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  1. windscreen chips

    I've just been quoted £120 on this one!
  2. windscreen chips

    I have a q, screenman. I’ve just bought a fiat 500. It looks like at some point the car lost its drivers side wiper but the owner continued to use the wipers anyway. Now there’s a full length arc of scratching. Can it be repaired or do I just bite the bullet and get a new screen? TIA.
  3. Another negative review, whats your take on this

    Agree, some of the reviews are immense, but it's not really fair so as penance for laughing I've left him a nice 5* review! :thumbs up:
  4. Complaint #2 Response

    You win!
  5. Complaint #2 Response

    Yep! It was quite a giggle, managed to get the speedo to slightly higher than it’s indicated top speed too. On a downhill section.
  6. Complaint #2 Response

    Off topic but I did Leeds to Cambeltown and back in a day last year, 6.5 hours each way. Picked up a very very cheap C1 though so it was worth the effort. Sold it within a week.
  7. flipping cars youtube

    Not wanting to be too much of a fan boy,but as someone relatively new to all this I’ve found the videos really useful.
  8. Warranty companies

  9. Warranty companies

    I'm interested in this threadtoo. (New member, hi!). I deal from home part-time - yes another. Started last year as something more interesting than the day job (IT). Does anyone trading from home have any advice/recommendations? Ta!