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  1. I have a fantastic guy I use for every job he will do it for £1 a mile transported @Tony911
  2. I was an AA BCA assured "man" for 3 years and there's guys earning 40k a year and more @ blackbushe You'd think they employed qualified mechanics to perform the tests wouldn't you?........
  3. Big difference though NACMAN cardealer5 sites serve a purpose, with all due respect your site could be built on a £50 wordpress theme with a dealer plugin installed
  5. No chance its Morecambe carnival I'm off out to perv on the local scum Haha good shout, they are all like it there absolutely nothing wrong with it! He also asked where the nuts for the spare wheel were and if I'd include a set with the sale, oh and his son (who the cars for) was 2 feet from writing it off on the test drive
  6. Yep that's all it is SC Derby, I'm just amazed that's what he picked up on
  7. Took a deposit on a 12 Ltd edition corsa yesterday on the basis I sort a few things out, this included, seriously, the fact the front seatbelts dont return quick enough, I give up.
  8. I'm 34 and it even surprises me how much of a difference there is in the behaviours of today's youngsters
  9. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
  10. Zuto don't give commission you have to charge an additional "admin fee" or you won't get nout!!!
  11. I don't even boost my posts I find that is, a waste of money because even if I target it to a specific location I still get enquiries from 300 miles away, I simply put them on marketplace and as many local groups as allowed and so far like I say, it's my most successful platform by a mile