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  1. 1 link disposable

    Best bet is Google Epix 1-Link. They are the real company, never trust anyone who calls you and claims to be from a company.
  2. Hi, please don’t take this as negative but I wish you goodluck with your project but from experience new upstarts with private equity funding have failed to break the Autotrader / E-bay / Haymarket stronghold. A new competitor will be great but consumers always refer back to the big 3 (or manufacturers locators)
  3. 1 link disposable

    Epix 1 link are a respected player in the fleet industry offering maintenance solutions but also disposals. Have not looked for a long time but they always had mainly high mileage bland stuff.
  4. Sometimes a call to BBA Reman is worthwhile but it’s best to get it checked in writing they can do it before sending.
  5. Ferrari - write off?

    I know this threadis crap but any Ferrari that has been into a barrier is going to be a total loss. If by some sure fluke this story is real pm me some pictures and I will advise you on how to get the car written off. P.s, If you want a replacement 488, give me a shout.
  6. Main dealer trying to pinch my business [there's a novelty ! ]

    A couple of years ago I purchased a sports car and stuck my private plate on it. About a year ago a main dealer group opened a franchise for that make and directly targeted me with service and MOT advisories despite not ever taking the car there however a previous car I brought from them carried the same plate.I also got a follow up fromthem withindays of doing an HPI check on my car. It seems there is a service similar to security watch (I believe provided by CAP) that can keep interested partiesupdated when someone carries out an HPI check on a car, eg a dealer for PX or if any changes are made but this is not logged within the check. This info can then besold on as it can identify people looking to change.
  7. Am I being had?

    I can only assume the courier or whoever is involved or else I would be temptedto take the payment and point they in the direction of our Biffa bins.
  8. What does NAMA U mean at auction?

    They do seem hard work on the phone. Wona 3 year oldAudi online a little while back with one tyre was marked as 1mmon the mechanical check. I asked BCA twiceto double check as it had had an mot only one hundred miles before with no advisories and I know collection agents would refuse to drive it. In the end nobody would checkitso I had to opt for their delivery. Car turns up, tyre like new, guess 1mm was really 7mm....
  9. Business Slow?

    We have seen a massive increase in people taking out personal contract hire however over the last year the prices are going up. Back in late 2016 VW did an offer on a Golf GTI that basically worked out at under £5000 for under 2 years, this was madness but now that car would cost you closer to £10,000. I believe the main reason for the increase in rental payments is the residuals are starting being hit, defiantly on 24month contracts and surely the Irish market can’t take any more 3 year old BMW’s!!! It is also worth noting manufacturers are falling over themselves to get cheap PCP’s out, BMW are taking £10k off an M140i which makes it cheaper to buy new than one year old. I personally think it will go full circle and people will start financing older cars (3-5 years)again as they will look better value than having basically just paid the heavy depreciation on the latest white German hatchback for 3 years.
  10. Hello Everyone!

    OK, I am quite local and sometimesstruggle placing75k+ 3-5 year old stuff as we try to only retail cars still undermanufacturers warranty. Will give you a shout if anything a little older turns up.
  11. Hello Everyone!

    Out of interest what price bracket are you dealing in?
  12. BCA Outstanding Finance

    Tell me about it, brought a year old BMW online last week,collection agent picked it up, got 2 miles and broke down. Petrol in Diesel, no comeback. Have also had problems with clearanceon a couple of cars latelythat have been on stocking plans but taken ages to get off. Seems to be a recent thing leaving them on untilafter they are sold.
  13. We deal with main dealers service departments everyday, we use 1Link which can make it easier but phone calls are sometimes needed. Amazing how upset some service advisors get whenyou explaintheir jobs to them.
  14. I’m after a cheap 3 seater van

    Berlingo Enterprise is the favourite small vanwiththree seats (SLD, A/C & dashtop nav)although you needto be friends if it’s a big lad in the middle seat. Alsoquite easy to sell on if sensible miles. Same with Partner Proffesional but they don’t seem to sell as well used.
  15. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    Still seems quiet, quotingthe normal dreamers but that’s it. As for Clio buyers, we had a couple of Sanderos, the buyers of those were a different ball game. I genuinely did not believe people like them existed, one potential buyer brought his mumto “negotiate”. He was a 50 plus bloke....