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  1. My 2 cents, branding is way off... Brumz? Naturally it makes me and will make most people think of Birmingham and chavs, all within 3 seconds, and I'm a brummie born and raised. That's not a dig just my constructive feedback, did you get the logo made on fiverr? Craig I'm all for new business a million percent and I'm with you all the way but I'd seriously look at your branding, like others have said we've seen it all before with business who have spebt a ton on branding and still fallen at the first hurdle. Before anything else, as you will probably know branding is the first thing to get right, forget everything else if branding isn't right I won't even consider you and that's what's exactly happened to me, I was all in and willing to sign up to your site until I went onto it. It's all well and good preaching attitude and application wins, no it doesn't, if I don't buy into your branding within seconds I'm off, it's the way we are now unfortunately.
  2. More advice please

    Personally Im not a fan of the photo location however I understand locations for doorsteppers (Inc me) can be hard to find, also no need for the angled / images, what are you taking the shots with? There's a superb photo guide autotrader issued, give it a Google well worth the read. Also the description, try following a format such as what the car is, features, spec, who you are etc it seems a bit jumbled and doesn't flow very well. Spend some time checking out the members advertisements on here, it's a gold mine of how to do it, look at their photos and description layouts.
  3. Newbie to the site

    Wow that's good rates, I'm assuming you need to be a barclaycard business account holder Mark?
  4. BCA Assured Reports

    Its all a load of bollocks designed to make money that's it
  5. Newbie to the site

  6. Part-time Trader

    Wow, reminds me of me 6 months ago@Jaime even if you get called a cunt by these lot, you won't find better advice anywhere on the planet, take it lije a, man, get over yourself (just like I did) and you might learn something
  7. Part-time Trader

    Car dealer magazine published a great "how to" which is certainly worth reading
  8. A few questions from a Newbie

    Run bagheera run
  9. Mileage descrepancies

    I'm assuming jaguar buyers would be complete know it alls
  10. Mileage descrepancies

    I'm finding no one checks hpi's before buying, ever, they are also clueless about the CRA15
  11. Seems like the faults gone so ill book into Skoda ASAP, just done 60 miles in it and no issues at all
  12. Strange things are happening..... Today (so far) no glow plug light or limp mode??!! I've got a buyer for it too, going to take it for a real run later see what happens, any idea why it's intermittent?
  13. @Stalker would they not do it with the glow light coming up?
  14. But then wouldn't Skoda see that when doing the work?