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  1. Newbie hello

    I've also booked a viewing on the C max, and I thought Rory knew what he was on about LOL
  2. Who does a courtesy call?

    I do this 5 days after sale and I think its an old skool vs new skool thing, in my very humble and inexperienced opinion I believe today's younger and Internet savvy buyer expect this level of service whereas the older generation aren't so demanding and are quite happy with good old manners etc but we now live in a world where fantastic service is rarely appreciated but poor service makes people go absolutely batshit crazy! The younger generation are simply arseholes, expect everything for nothing and bollocks to the welfare of the seller whos simply trying to feed his kids in an honest manner. Anyway I've drunk too much whiskey so bollocks to society I'm off to live on the moon with Wallace and his mate, hiccup.
  3. Movex

    Yep I switched to shiply, find a good transporter then contact them direct
  4. March sales so far ?????

    Thanks NOA Yep I'll be looking tomorrow
  5. March sales so far ?????

    3 so far from Costa Del morecambe
  6. Codeweavers

    What's your site?
  7. Vehicle rejection

    LIKE, I've got someone collecting a Teepee tomorrow, 112k 2010 and the clutch is exactly the same as the one you sold its more of a characteristic than a fault!
  8. HPI checks all the way
  9. Car gurus

    "I would be happy with all the leads I could get. I would reply politely to each and every thing. Possibly even follow up".... And that's what I've done, my issue is that the emails received yesterday evening are either someone on here taking the piss or they are spam/fake from CarGurus
  10. Car gurus

    Run of the mill shite Grant
  11. Car gurus

    That's what I'm on now, I get a few leads, reply and never hear anything back
  12. Car gurus

    Hmmmm, I know I'm nowhere near your level so my experience will be different to yours but I use autotrader Facebook and eBay and I get more actual sales from Facebook than the other two. EBay is just "watchers" and autotrader I hardly ever hear a whisper. I will do some digging on CG tomorrow, I wonder if they offer PAYG?
  13. Car gurus

    I find it highly suspicious that I randomly get 3 lead emails from them after I posted on this thread about them being fake leads!
  14. Car gurus

    And Another one lol Aha deffo someome taking the piss... "Hi, Are you private or trade? The only reason I ask is I used to be in the trade, but your pictures look like they are taken in an abandon car park so not so sure whats going on. What is the lowest youd take and would you delive? Where are you based?" Waheyyyyy And another, whoever it is get a life