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  1. Printed invoice pads?

    for what it costs i use the lawgistics pads and PDI stationary, i like it because its triple copied and comes n handy for accountant and PX files, I think i can do something similar through my web site too invoicing directly from there
  2. Selling Cars On Facebook

    yes this is what i mean, How are you doing things to control the right demographics to be looking at your cars and selling them rather than just random facebook people, Thats where i am failing then
  3. Selling Cars On Facebook

    i take it you are not doing 15-20k cars then....................what are you doing to make this platform your most successful means of selling cars, i mean this in a positive way i really am interested because up to now i have not seen a benefit i am doing something different to you and it is not working for me I have tried "boosting" specific cars and had no interest in that either, I mean i see the numbers and see the traffic on my boosted car but not had anything meaning full happen from it
  4. Selling Cars On Facebook

    for the record ......................... i am a dinosaur i am on Facebook marketplace but its just a load of 3am brigade one message wonders
  5. Auto trader leads

    30 days ................................ wtf !!!!!! 1st day at shark school and cant remember it being 30 days to make a sale
  6. Auto Trader suspension

    Yes i have done it i had also to give 30 days notice and all my reviews and account status was fully re established once i was back up and running
  7. Another (My First) BCA Tale of Woe

    isnt this now a tale of woe with more like 2.5k in it then now, he he
  8. July, how’s it going

    i am loving your work Sir it should be done !!!!

    Busy fool syndrome ................................ a newbie i see I think if you ask established traders and newbies what consitutes a decent PPU you will get a fairly large difference,
  10. Auto trader leads

    I agree with you, It feels a total waste of time...................... i mean serious people would call right why wound`nta serious person call you ????. It is however now a recognised way of comunicating its what people do its not what you want to hear but these mails need to be nurtured and developed into something, I have this also on the "contact at once" messenger and text service as well as car Guru, 90% of the time it is just a single one time message other 10% it becomes something for real
  11. To start out as a doorstep trader ?

    key word there is "IF" you can make it work its a brillianr business to be in many have tried and many have failed................good luck
  12. To start out as a doorstep trader ?

    agree with all the above...................... it is hard graft 15 hour days to start being on standby for the one call and one chance that day to make some money, It does sound easy and it does give the impression £1000 per car is easy but reality is seldom as easy as it looks, You are on your own self employment is a lonely place you have no one ( given your minimal experience) to ask advice from to seek guiadance from or to really know if what your doing is path to sucsess or failure, I had the benefite of over 20 years in PLC dealership world and like most on hrere i lived and breathed the business at someone elses risk and had a sallary from them, So when i started out you could say i had been through 20 plus years of training leading to that moment. Get it right its still tough but can be rewarding, Get it wrong and all the hours and stress are still there but its litterally costing you money then to be self employed and i guess thats no fun at all, we on this forum can give you guidance and advice but we wont be there selling your cars, Talking to your customers and giving you money for your bills all that is down to you, Having worked with a load of newbies with no experience it honestly does take a minimum of 2 years for you to even start be able to call your self a sales person, The amount of buyers that a new sales person burns is shocking as a sales manager in dealership and you will not even know what you are doing wrong will you, In dealership you will be mentored and have chances to see he others in actionto pick up thetools of the trade to equip you will all the "one liners" I dont think i could recomend this job to anyone who has a family and a mortgage, Starting out withNil experience in this cut throat business is a huge risk, You need to be a Great White to survive in this world, Survive thefirst 2 years and i do mean "survive" and you may just go on to bigger and better things, But if all you are thinking is its easy money will my friend this in reallity is not the case at all

    5 beers latter ........................ yes of course you can come and see it can see it i may not be able to ...........................
  14. How is first half of 19 compared to first half of 18

    Always have to do a month end with all the checks you have mentiond its Insanity notto do it......................... you have to know where you areor else howdo you know if your going forward

    Please people DO NOT PANIC there will beplenty of car sales done today as there was last week when it was raining, If you have the right carswell prepared and presented well there will be sales made, Do not let the peopleof doom affect you, Rise above it and soar like an eagle, Have a great weekend all, I am offto make sure i gotenough order pads and pens with ink