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  1. Have used a company called Biosweep in Sussex. I think they are franchising out so may cover your area. Only thing I have ever found that removes smoke smells and spilt milk (that was nasty)
  2. Thanks, if you collect and deliver I’m in
  3. There is no logic to our sales, normal stuff is dead but high end 4x4 have been good, 2 BMW X5 sold to Ireland over the weekend plus deposits on 2 RR Sports plus 3 other 4x4 done last week. Could also sell at least 5 more PHEV RRS’s if we could get them for June’s money but at BCA now going for more than we were retailing them for.
  4. Won what I thought was a cheap 17 seat Minibus online at BCA only to find it had all the seats taken out. My mistake for not reading the appraisal.
  5. In every walk of life there is somebody trying to have you over. A couple of years back we got offered a cloned car offered in PX. One of our sales staff dealt with the guy but you know when a deal just feels to easy? No real questions about our car, no negotiation on PX value, small balance in cash. Without sounding big headed I think a fair number of people would have fallen for it as paperwork all looked good, reg and chassis checked etc. Only giveaway was something on the HPI spec check as the car had a few optional extras listed including a Sunroof however the car offered did not. A quick call to the local BMW dealer confirmed it should have a sunroof so we discreetly did some more checks but the guy got nervous and made his excuses and left. We reported it but I don’t think it ever went anywhere.
  6. They were all at it as the fleet market is CO2 driven for BIK which is a small part of the VW Dieselgate scandal. I believe manufacturers were presenting cars for testing with modifications to the ECU just to pass the set test limits at the lowest possible emissions and Max MPG.
  7. Don’t you read Pistonheads or other forums? If it has anything other than Mich Pilot Sport 4’s the previous owner neglected all maintenance and you are risking your life driving such a death trap! We often saw it when we entered vehicles as it’s psychological. A couple of years back we put 15 Transits into Blackbushe which went into the F&F sale. These vans were direct from a housing association and had perfect main dealer history and were genuinely mint condition however we were drawing around £1000 less per vehicle than the Lex sale which were missing history and generally neglected. I think there is the same perception with dealer direct cars as buyers think a nice teacher has owned it and looked after it really well and only swapped as auntie Doris has left them some money rather than the nasty traders trying to pass on their knocked old bangers.
  8. There must be something with coppers, sold one a car a while back, he traveled for 2 hours to get to us and made a point of driving our car at least 30 minutes at various speeds, when we got back he spent over an hour going over it. We took his CRV PX for a drive but it was getting into the rush hour and he suddenly announced he needed to get home so his wife could go to work. As the car seemed as it should deal was done and he was waved on his way. 2 Days later our trader picked the car up, within 10 minutes he was back, the car genuinely felt like the wheels were square over 40mph, turned out the prop shaft and drive shaft were knackered (as diagnosed by the customers local garage 6 months before he px’d it)
  9. Had a couple of the faulty fuel gauge ones done years ago by BBA Reman.
  10. Have not tried but my understanding is the consumer puts their car details in and they automatically send it to all the WBAC, WWAC, MFYM, EH companies.
  11. There has been a further dip on the Sterling exchange rate recently hence a few more Irish buyers. I also expect they are trying to get in before the potential Brexit fiasco.
  12. Was mentioned in conversation a few weeks back as headhunted people (clearly my head was not high enough). Was told they are owned by VW group and looking to only offer manufacturers approved vehicles. I am just waiting for the compare used car sites website, it has already happened for the car buying sites.
  13. If you do sell it please let me know as I can help you with some more Vat Q ones! Trust me, unless you have 4 rings over the door you will struggle unless you are 15% off the cheapest Audi main dealer.
  14. Is it Cat B on VRM and VIN? Have had in life cars put on the V-Car before due to input errors by insurers on either the chassis or reg when it matches a similar rental car. Ball ache to get off but they can do it.
  15. A week last Tuesday we took a small batch of 9 cars in against a new fleet. When valuing we were nervous as they are all base spec in either black or white so we hit the values hard but full history and minimum prep. 3 16/66 118d Auto SE 4 16/16 A180 Auto SE 1 17/17 A180 AMG Auto Line Prem+ 1 15/65 Citroen C1 Feel 12 days later we only have the A180 AMG left. What gets me is our PCP payments were not far off what we do a new one for. To be fair 2 were outright and 3 went to 3rd party funders where the end user seemed to be a NINJA. It just shows that nobody can predict what buyers want, we were just going to trade the lot as they seemed so bland but decided to have a punt and it paid off. Have two latest shape Insignia Estates in next week, let’s see how they go!