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  1. Skoda octavia EGR/Glow plug fault

    Yeah very common on that engine. I hadit a couple years back, make sure the egr isOEor the problem will keep coming back. I had to replace the egr 2/3 times in a month until I used a genuine one. Also had to replace the boost pressure control valve. Then problem gone.
  2. a little help please

    Lol, that’s Nicks way of buying it off him for £75!
  3. Who does a courtesy call?

    Asking for trouble in my opinion!
  4. On Court Day......... what happenes

    It’s quite straight forward. You will arrive and need to sign in. When I went to court the receptionist was sat at a desk in the middle of the waiting room. Unfortunately everyone sits in the same room so whoever you aremeeting in court will likely be sat near you. The receptionist will call each case one at a time. I had to arrive at 10am and was not seen until 4pm so sitting in the waiting room along with the claimant sitting 5 feet away with his entire family was not fun! Eventually you’ll go in and the judge will be sat there, he/she will probably ask the claimant for their version of events first then move to the defendant. Eventually the judge will make a ‘judgement’ and all will be over. One thing I willpoint out though... when I went a couple years back I was adamant I was going to win. I couldn’t see any way on this earth I wouldn’t... the judge ruled 50/50 but I was still gutted.
  5. Codeweavers

    Im thinking of using Codeweavers on my website. Ive heard from my website developer they charge around £50 per month but sometimes the finance company like Close pick up the tab? Are you guys using Codeweavers if so how much are you paying? is it worth it? Should i consider iVendi? Thanks!
  6. 2011 BMW 320i Issue

    Having looked into this in more depth, the recall isn't on the chain itself. It's on some brake servo but apparently the chain is affected in some way and therefore the chain and guides are replaced too. This isn't always the case though, ifthe chain passes the test then just the brake retrofit is carried out. I wonder how this will work in my case, will BMW be alright about me taking a car in there that barely runs and just tell them to carry out the required recalls? Most of the time when the chain is replaced under this recall the car is in full working order but BMW find the issue with their diagnostic equipment. Hope this makes sense!
  7. Hyundai i30 1.6crdi

    I had an i10 last year with an incredibly low clutch bite. Mechanic said don't worry about it, so I didn't. Sold it,never heard another word, think they're all like it.
  8. 2011 BMW 320i Issue

    I think it's passenger airbag. I spoke with Fairfield who say it's just battery cable and passenger airbag for the recall. However Sytner say it's all three so your 'contact' is correct. Thanks again Grant. Have you ever had a car go in for the brake retro fit recall and NOT have the chain changed??
  9. 2011 BMW 320i Issue

    Yes apparently so - im thinking this is my next port of call, dont wanna be playing anymore parts darts though, especially if it turns out to be the chain!
  10. 2011 BMW 320i Issue

    Yeah its been scanned loads to times - it just says misfire and the cylinder, which keeps changing
  11. 2011 BMW 320i Issue

    Thanks for looking into this Grant - however I have just spoken with my local BMW who tell me the only recall outstanding s for the drivers airbag, not the chain
  12. Car gurus

    I’ve sold a few from the free package too! You need to wade through loads of shit leads though
  13. Does anyone use ClickDealer?

    I msssaged you back
  14. 2011 BMW 320i Issue

    Hmm. I was worried it mightbe this! It doesn’t rattle or make any noise though? Or does that not matter? Vin:WBADV52010E653935
  15. 2011 BMW 320i Issue

    As the title says. I’ve got a BMW 320i with a random misfire issue. Changed all the plugs and coils. The misfire keeps moving around randomly and sometimes not at all! I drove it about 20 miles the other day and it was perfect! Then all of a sudden...random misfire again. No other codes stored apart from the cylinder(s) with the misfire. Has anyone come across this before? Thanks