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  1. Auto Raperrrr

    We need to start talking about this more. Get it out in the open.
  2. Auto Raperrrr

    No. Surely this can't be right
  3. Potential New Trader

    This. Personallyif I were in the OPs position I'd be working onmy golf swing.
  4. Newbie dealer struggling for 2 years

    Great post, in particular the last paragraph.
  5. Citroen Help Please

    Puegeot planet is a great machine, as long as you know how to use it. Like most of these things, I'm not sure many do. Mark, if your still stuck with this next week give me a shout as I'm away at present. It woukd require a trip up to God's Country though and an overnight stay, but i seem to recall your old man is up this neck of the woods.
  6. Manheim surecheck help please

    Ashtrays on a motorbike, chocolate fireguards and then you have surecheck. All utterly useless. Even by motor trade standards a truly deceitful product. Anyway, all unimportant, anyone fancy a survey?
  7. Just sales or anything else..

    Always important to smell the roses. 10 years ago a local business was selling off their twoforcourts. I had a choice of the two and elected to buy where I'm at now for the reason that ultimately you'd get more houses on it. Another dealer bought the other. I more or less stuck to cars and the other bloke got intocampers. He's made a fortune, an absolute fortune and could probably buy me out with cash. Meanwhile I'm still messing about with EMLs plus a few other bits and bobs and during the day looking like Steptoe. I'm on my jollys tomorrow, when I get back sadly he'd have passed away after being struck down all of a sudden by you know what. Small the roses chaps, smellthe roses.
  8. I'm sure EH will retail that without a care in world.
  9. Possibly not, I bet he has great taste in shoes though
  10. No issues, just a friendly hello.

    Well I didn't want to push my luck
  11. No issues, just a friendly hello.

    Welcome. Any help you want, anything at all you only have to ask. No need for any drink or luck money. But, well if you could lay your hands on some tickets for this year's open at Portrush....
  12. If the unlucky dealer is Evans Halshaw then what goes around.... Interesting find though Josh.
  13. Where there is a boom there will always be a bust. For us peasants who don't have such booms then house prices will more or less stay the same, as will everything else.
  14. Suzuki Vitara bidding war?

    Jesus, can you imagine how loose that must be. As far the car.....