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  1. Can you believe it?!

    I sold a shitty 53 plate c max for 450 to 9 of morecambes finest travelling community last week, 9 of them.
  2. Go with your gut, you'll lose nothing by not taking part ex but could lose if you do take part ex
  3. auction4cars

    They won't let me, if a couple of Jessies hadn't of taken it too far I wouldn't of had to change it in the first place
  4. Rogue owner repairs

    Wow shocking, fantastic accent that AD
  5. I can only dream
  6. I've made more off this one estate than my last 2 corsas, it's a real eye opener for me, I know you guys have been telling me to sack off small cars but until you experiment you just never know. I look at my locale, Lancaster is the biggest nearest city, big open area, popular with walkers and short breakers, long windy roads and a mix of low income to high earners, no wonder I struggled with small cars
  7. I hereby declare to never touch a vauxhall corsa ever again, give me dog hair ridden smokers stained diesel estates any day
  8. Thankyou sir, It's ridiculous really that I'm celebrating finally making good money on one car
  9. Yep a family friend, part ex deal for a 53 c-max with 120k, I feel an eBay auction coming on
  10. Trade advice on Mini cooper s

    "which in my experience", which obviously doesn't count for much, I stand corrected again
  11. Trade advice on Mini cooper s

    Only Mini Copper S's? What year models are you thinking because with that budget I don't think you'll get much. Stocks you'll find at trade sources such as auctions, do your own research to find local auctions, you'll only find out margins when you've purchased a car and gone through the whole process through to sale no one can estimate this for you, it all depends what you buy at. Private sales are great if you can find someone willing to sell a car at trade value which in my experience is one in a million. Get registered with auctions and online auction sites and get familiar with the guide prices of the models you're interested in but as I said, mini cooper S's between 1 and 3k I'm not so sure, you'll need a mini expert to give you a better idea on what budget you'll need
  12. Lawgistics

    What he said ^^^^
  13. Sold before I've even advertised it
  14. Lawgistics

    I may be wrong but from what I've read They basically take a monthly fee from you which goes into your "claims pot" then if you get a claim they will give guidance and representation if required and get it sorted for you Just search lawgistivs on here there's a few threads about it
  15. No no I'll do the full set for sure, this one's mainly for trialling demand/appeal, I know small cars will sell but only at certain prices so I'm trying something else, hopefully it'll sell quickly