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  1. Big difference though NACMAN cardealer5 sites serve a purpose, with all due respect your site could be built on a £50 wordpress theme with a dealer plugin installed
  3. No chance its Morecambe carnival I'm off out to perv on the local scum Haha good shout, they are all like it there absolutely nothing wrong with it! He also asked where the nuts for the spare wheel were and if I'd include a set with the sale, oh and his son (who the cars for) was 2 feet from writing it off on the test drive
  4. Yep that's all it is SC Derby, I'm just amazed that's what he picked up on
  5. Took a deposit on a 12 Ltd edition corsa yesterday on the basis I sort a few things out, this included, seriously, the fact the front seatbelts dont return quick enough, I give up.
  6. Keep going with the answers chaps
  7. I'm 34 and it even surprises me how much of a difference there is in the behaviours of today's youngsters
  8. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
  9. Zuto don't give commission you have to charge an additional "admin fee" or you won't get nout!!!
  10. I don't even boost my posts I find that is, a waste of money because even if I target it to a specific location I still get enquiries from 300 miles away, I simply put them on marketplace and as many local groups as allowed and so far like I say, it's my most successful platform by a mile
  11. Only one nick I've been doing some research and it seems demographics are the main influence!
  12. Facebook is my most successful platform EASILY smashing Auto trader out of the park
  13. This is real life advice, you honestly can't just "learn online" to do this, just read my threads and you'll see why, it's impossible. You can learn some things online such as how to setup the business and what's required like insurance etc but what you can't learn and what is possibly THE most important skill is buying correctly. It's not as simple as "just buy a car from auction at the right price". You need to spend hours searching for target cars, then you have to check them out including MOT history, pricing, HPI, condition, work required etc and after you've done that on say 10 cars you'll be lucky to buy one at auction with enough margin on it to make a profit worth the effort. This is why, in my opinion, if you're working at home selling a handful of cars it's just not worth the effort unless you absolutely love it, I believe you need a minimum of 8 to keep you ticking over minimising the risk of selling nothing in a month. These questions might help you make a good decision: Are you prepared to spend most of your day sourcing cars either Sat at your desk or at an auction full of sharks? Will you have most of your day free without the distraction of kids at home? Are you prepared to use your own family home for viewings? I've done it for 6 months and regret it, you only need one nut job and that's it, safety is compromised Can you juggle your kids around to do home viewings professionally? Are you prepared to clean your property for each viewing? How will you do test drives if your wife is at work and you have the kid/s? Are you prepared for the inevitable nosey dickhead neighbours giving you grief? Are you going to use your own money or will you get funding? How many cars do you plan on stocking? What cars do you plan on stocking? Do you have mechanical knowledge of cars? What will you do with offering warranty? What prep will you do yourself? Do you have local contacts for Mot's, bodywork, repairs, tyres, parts etc? Do you know of a location to take professional quality images? Do you have a contingency plan incase you sell nothing in a month? Have your researched advertising platforms? Will you have a website? Will you open multiple trade accounts to buy cars? Do you have any competition locally? Are you willing to work 7 days per week sacrificing family time for viewings? Will you become FCA registered and offer finance? Will you offer card payments for deposits? Lots of questions I know only trying to help you make a sound decision
  14. Don't do it, unless you go all out with a unit and 10 cars put your money and energy elsewhere. You'll be lucky to scrape a meager wage working from home and you'll have to work 20 hours a day and deal with all of the mind numbing shit that comes with the Job such as our wonderful members of society visiting your actual house which is your safe place with no intention of actually buying the car they've been messaging about on Facebook at 11pm for 3 days! Sorry to be "that" guy but It's a real eye opener this job is, I thought ah it'll be piss easy, 1k profit on each car I'll be dancing to the bank LOL, as if! It's a fookin nightmare trying to make 2k in your pocket each and every single month, cars are hard to source and without a network of contacts you're fooked, prep is hard unless you have a trusted crew which takes a while to build, my advise is unless you have good real world knowledge of the industry (not a Google specialist) and how it works dont put yourself through the hassle. Everyone including me thought/thinks it's an easy way to riches, Its not and it'll drive you barmy trying to get there. #ilovemyjob #getmeouttahere