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  1. I have done a good few test emails from friends sending me there inquiry and I have found no issue with my replies going to junk or spam. I make sure I also have my company web site address in the first line of the car guru add so that all my company and contact details are easily found...…………… I can not hold there hand any more than I am on an inquiry, They are just weak inquiries
  2. What makes me think its Spamming is that there is plenty of opportunity to tailor there incoming mail, To personalise it, To ask something of the car of interest, But it is almost always "I am interested in XXX Car"...………………………. makes me think not all of these are genuine because again no matter how you nurcher them over the next period of a few days on e-Mail very rarely does it go any further than a single mail
  3. I have 4 followers on youtube............. i will have to give this a go...................... i even get the youtuber influencer e-mails
  4. got it fixed, reputable ebay Navigation specialist who for £23 provided a pen drive with all the maps for UK and Europe full instructions on the how too, The authorisation codes and the software, Followed the instructions and very happy to report i have a fully working unit, I was sure i was heading for a replacement unit or a Electronics specialist software rebuild or something gps-discountuk on ebay
  5. I am now a member of the Private lounge lucky me, I wont be having bailiffs i will be getting things sorted, My cars are safe, I was taken to court on as a sole Trader my cars are in the ltd company name but i wont be on call the sheriff's or cant pay wont pay
  6. if we are quiet its our fault, We chose the stock paid what we paid and did the pics and put the add up online, Its our fault for thinking we are master of our own destiny when clearly we are not. Suck it up and stop moaning, There are others out there who are having record months,
  7. new car and everything .................... would he have been driving this mini cooper S to within an inch of its life like all weekend and thats why its overheated ...................... new car thrills and all that
  8. BHM yes thanks i was aware of the severity of a failure to pay, I agree i have 21 days actually in this instance was agreed at the hearing
  9. yes i think the average person would trust the VOSA mot history for the milage far more than they trust a service book................... anyone can fill a service book not everyone can log on to complete a VOSA mot year after year, Might be a genuine story and reason just unsure if its worth the hassle, My experience is customers to know about and search MOT history on a lot of my cars
  10. last month i as good as sold out (6 from my 8) and it was record profit for the year, This month its just so bad, keep over analyzing and thinking of all the reasons why it could be so quiet, Really happy to with stock profile too, Prices are all good / great on Autotrader, Frustrated .......................... i even tidied the office !!!!
  11. i dont have access to private room...................... your right i will be discreet but its over done finished and i was expecting more than the amount awarded so in that respect
  12. ok so we had our 3 hours in court and |Lost as expected, but at least its over now, she was in small claims with a £9999 claim and judge awarded £2975 I learned a lot from the process and how it all works, If it happened again i would defend myself as i can ask clever questions like my solicitor too Question, While of course i am committed to pay this sum is there anything i can do to split it into monthly payments sofen the blow ??is this discretion of court or the plaintiff ?? so nil deals for September and a £2975 hole in the bank account, VAT qtr in 14 days time, Christmas around the corner