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  1. We all need this like a hole in the head

    Words if wisdom here. Finally.
  2. Am I being had?

    This is Scam is old as world. Received exactly same email with exactly same wording when was selling old sofa on gumtree 5 years ago... Another classic is from a sailor who is in the middle of the sea now but desperately needs your car...
  3. A bit less than that- 1350.
  4. Maybe it is worth wait for the result first?
  5. Don't waste your time and money. You won't get result you want with that sort of kit. I have 150£ worth of chinesium pdr kits- only the one with slide hammer and glue tabs worked but still never been able to achieve perfect result. As you already have bought it, don't forget to preheat panel before working on it. It also depends how old the dent is- older the dent harder to get it to original state.
  6. Just an idea- check this guy on social media. Maybe there's footage of some rough or competition use? Just saying...
  7. U would say- leave it. Servicing and maintenance is on customer anyway. All extra work I used to do on some cars was never really appreciated but affected my margins a lot. Revising brakes, suspension and other things that affects safety (wipers, lights etc.) should be enough IMO.
  8. Best polishing compound?

    Sorry, but... could you clarify wtf is Chinese Polish???
  9. BCA

    Not at Paddock Wood for sure.
  10. Just curious- have you ever considered to become a writer or scenarist? With your life experiences it could be the way to go...
  11. I'd agree for the MOT but are you sure it should be taxed?