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  1. For those worried about electric cars....

    There are a couple of companies with very short term EV hire so not far away. Enterprise were quick with their car club, it seems to work OK apart from when there is a big event and to manycars turn up for the allocation of bays. Theyjust need to convert that to electric, one would assume PHEV first to check it works and then fullEV.
  2. Auto trader leads

    One of our rivals does about 10% of their business without ever actually speaking with or meeting the customer. We try and have a quite phone chat before contract stage, more for security. Only last week I did an M4via e-mail, a few extra pics, PX agreed, finance done, only met when he turned up and collected.
  3. For those worried about electric cars....

    Personally think it’s a storm in a tea cup, mainly because there has beenlimited production / supply of new mainstream PHEV / EV as well asmodelsthat dropped off last year due to WLTP have not been replaced yet (330e,C350e & Golf GTE). Come quarter 4 when the new 330e comes out we will hear the BBC talking about a massive jump in PHEV sales, I know BMW dealers are going to struggle with the current demand.
  4. V5 Dispatch codes

    Over the past month we have had several calls on cars where the potential buyer hasasked for the V5 Dispatch codes (not the main reference) claiming they need it to work out export tax. We obviously refused to give themhowever I have spoken with DVLA and they can’t tell me what someone could use thesecodes for. Forthe record none of the people took their enquiries any further so I assume there is some sort of scam. Any ideas?
  5. Cherished number plate question?

    Simple answer, no. You need themto tax it and complete change if keeper online. 3-4 days later when the new V5 arrives they can assign the plate instantly online. (Never guarantee this as some cars do get flagged that blocks plate transfers online)
  6. Number of owners on V5c

    Photocopy it before posting if you want to keep proof you were previous keeper
  7. Location Of Unit

    I always think this when I see our office on Google maps, the first picture we had loads of old vans and pick ups that had come in PX and were being collected by an exporter, the second the company next door were having a major strip out and had piled crap outside the office rather than waiting for a skip.

    To be fair I did this with an Audi last week and sold it in two days after having it in stock for over a month. As for Parker’s, we don’t really attract them much but do they still have the mileage adjustment tables that means you should be paying them to take away a high mileage small car?
  9. A new product from Europe

    Good to know BMW have opened dealers with salons. I thought it was just our local Audi dealer that had one along with the spa and gym for customers to use whilst their car is being serviced. Just in case you think I am taking the piss
  10. HPI using just a chassis number?

    I am probably teaching people to suck eggs but a few years back more expensiveCatC/D cars were being exported to Ireland and re imported to loose HPI markers. I have seen it done and it does clear the HPI marker(it did thenanyway)
  11. Are Used Car Prices About To Collapse ?

    It is a little strange, manufactures are dumping standard spec new cars into the finance and rental markets but when you want anything with an option it goes factory order. Land Rover have also got a new system on their website similar to how the US market operates as you can see cars that are built and ready fordelivery so they are clearly stockpiling.
  12. Sale or return fee

    We often do it but only on stuff in line with our stock profile that is in warranty. Biggest thing is to agree condition and miles before you take it away as even one of our good clients tried it on once regarding a bumper scuff.
  13. Help with private plate swap please

    My understanding is once the car has been yellow slipped /transferred to trade,the current owner is effectively removed from the DVLA record so sending in the V5 now for an address change will confuse things. Maybe just display the original issue number plate on the car for marketing and mention the plate come sale time, you might get a WBA supporter, worst case you retain it once the car is in the new keepers name.
  14. Help with private plate swap please

    Cars can be taxed but not have a keeper but after 28days get marked as such on the DVLA system. You need to register it as the previous V5 reference won’t work for a transfer and if it did the previous keeper would get the new V5. Once you get the new V5 back retain the plate and SORN toget a refund of the tax oruse the car.
  15. V5C from business to business ?

    I might be missing something here but if the car is registered to the trader your son just needs to transfer the car to trade in his name. If you mean the car has already been transferred to trade by the trader he does not need to do any more but if this was once of our trade cars we sold on again we have a standard declaration that we make the second trader sign to show they are liable for the vehicle record from that point onwards. Best practice would then be to register the car to the end buyer once sold and get them to declare SORN if it is not going to be used on the road.