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  1. Peugeot 508 EGC gearbox issue

  2. Peugeot 508 EGC gearbox issue

    Try gently tapping the motors on the selector, it can nudge the brushes a bit !! If that works for a minute then it is likely Brushes !! When I had the Transmission Firm, my Head Mechanic used to fix the Actuators very cheaply, according to him there were only 2 different kinds of electric motors across the broad range of Marques that these were fitted to, and he bought a big bag of motor brushes from RS or similar, 2 minutes with a piece of sandpaper along one edge of the brush, fitted and worked a treat, never saw them again !! I didn't want to do them as a business proposition, but back then we put all our Car Traders on to him to sort 'em outat his home workshop, and sort 'em out he did.
  3. Peugeot 508 EGC gearbox issue

    Get it read on dealer kit, Pug Planet /Lexia. @Del Boyjust beat me toit If you have a decent Mechanic and not a "Fitter" he should be able to strip the Actuator Motors and then source and fitnew Brushes, if that is the problem, which it very often is at that sort of mileage These Manual Box Auto's are mostly produced by the old Getrag, now Magna, ............... Now typo Magna to MagMa , think Volcano, Bang !! Yeah you got it............ Shite exploding Cogboxes .................... Shame 'cos the old Getrag Manuals were bloody good boxes.
  4. Ferrari - write off?

    At 160 + those gradual curves do become "tight bends", however in this case ..................... it is an almost certainty that /\ /\ /\ this applies After all, if it was "one of us" that had done this and got challenged on how genuine it is there would have been a photo by now ............................. There's the gauntlet on the floor And don't post this one it was almost 2 years ago on M1 This is how to crash one properly, it was 1 HOUR old
  5. Ferrari - write off?

    I get you, some of the guys I've metwho are into slot cars and other models can be real geeks. I'm 57 now and don't really want to meet any more females, unless they are buying a car or getting one fixed !! Mels fine, much better in all respects than the ex wife so I'm in front I'm not that artistic, Mel does the scenery bits for ours, but tbh it only gets serious use when family are up,and we have a set of 6 cheap bomb proof Digital Porsche Boxters plus a couple of spares that we let the Grandchildren loose with I have a couple of R/C Race Cars I built with big Glow Motors, the best thing I ever got was an electric Starter, runs off a 12V Bike Battery and spins up the flywheel !! The RC Cars haven't been outta the Workshop Loft for a few years now, mind I haven't been on the Slot Cars since Xmas !! When I was younger I did build an IC Helicopter, I was housebound for 6 months after a huge Car Crash, busted femur etc etc, wanted something to occupy me,real big bastard 'copter, sold it in the end, kept crashing it, every time it crashed it was literally hundreds for a set of Rotors and other mangled bits, it is a real art flying one of those, and I never mastered it I wasn't much better with the Planes either, loved the Power Boats though, except when you capsized the cunt halfway across a lake and had to sit and wait for it to float back on the breeze........................ ahhhhhhh boys and their toys eh !! I'm a fucker for it, Iget a shot of something someone else has got and then go spend a bucket on getting into a new hobby, get bored, repeat The only thing i really stuck at over the years was the Barefoot Waterskiing and real Motor Sports
  6. LOL, you know fine well I'm talking about all these billy bunter newbies with their old shite
  7. Is it just me or are all forums getting more and more posts from total wankers in the last few months .......................
  8. Ferrari - write off?

    I'll tell you why that is ............... Mel can take 2 Controllers and competitively race2 cars around different parts of the track, changing lanes, pitting for fuel etc etc, I know other ladieswho can too.......................shows all us fellas right up !! This is an example ofSlot Rallying, the detailing is amazing on a lot of the stuff, a far cry from the old "Scalextric Set" most of us had when we were kids. The digital age made it all into a big boys toy, up to 6 cars on 1 lane, they run out of fuel and run slightly slower when full to the brim, change lanes to overtake, sector timing, 4wd Cars etc etc........... I have a couple of Cars which are still boxed sealed, (RAC Rally Talbot Sunbeam for example), they are worth more than some of us pay for real car px'es lol
  9. Ferrari - write off?

    Agree 100% adrenaline junkie here I been very busy all day, how the fuck did I miss out on this, the potential at around 10:30 this morning would have been way too hard to resist I rolled my Lambo Gallardo a while back, absolutely smashed it to bits through the esses, patched it up over night and drove it flat out round the track again the next day !! .......................................... The Digital Scalextric is great fun when there's a crowd of us at mine
  10. Absolutely great guy, I use him for EEPROMMING work
  11. Help with private plate swap please

    No not without adding a keeper
  12. Am I being had?

    /\ /\ /\ LIKE