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  1. The mechatronics can be refurbed james, there’s plenty of firms online who do it and they come back with lifetime warranty. As you know I’m an expert with these gearboxes now lol! Clutch packs is a big problem, I didn’t get much change out of £2k for mine on the Allroad. Mech units tend to store fault codes in the ecu, whereas the clutch packs don’t.
  2. Correct. Cat A and B cannot be put back on the road. However the parts from cat b can be re-used
  3. This! Oil pressure, injectors, chains... the list goes on
  4. This would be very helpful nick. I’m currently considering unit stocking to grow my business.
  5. Can one of you guys tell me what the winning lottery numbers are gonna be this week please.
  6. I would pay to see you on a skateboard
  7. I’m gonna keep this as short as I can, let the newbies know the sort of fun and games these big auction houses get up to... I won a car from BCA about 6 weeks ago paid clean £3800 with a clear assured report. Went to collect it and the dash was lit up light a Christmas tree. After a week or so of BCA messing me about they agreed to a refund but had ‘lost’ the spare key and paperwork. They would not refund me until the docs were found. Eventually after 5 wasted phone calls I had to threaten them with court (via recorded letter) and eventually got my money back, albeit less the assured fee that they got wrong in the first place. Anyway, that was just the beginning. Since being refunded I have kept an eye on the car and the new assured report is showing all lights are on and also the listing correctly states no spare key/paperwork etc, fair enough. However it’s since gone through the hall FIVE TIMES. Each time the bid starts at about 2k and the auctioneer is pretending people in the hall are bidding however they are not. He is even saying things like ‘SOLD to the guy in the shorts!’ I’m looking around and no one is even looking at the car, let alone wearing shorts! Every time it’s ‘sold’ it appears in the list again the next day. I know this isn’t exactly breaking news for most of us, I just feel the newbies need to know they might be bidding against BCA not another trader.
  8. Your customer would’ve been better off borrowing the money from Wonga! Lol
  9. Gotta love queuing in the tiny key office!
  10. I have also suffered this fault many times. It can be anything, abs sensor, handbrake fault, gear selector module or even the wiring! But most likely clutch/actuator. Need to get it on a proper diag
  11. Yeah very common on that engine. I had it a couple years back, make sure the egr is OE or the problem will keep coming back. I had to replace the egr 2/3 times in a month until I used a genuine one. Also had to replace the boost pressure control valve. Then problem gone.
  12. Lol, that’s Nicks way of buying it off him for £75!
  13. Asking for trouble in my opinion!