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  1. Looking for a dash cam for a 2010 Hyundai Accent

    did he just confuse the cardealermagazine forum for the which forum ??? Not really what this forum is about is it really
  2. Ferrari - write off?

    Stating the obvious .................obviously !!!!!!!
  3. Help with private plate swap please

    only reason why i need it of is that i am in Wolverhampton and the previous owner has a ??03WBA number plate on it, (West Bromwich Albion WBA) car should be on a 60 plate so it looks really old and might put a few west mids people off from purchase
  4. Help with private plate swap please

    i am no administrator as you can tell....................... Mark that would add a new owner ?? surely ?? or do you mean only on the retention application paperwork so DVLA think its just a house move ??
  5. Help with private plate swap please

    Tell me is this is unethical or wrong in some way but cant i just put it on retention paying the £80 using the information i hold on the current V5 document, This means the customer who does own it will get the retention certificate and the new V5 and i at some point will see the registration change to the age related plate i am after obviously i would have to tax this vehicle also for this process again forgive me if this suggestion is wrong and obviously i wont be doing something thats seen as wrong just looking at my options
  6. Help with private plate swap please

    I have a trade car that hascome to me with a cherished plate,I am obviously not the owner of this car with thisplate, Is there any way without registering it to me that i can remove the plate from the car to give it back its age related plate ?? I dont care about keeping the plate if i loose it then i dont mind just want the age plate on it
  7. What does NAMA U mean at auction?

    Let us know how this phone call goes
  8. Company Car

    I think i may have explained it wrong its not what i meant Well obviously i dont want to to pay company car tax and of course if the ltd company applies for the lease then this automatically makes it a company car and i as the employee will pay tax on it as a benefit in kind I prefer to lease it personally, Nothing to do with the ltd company its my own car on a personal lease, I can then charge my own ltd company 45 pence per mile for all business use and if i do enough miles it will pay for the monthly lease
  9. Company Car

    I lease a car personally through Ltd company and then use the 45p mileage allowance to make it self funding if your sole trader its not a company car its your car as your not in effect a company
  10. profit margins

    and yet all customers think you still have £2000 margin to allow for there £1000 discount on a £5000-6000car
  11. Business Slow?

    Agreed what you want to do is to tell him where to go, Roll you money into something else and just accept it was "one of them" cars, That money is not working very hard for you in a car that you have had no interest in
  12. profit margins

    Your getting it wrong its NOT buy it and add £800 margin on.............................. its as already been said Find what the marketplace says the car is going to retail for then its work out every single likely cost then minus your £800 margin and then you are left with a maximum hammer price purchase figure. doing it any other way is financial suicide, you make your money by smart purchases not smart selling
  13. Part-time Trader

    What is it you have learned in your 4 years in franchise ??? you have done your apprenticeship you are now ready for the big leagues you should know all the questions you are asking its just simple regular stuff Part time .......................... good luck with making that work i dont personally see how its possible unless its on such a small scale where its not worthwhile
  14. Bank transfer problem

    HSBC will always send the funds to a Fraud department where the customer has the finds taken from there account and not forwarded to you, 3-4 days later they get a call and funds are then released, Santander is another Spanish bank they are never instant either
  15. Valeting

    no you are right they are poor nothing quality at the £10 mark, I just want that initial impression that the tailored mats give.............................6m down the line they will be ready to bin, I I use e-car-mats