuse, my current whip. Going with NIG (including current smoker) for £2,600. Sounds a lot but that is not much more than my monthly AT bill - so represents good value when you consider AT is optional and insurance is not.
  12. You did it properly then. Scruched up newspaper and a GB sticker usually worked a treat on rusty boot lids.
  13. It didn't work on my car, ended up using a genuine occupancy mat from BMW which sorted it out - cost about £160 all in.
  14. Injector chuffing? Then again, your workshop should know best.
  15. I wouldn't back a car or even bother Surecheck for a wheel bearing. If that's all that is wrong, I would be quite happy. If I could use the wheel bearing as an "excuse" for a car that isn't as good as I hoped on the other hand.