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  1. Hopefully you got the reply ok.
  2. There seem to be a couple of dealers importing semi classic Jap stuff, Volvos, Jags etc plus lots of weird and wacky, just check this sellers items
  3. The Autotrader brand is a monster and is the clear market leader. To understand how much money it takes to have a recognised alternative, Carwow has allegedly had £50m of funding and I doubt if you asked many retail consumers many would never heard of them.
  4. Contracts


    Should be OK as long as the date taxed matches the change of keeper date, just means the V5 is 14 days late. If the car is backed tax and COK at Post Office for the next owner.
  5. Contracts


    I would assume the customer taxes the car but Cazoo keeps the V5 until after the return period. If the car is backed the customer can’t reclaim the tax money as they paid it in a separate transaction.
  6. Normally do OK in December but lease car conversions are very low despite manufacturers throwing extra money in, just don’t seem to be the customers. Used retail cars have been slow but have got out of two RRS’s with good money and a new shape Micra flew out , amazed me. We are aware of several companies waiting to see what happens next week before they commit to any more vehicles.
  7. Had our first customer tell us our RRS is overpriced at £41k as it should be £38,715 or something according to Autotrader. New salesman got him and does not like negotiating....(another matter).... I got the call transferred and was direct “so why have you called about our car if it’s to expensive? Guy was taken back but listed it’s the colours he wants, black pack, opening roof, side steps, Cameras etc. Either way he was not buying it as Autotrader says.... On a positive just before I went home one of the other guys was taking a holding deposit and finance prop on it do hopefully done. (Need it as the last 10 days have been shocking).
  8. As above, e-mail during the week and one yesterday. We managed to add about 15 extra yesterday and all went live. Have you made any changes to your package in the last couple of months? I recall this could effect the offer.
  9. Far from it, BMW has it working at domestic properties in Germany with a variant of the 530e.
  10. I find the £3 HPI spec check is normally very accurate for later generation cars.
  11. Normally relates to the first message that comes up on dash display. within the I-Drive there is a menu, from memory - vehicle status, - check messages? and it tells you the fault but normally is low fuel range or screenwash.
  12. The E Golf experiment worked then, have been on sale and used on the UK roads for nearly five years and nobody notices them! I regards to Tesla, I feel some of the leading funders might suffer if residuals don’t stay as predicted. Fag packet maths a two year old M3 Perf will need to be worth c.38k to break even. Netherlands have lamppost chargers so I expect them to start appearing here soon.
  13. We get strong but patchy demand for nearly new and do quote well with used examples but these are normally b2b sales and have a good supply. The main thing about PHEV cars is they only really work for company car drivers due to the low CO2 and in most cases they are never charged. Having had a few 330e’s (my first one was one of the first in the UK back in March 16) they are great cars, far better than the equivalent 330i but I have seen lots of eye watering repair bills covered under warranty or goodwill. Regarding grants, I will double check but as far as I am aware there have been no changes to users applying for a charge point grant on used cars. It appears that way. Nearly as funny as the local Sainsbury’s, I have noticed old dears rock up in their Nissan Leafs and have a picnic whilst getting some free electricity.
  14. No idea on installing a point for commercial purposes but I would think Pod-Point or Chargemaster would be a good starting point. In the future I think the market demand for commercial charging points will be on major roads that don’t have service areas, residential areas where occupants can’t charge themselves or retail food / leisure outlets where the EV driver has something to do whilst charging. Locally there are several free charge points provided by a supermarket whilst down the road BP have installed one but despite being closer to most offices I often see people leaving their cars at the supermarket. We now have a charge post at the office but we got that for our Zoe pool car using the government grant (you need to show ownership or written order confirmation to qualify). We now lock it as we found a local taxi firm started using it out of hours.
  15. 4 years or 50k, battery is 8 years 100k from memory. Have put one on a 3 year contract of 45k per year so let’s see how that goes! Also done a few to companies where the driver has nowhere to charge. Lots of teething problems but they have rangers who fix them. Have seen pictures of some shoddy panel gaps and paint but most drivers don’t seem to report issues.