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  1. Bit of a long shot but the guys I use for transporting from Scotland are very good and unlike many others, have a diary they stick to. Give one of the guys at Nelson Car Transport in Kinross a call, worth a go.
  2. Maybe. Further problems are going to arise when the days in stock markers shows. Imagine having a car with a high marker and god forbid a 90 plus day in stock marker, you've got no chance. It's embarrassing reading Chris Penny trying to justify this on the fb page, his spin makes Borris and Jezza sound credible.
  3. If this is smart buying I'd hate to think what stupid buying looks like. Who in god's name signed this off? Thinking about it, that makes sense.
  4. I'v emailed a few trusted vendors I bought off to give them my thoughts. What a complete and utter dog's dinner that have made of that. One can only presume the folk of Wilson towers found some acid down the back of the sofa when they were designing that.
  5. I had a quick look through portal and it looked like Danniella Westbrook's face after a night on crack so left it there. What are you getting off this that you can't get through manhein or DA?
  6. It doesn't have a dummy holder.
  7. Really? Jeez, I wouldn't want to see the hard drive of any potential buyer.
  8. No idea. Have you tried here ?
  9. I'm more a two piece variety man myself. Chicken Hotwings, mmmmmmmmm.
  10. Mine was the same. Thankfully my man is clued up as I was astounded he said it was the DMF as that's a noise we all know and love. There were no traditional signs of it being knackered, but as ever, he was right. New DMF, clutch, bolts etc and I've never seen the car since, that was six months ago on a 55k Mokka.
  11. Hopefully Milwaukee do some deals. I'm becoming a bit of a perv over their stuff.
  12. Had a similar situation with a 1.7 Mokka earlier in the year, was making some really strange noises on start up, not all the time it has to be said. Replaced the DMF and clutch and problem solved. Probably not what you wanted to hear on a monday morning.
  13. Happy days. Jeez, used to sell bucket loads of those things. The 600 in particular was a mighty fine car. If I had a pound for every Rover window regulator I've changed. Shame the pheonix four got away with it. I'm a believer in 'what goes around' but sadly that has not been the case with those currupt *****.
  14. This is all really ridiculous, next the tree huggers will be blaming asthmatics for us being able to wear a pair of speedos on Xmas day. Oh wait a minute....
  15. We've been here before, some of the same people are doing the same moaning but it's all talk, all this will blow over until the next part of the 'customer journey' gets introduced and then we go again, and again.