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  1. Refund

    Preparation H works well
  2. Refund

    + 1
  3. Because it is all made of rubbish in sweat shops where the staff get a bowl of rice per day !! That SLK I just bought had some very nasty behaviour when hitting copious surface water at speed, when I got it home and had it on my lift for a thorough going over / service etc i discovered 2 of the 4 good tyres were "Made In China" cheapos. There is now aset of 4 decent high performance tyres here waiting to be fitted to it as soon as Iget a spare half hour Chinese Tyres are for grocery trollies, and even then only if you don't like your wife and children
  4. I'm not really going to write tons on this, but myself together with a local fleet owner tested a load of this absolute rubbish on various vehicles which rack up mileages quickly. In almost every case the Chinesium failed early on, or plain didn't work out of the box. When looking at the mileages that the same OE or OEM part would do, it was cheaper to fit an OE/ OEM every time as it would do many more multiples of mileage that the number of price multiples, in other words the OE / OEM worked out a cheaper part, and that's before you even considered the labour to keep changing the shit every 3 months or whatever What is going to happen when the Chinese Pump goes bang and wrecks the Fuel Regulator / Rail and Injectors......................... OUCH !! If absolute price is the problem here, I'd sooner fit a good used OE part
  5. Incorrect spec

    Absolutely +1
  6. Techy Help Please

    Hmmmm, when didit last have an Air Filter ? .................... That may not be as stupid as one would think I haven't had a problem with a Citroen / Pug, but MB's will not regen if they have "Airflow Offset Drift" code, and one of the (many) causes of that code is ........................ Yep, Air Filter !! Agree with the others, Peugeot / 'troon Lexia will nail it without parts darts
  7. Your favourite toy / project car

    http://www.pumapeople.com/forum/index.php?s=28f402c0763c19c5e8052effa6f2a0bc&showtopic=100870&st=0 In 2010, the 4x4 Ford Puma Cosworth 24V was started, I finished it in October 2013 and after some small clubby events I started Rallying it. Sold it this week, to a local mate, due toMels Bro long illness and then not 1 but 2 family bereavements within 9 months of each other it hasn't seen much action in the last couple of years, and i don't have time to go Stage Rallying every other weekend now Before that there have been many Car builds including an old Fiat 500 spaceframed and had a V8 Chevy with NOS, used to drag race that. Latest project almost completed was resurrecting my S55, and hopefully Friday I'm picking up an SLK V6 R170 which I'll fettle and drive coming Summer, then next (2019) Xmas shut down it will get a 5.0 V8 shoehorned into it, all Merc Parts of course I prefer Road Cars these days, like them a bit different, you can get in them and drive them any time you want, the Competition Cars and Power Boats are now in the past for me, too much of a load of messing around for not much time at the wheel Every workshop should always have a project
  8. Project C Class C200 Sport

    Yes I used to do far more of the Hydraulic controlled 4 speed auto's, MB never really got that right, the later Electronic 5 speed 722.6 probably the best box MB did in terms of reliability The 9 speed in my E Class is awesome performance wise, it's just seamless and always in the right gear !! BUTI wouldn't want to have to rebuild it, mind that car will be sold when it is almost out of warranty and another few month old ex demo E Class will be obtained
  9. Where do you stop?

    Fuckin classic, I love that /\ /\ /\
  10. TFR Traffic Film Remover

    LOL, and yet other parts of USA love him I have a lot of MB Indies who talk / skype / TV with me, from all over and they love him Or, perhaps it is just MB nutters like moi that love him
  11. Project C Class C200 Sport

    Couldn't agree more, if that is in the same body condition all round I'd get £1995 for that within a day
  12. TFR Traffic Film Remover

    I like old Donald, he makes a lot of sense
  13. TFR Traffic Film Remover

    Me too
  14. Using a Dolly Car Trailer

    I looked at this in depth on Monday, my Pug Expert can tow 2.3 T on a Braked trailer with no load in Van, but there is Tools Jack etc, probably 100kg was going to take my mates trailer to pick up a Car but deal fell through. TheCar was a small 1660kg Roadster, MB SLK R170, Braked Trailer weighed 500 kg, so that was close, anything over 1700kg would be a no no Even a 7.5 tonner Recovery truck will not legally carry a big 4x4 / SUV etc, that's why Ihad the 12 tonne IVECO when I had the gearbox firm Oh, and if you are using a 4x4 with Trailer for Motor Trade purposes you need a Tacho and all the hassle that creates
  15. Advertising very cheap cars, sub £1500

    Send one of them up here !! Local Garages and I cannot get anyone to take the bastards away, they all want me to pay I have 2 old Vans here, an old Vito 638 which I had the good CDI engine and auto gearbox out of for a job, and my old Pug Expert Van with terminal rot. Both Vans are full to the gunnels with hefty workshop scrap, (heads gearboxes discs drums hubs etc etc plus a load of batteries and cats to go !! No money in scrap in NW, last year I took a long hi top sprinter filled well with hefty scrap to fraggers, 140 mile round trip, didn't cover the diesel I'm going to chop them all up into little bits next year and bury them under a pile of rocks when Ifill in a bit of ourcroft to concrete a 2500 sq ft base