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  1. Grading for a car looking at, is it so bad can't be graded? Thanks!
  2. What does NAMA U mean at auction?

    Thanks for all reply’s,did ring them and they had classified as Van,so didn’t do appraisal,as a car.
  3. What does NAMA U mean at auction?

    Thought that they might have a report about it for themselves. Does sound very risky.
  4. What does NAMA U mean at auction?

    Oooooh! Thats frightening.May ring them Monday for more details. Thanks for replies.
  5. What does NAMA U mean at auction?

    So is it safe to buy do you think? Thanks.
  6. Sad to see production leave UK,but is it because there is little demand for diesel in EU? It's only built as a diiesel, Or is it Brexit woes?
  7. On a couple of recent occasions, car sold to me exactly at what I bid as maximum.Just makes you wonder if things are still the same. What's your experience?
  8. Car auctions and proxy bids!

    I thought the maximum proxy bid was hidden, just per bid shown as required.
  9. Suzuki Vitara bidding war?

    Think it's gone off Ebay! Perhaps will relist?
  10. Mark Carney has frightened UK today, with his predictions of doom! Commercial property down 48%,interest rates 6%,and the rest. Will cars go up or down do you think, sales are all ready well down. My thinking is a shortage of stock will keep things pretty stable, car wise. What's your thoughts?
  11. Is this possible?

    While taking an old VW diesel Sharan in part exchange,,customer said she had had a new battery fitted at Halfords,and when she drove home car was running strangely. Next day she went back and battery was fitted wrong terminalsl negative terminal to positive. Did car engine start in reverse rotation do you think?
  12. Is this possible?

    No joke, she said it did £800 of damage to alternator and electrics, they paid for. I did forget that it would be going backwards, somust have been rotating correctly.
  13. In the trade.

    Hello all,Forgotten how you check if car in the trade, since lost a v5. Could you remind me please? Thanks Roy.
  14. In the trade.

    Found the v5,but thanks for help with 'in the trade ' won't forget this time.
  15. In the trade.

    I think there's some way when you check vehicle status on line, that tell you. Forgotten now.
  16. Concentrate on making petrol and diesel cars meet current legislation. No wonder car sales down 20% September.Complete turmoil.
  17. I wonder if they know the charging points, and access to them won't be up to scratch?
  18. Try to avoid taking cards.and have Pay Pal Here card reader, which is brilliant, except for cost.2.7%. The other new style card readers,Sum Up,I Zettle,etc don't want car dealers, we are like Adult services, ano no. Thinking of joining established Barclays or Llloyds,but they charge fee monthly. Any one using no monthly fee card reader?
  19. Cheap card processing?

    There are a lot of people who show you their card, but couldn't do a transfer, in my opinion.
  20. Cheap card processing?

    I asked I Zettle,they didn't want car dealer! Booooh!!
  21. Cheap card processing?

    Hello EPV, Do you use an app on phone,(Which one) or a card reader please?
  22. Trade and Retail guide

    Have you noticed how high some WBAC valuations are on older cars are suddenly? Chap said he wanted £800 for 04 95,000 polo 1,4cc auto/ac,came up at £910 valuation.He made allowance for damage.
  23. Customer arranged own finance through Zuto,they say all I have to do is deliver, get electronic signature, and money goes into my business bank account.I'm not FCA registered. Could it be this straightforward ?
  24. Anyone dealt with Zuto finance?

    Customer changed her mind I'm afraid, but it all looked as if it was going through without anFCA registration.Pretty good really!
  25. Anyone dealt with Zuto finance?

    No customer not seen car since 100 miles away, and elderly. Since saying not fca, gone quiet!