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  1. Bank transfer problem

  2. Payment Methods

    Got it. Thanks Rory.
  3. Payment Methods

    I bought a Sumpup. Trying to activate the account, but then they cancelled my account and asked me to return the reader. Because they said they are not provide services to car trader. Am I the only got this result?!
  4. Just been offered

    The problem is: why will you got another offer after a sale agreed? Have you take it off from your ads? Or you keep the ads alive still?
  5. Where is Lucas gone? Oh Luca!

    Not yet. No sold at all. Do havesomecalls and online requests. A little better than before.
  6. Where is Lucas gone? Oh Luca!

    Just see this. Thanks mates. I am always here. Just busy on something and have no new story to tell in the past few days.
  7. Extended Warranty Advice - VAT

    Founda page about this. The supply of a non-insurance warranty by a UK business will be liable to VAT at the standard rate. Look at item 3.7.3 in this link
  8. We, motor traders all buy online without a physical view of the car. So yes, people also will eventually buy online without physical viewing the car.
  9. Time To Turn Stock

    I am asking because I went to Audi main dealer; I saw they do that. Also, I saw a man doing car storage business; he has the maintaineron every parking space to keep every car's battery in full all the time. And I find one of my car battery ran flat after two weeks not moving it. Another one almost ran out battery. So, I think maybe a good idea tocharge them all the time, or regularly. Sorry, mates! my question out of the topic. Forgive me!
  10. Time To Turn Stock

    Question: during that 30-60 days, do you guys need to continuing charge the battery to keep it in full?
  11. Yes. All depends on our own situation. One punter called me today at 6pm, said he is coming from central London, will be arrived in 1 hour blala..blala. He beg me to wait for him one and half hour. He said he really needs to buy the Focus! I said okay, I will wait, I promise him I won't leave without seeing him. So, I keep my promise, I am still here waiting for him. It's good to be home based! Drinking my wine at the moment and waiting for him forever.
  12. Your current longest car in stock....

    Hi Tony, I am too busy on selling cars. But..., no sold yet!
  13. Looks like within 30 days after sold. It's all on seller, no matter how perfect the pdi or condition was on collection. Is that right? Tough!
  14. AA or RAC partners?

    Which one more expensive? AA or RAC?
  15. Meet-up for forum members at CDX 2019

    Good event. I will love to join the party if I sold anything before that time! Otherwise, I won't show up!