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  1. Border cars

    Not sure I share you fear. They chose to take steroids when the rest of us went to the gym and eat lettuce, we all know who the types I'm talking about. Feck em is what I say.
  2. Car gurus

    Personally I'd never tell a women with an Irish accent to take a running jump.
  3. Tell me about it. Played lovely last week up until 16th, then the dreaded snap hook. Honestly, I'd have takenany tyre kicker or screamer not to have had that shot!
  4. Buyers beware.....

    Feel free to name and shame.
  5. I can't see it happening like it did 10 years ago where we still had big volumes going through the hall, simply because I've never seen the demand for used cars in the hall like we are seeing now. Unless the likes of Next Gear or Partner Finance stop playing ball then I'm not seeing anything (even brexit) that can slow things down that much. Clearly those clever City types (cough, cough) think so too with BCA about to go under the hammer.
  6. Main dealers are jokers

    Man walks on moon....
  7. Anyone interested in buying a CLK?

    Haha. Iwas driving through Denbigh last week and came across this. Thingis, it didn't look out of place
  8. Dodgy auction tactics

    Really? Who'd of thought?
  9. Dodgy auction tactics

    Agree entirely.
  10. Dodgy auction tactics

    Fair enough. Personally that's never been my approach. Each to their own though.
  11. Electric Cars

    Good post. I bet keyboardwarrior is a blast at parties.
  12. Dodgy auction tactics

    Why not? You'd of got the car you wanted at the price you wanted with the chance to mark the auctioneer's card. That's a win win in my book.
  13. Electric Cars

    Yep. I spoiled my last ballot paper and would rather now watch Emmerdale over Question Time or read Viz over the broadsheets. I voted to remain as the other option was just plain daft IMO,now I honestly don't care what happens and sadly it's a case of I'm alright Jack. Sigh. Anyway, electric vehicles in north Wales where folk still have dial up internet and bottled gas. Sure George.
  14. Sold my last diesel

    I wish we had those fake taxis.
  15. Sold my last diesel

    Here in North Wales economy has always been the name of the game. More chance of us stopping shagging sheep than there is of no longer buying diesel.