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  1. I believe any UK or NI car will keep its original DOR. More likely an import from the South or Isle of Man. NI cars also don’t need an MOT until 4 years old so don’t be surprised if it looks like it was done late.
  2. Worth noting that Ford have stood on with some out of warranty claims on these if the car has the correct Ford service history.
  3. Shame these VW group boxes don’t seem to be getting any better. Have at least 4 client cars in this week having either DMF or gearbox control failures under warranty. We are also getting lots of complaints about the 1.5 150bhp Evo engine doing kangaroo impressions so it could be one to watch in the future.
  4. We do similar, have an office “burner” phone for WhatsApp etc. One of the guys was recently surprised when he opened a message to another salesman from a Tinder conquest.
  5. Just remember the car is no longer taxed so can’t officially be left or used on the road without trade plates (or going for MOT).
  6. Getting insurance will be the big expense if plate driving, once you have got that register with Movex, Shiply etc. You mention classic car movements, from experience of classics it is best to transporter them as they tend to be unreliable (and there are lots of people doing this). Likewise high end are best to go by specialist lorry and most will pay worth a bit more for a better service.
  7. My initial thoughts are that if a city successfully bans diesel cars it will cause a fall in diesel sales as the public will loose confidence in the values on a national basis in fear the ban spreads to other cities. As it is only early stages I would expect it will turn out to be pre Euro 6 or similar, or just end up operating as a revenue raising daily charge for non complying vehicles as there will be lots of key workers commuting into the city who can’t afford to upgrade their cars.
  8. They all have insurance so accidents wilL be covered. Damage is something else, the auctions won’t sign collection paperwork and the driver can just add any marks on so you are taking a risk there.
  9. Normally people asking for delivery when they are 309 miles away
  10. When the time comes we can try and find out. To be fair these little 1.0’s can take some abuse so it might be a while yet.
  11. Still one on Autotrademail. No matter what the car he sends a stupid low offer which I never respond to. Must get some results otherwise he would not do it.
  12. Late Diesel are still good news for us, most of the people we buy from seem to be stuck with masses of late German petrol stuff as they thought that was the way the used market was going when they were buying last year.
  13. Open fleet policy covers anything and to be fair only staff use it as a smoker for leaving around. As we have the original V5 we have renewed tax online. I understand the problem will be if we sell it as DVLA won’t issue a new V5 or complete change of keeper.
  14. Sadly from my experience they will just point at the door.
  15. Best thing to do is put it straight onto something you own and then retain it. Plate dealers all do this now as they say it was due to someone selling a plate and then putting it onto another car after the sale. The buyer only found out a year later when he tried to use the certificate he bought.