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  1. So that is your car that the OP has bought by mistake. Would you expect him to honour it? Would you be expect BCA to honour it? Of course you would. There are pros and cons of internet buying, if you can't deal with the cons then best not bother.
  2. I can't believe what I'm reading here. I feel for the OP, I really do. But ffs, man up. You bid, you bought it, now pay up. Learn from it and move on.
  3. Don't get me started on modern coaching and sports science. The ball only cares where Smith's his bat is, the ball only cares where Furyk's club is, why the director of football at my football club knows the cubic capacity of a jam jar, but he can't the fecking lid off! A bit like selling cars, it's all rather too complicated for my liking.
  4. Double bogeyed the last which cost me a couple of quid, had a lovely Sunday roast although that was slightly spoilt afterwards by watching the cheating Aussies win The Ashes.
  5. Fair play to some of you for giving this chancer the time of day.
  6. I noticed it on DA. £7600, 55 bids, reserve not met and it's not on my watch list so no idea if it sold. Staggering really. Even more staggering though, how can anyone hate an orange or coffee revel?
  7. I must admit, I have a soft spot for Rover's and MG's and over the last 20 years have probably sold more of those than anything else, and they stopped selling 12 years ago. I've probably got a couple of old window mechs somewhere that fit this car
  8. Bag of revels to the winner. 2006 56 MG ZT 260 , 45k, one owner, fsh, proper thing. No cheating, just use the little grey cells and your gut, what do you think that's worth?
  9. Most threads on here are these days.
  10. Excellent stuff. Always nice to have a little balance
  11. Hi. My name is Frank and I want a piece of your cake as it looks easy money, problem is I'm stuck with some Nissan Juke CVT's that looked cheap at the time but are actually bolloxed and now my wife is nagging me to get rid but I just can't move them, I mean a literally can't move them. Any ideas welcome.
  12. If that's your business model then my advice would be don't give up the day job.
  13. Indeed. But we both know how things work on here these days
  14. To be fair, Manheim Shotts still offer good rates, although as ever they are offset by everything from up there needing discs and pads.