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  1. court Mediation service Help

    IMHO it is possible that the first repair was not thorough enough, did you actually clean out the Oil Pump Strainer ? Is that why the pump seized ?? If she has only done 1000 milesin 3 monthssurely you should refund her, I would. However, if she failed to contact you and then wants to rump you for all the extra exes then yeah, I feel your pain, I just don't understand how she didn't contact you or what has taken all that time,as you have had your own Garage strip it down a second time
  2. 2013 X5 Proberlermo :(

    Yep 3 wires, checked the 3 amp fuse, fine solid power in and out, belled the Blue and Grey between Alternator and ECU fine, checked for 12V on Orange / Yellow, nada zip no supply, so rather than spendhours and hours stripping back the loom and repairing it on an old shitter that will probably be in a ditch next week, (young lads first car), I just ran a separate wire to that terminal,12V now present, Alternator now charging, cleared codes, road tested job's a good 'un, they collecting it in the morning Repair is invisible to all but the very knowledgeable Still waiting on ABS Module for VW, hopefully tomorrow Got a whole load done on my SLK, not much more to do, weekend should see it finished and then I'll be using it all year until phase 2 winter 2019.................... A 5.0 litre M113 V8
  3. Oxidised Headlights

    42 year personal experience, including full Manufacturer, (not dealer), apprenticeship, then built a large Auto Transmission firm, ran that for many years, 8 lifts, 14 employees, would also buy and sell 10 to 12pcm ................... Then Isold up 12 years ago and relocated away from the rat race, semi retired, got bored,now a one man band with fully equippedworkshop, paint shop and buy & sell4 to 6 per month ............... All self funded over the years And yes ............. Exactly what EPV said, I was asking theOP Zee,yes "mates" was a reference toLucas threads, and as I suspected, the OP has fuck all to do with the Motor Trade .......................
  4. Oxidised Headlights

    So how long u been in the Motor Trade then mates?
  5. /\ /\ /\ Exactly this !! Pro's they are not 3 hrs on a new vehicle yes, but when they get older every bolt is seized solid and needs cutting, wiring plugs are minging and the wires just fall out of the terminals, brake pipe ends snap off etc etc .................. Then there is a body shell stuck on your lift for 3 weeks or more while Land Rover Stealer gets all the busted clips, connectors, 'special' shoulder bolts etc etc etc because they stock fuck all nowadays .................... And believe me, because of my location, I am an expert at getting rotten seized stuff undone to avoid trashing it, but all that takes time, and time = £££££ The 3 hr brigade are far from experts, there will be wiring and pipework left hanging due to broken plastic clips, bolts left out because they are snapped off in captives, other fixings just plain left over at the end of the job then binned by 'erbert, and the result is a wrecked vehicle that rattles, squeaks and pops fault messagesall the way to the block .............. or worse
  6. Trade plate receipt

    LOL, Priceless
  7. 2013 X5 Proberlermo :(

    Thanks for confirming I'm on the right track with both, I've already printed the Wiring Diagram and Pin Outs for the 3 Wires, 2 go to ECU and one goes to the 3 amp Fuse in the Fuzz Box, which did get a visual check last night, but I'll check it with a lamp before tearing into the other 2 wires from Alt to PCM Yeah, the VW's ABS Coding is already written down, will just type in the same number, but I'll still have to work out the access code from that sticker in the boot won't I ?? I'll soon work it out once the unit arrives Well after a horrendous and very busy week of shitters, da SLK is back in da building.Close of play Seats are out, Console and under Dash Trims etc all out, and the Fuse Box is all in bits.It has until Monday night in da Workshop, will get as much done as I can .......................Heated Seat Sub Loom has to go from Fuse Box to Right Seat, and then across back of Heater with Main Loom, then to Switch Panel and Earth Point, and then on to Left Seat !!Amplifier Power Lead, Earth and Wake Up have all got to go from Fusebox and H/U to Rear of Console area, above which will be mounted the Active SubOnce that is done, if time allows, then the GPS Antenna needs final mounting, I think it will be under the Dash Top Panel on top of the HVAC boxThe Hands Free Mic also needs final mounting, this will be mounted in the OEM location in the Interior Dome Light, (in actual fact I am going to see if the H/U likes the original MB Mic first), the MB wiring needs splicing into the special H/Free Mic Plug that came with the ERISIN H/U.Finally re fit all parts previously removed !! Be good to get back driving it again all done and dusted Will report back how it's all progressing
  8. 2013 X5 Proberlermo :(

    All's well that has almost ended well, The Fiesta is now running, 2 Blown 15A fuses and a dead Fuel Pump Relay, but ............... Just 2 Codes left, P1632 and P0620, which are Smart Charging System Codes, Battery Light is on all the time, and it isn't Charging, it has had a new Rebuilt Alternator, there is still no Power at Diagnostic Port and the Audio doesn't power upbut my Diag Machine communicates with everything on it's own Battery Power, I'm just mentioning all that in case any of you have had this before ........................ I will have to dig at that next week now, but aside from that the old Fezza is driving fine The Alternator was the original fault, I think the inept fiddlings of its spotty owner was what caused the blown Fuses and maybe the fuel pump relay / non start issues. Last Ford I worked on had a Carburettor (lol not really, but I don't see that many with awkward faultsthese days). I've done all the googling without much info, although I will be checking the Wiring Harness for Chafing by the Manifold next week SLK is now in the building, and isn't going out until the interioris all back together. I have a couple of hours on it now, then all tomorrow and most of Monday Passat is now awaiting ABS Module. Skoda and Golf fixed for now and gone, tranquility is returning in the NW and the Sun is shining
  9. I completelyagree with you,up until the point said folks get quoted "from" £2400labour to replace anexhaust pipe, (plus ££££for all the rusty manky bits that all fall apart whilst you are doing said job) ................. Then they soon sit up and start yelling (fuckin' humongous laughing emoji)
  10. I've had to do a Body lift on a few over the years,just to do a relatively cheap parts replacement It is the labour hours to replace say an exhaust cross pipe, (and a few other bits), fine if like me you are doing it as a retail jobbie for billy bunter, but if you have sold the Car and it's down to you have to pay an expert to do a body liftthen it's a real wanker !! And don't even consider using anyone other than a well trusted expert or you will either end up never seeing the Car again, or getting it back absolutely fucked !! Ask a local to me restaurant ownerall about that, sent his Disco TDV6away last year to an English Specialist, (I was told I was too expensive), he also gave them £5000 up front payment...................... Next thing Police are banging on his door, his car has been broken up and sold for spares and " 'erbert" motors have vanished into the night, interpol involved, guys captured, but he's down about £30k and very little chance of ever seeing any money back .................... Gotta sell a lot of Fish and Chip Suppers to recover that sort of money
  11. I hear you, very tough call this one .............. Up here in NW I don't know of anyone who would buy that. I'm sure you are well aware that due to the fact it has sat around most of it's life, unless it's been in a heated and de humidified Garage when not in use it is a potential nuclear time bomb. Being negative Warranty and CRA could be an absolute minefield on that old beastie That said I'd test the water at £14,995 and get a really good specialist Warranty, or be prepared to refund it within the first 6 months How about EBay it, starting at a bit more than you paid and see if a couple of Rangeyites bid it up silly, can always remove it if it's not making the dollars Hopefully you nicked it (metaphorically speaking) Final piece of advise, if practical, if I were thee I'd tax it for 6 months on DD and drive it on a few really long runs, daily driveit a while, and if nothing nasty surfaced I'd then have a lot more confidence of not getting my arse bit
  12. Can't what within 30 days ???????????????????? Charge the mileage I presume, because I'm bloody certain the billy won't refuse a refund ................ I'm just curious I simply don't actually know, because I'veNEVERhad to do a refund, of the odd one or two Cars I've had that have given grief my Customers have always been sensible, brought it back to me and I've repaired it with no further grief !!
  13. Meet-up for forum members at CDX 2019

    Just noticed, still no like button, we all lost that at the same time Any chance ???????????????
  14. Hello

    Agreed, (which depends on age of car etc) old Fezza the hell yeah a nice stitching job and that will be barely visible If "Meemaw" is any good, after she's stitched it she may be able to stretch the whole cover right down 15 - 20 mmso it is hidden behindthe Squab line
  15. 10' Focus 1.6 duratorq cambelt

    But then we'd all have a shed full of proper tools To be fair it wouldn't hurt to have a "Workshop Section", there are a lot of guys Selling that have their own Workshops with micks or do their own Repairs etc