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  1. why do buyers carry on looking after there purchase ??
  2. I remember reading a post on this subject and someone suggested a used laptop and then downloading the free software from some web site, All legal and they had sugested it was 90% as good as any diag tool he had ever come a
  3. i will do it for £200 i have a spare hour over the Christmas period
  4. You will also need to advise them you have been trading part time for the last two years so they can calculate the Lost revenue you have cost them, There will be a fee and interest for late decleration, Its turnover not profit thats the VAT threshold, You definitely are over the mark and 24 months of VAT is a tidy sum, good luck
  5. Been using BCA to deliver my car for a while now ( much cheaper if you buy 2-3-4 from same site) up till now everything has been on transporter, Exactly as i wanted no speeding drivers, No issues found on the road getting worse as they continue driving them, Yesterday however i had 2 cars Driven to me from Bedford, Around 90 miles..........................Just wondered if your experiences of using BCA own transport was Driven or Transported....................... rang the BCA branch and they said its whatever the most cost effective for them and quickest for me.......................I however only thought they transported everything
  6. if it does get to ECU is it a "virgin" only new unit or would matching exact part number used be a fix ??
  7. Mark....................... words of wisdom, If thats not to spec then i have found my issue, I will get this done and see what it comes out at,
  8. Thats the reason i am asking here, I have had 2 Lambda sensors ( assumed working as they are new) and had tested the wiring for the O2 sensors tested by a specialist in Car electrics and both are fully working, My auto electrician said it may be a ECU but that is Not something i want to hear,
  9. Hilarious, comes up P0138 O2 sensor Circuit Hi Voltage Bank 1 Sensor 2....................and P0036 HO2S Heater control Circuit Bank 1 Sensor 2 I beliveve its the one under the car rather than the one on the manifold thats visible with bonnet open, They changed the one under the car
  10. so i have a 63 plate Cruze 1.6 petrol and it has the fault codes for a O2 sensor, my garage changes it for there normal motor factor part and it comes back on after around 10 min of driving, They change it again for a Bosch part and same thing clears codes but comes back on after a short drive, Takes it to my Auto electrician and he confirms all is good, no issues wiring is not the cause of my issue, He thinks it may need a software update or something that a dealer diag tool to tell the car it has had the O2 sensor changed, He mentioned that it has a Vauxhall part number on the ECU So my question is there a Chevrolet specialist anyone can recommend or would you chance your Cruze with the Vauxhall ECU with the Vauxhall main dealer see if they can resolve, I am stuck car is sold
  11. I have done a good few test emails from friends sending me there inquiry and I have found no issue with my replies going to junk or spam. I make sure I also have my company web site address in the first line of the car guru add so that all my company and contact details are easily found...…………… I can not hold there hand any more than I am on an inquiry, They are just weak inquiries
  12. What makes me think its Spamming is that there is plenty of opportunity to tailor there incoming mail, To personalise it, To ask something of the car of interest, But it is almost always "I am interested in XXX Car"...………………………. makes me think not all of these are genuine because again no matter how you nurcher them over the next period of a few days on e-Mail very rarely does it go any further than a single mail
  13. I have 4 followers on youtube............. i will have to give this a go...................... i even get the youtuber influencer e-mails