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  1. Business Slow?

    I knocked AT on the head months ago, not for obvious reasons but to allow time to concentrate on other projects. So far, there has been no time to fully concentrate on other projects as folk keep buying cars, with only one paid for platform on the dd list. Funny old game.
  2. BCA essential checks £7.50

    Before they went to three sales a week, Central Car Auction's Wednesday sale used finish at11pm on a regular basis, making it an 11 hour sale!
  3. Write off for minor damage

    Adding to what others have said, paintwork for these fancy 3 stage colours can be very expensive these days. A wing on it's own could well end up with the door, bonnet and bumper being painted to blend it all in. I don't think assessors get sent out like they used to with many being written off remotely via body shop reports.
  4. Autotrader

    See you at the march comrade.
  5. Autotrader

    Unbelievable Jeff. We need to march.
  6. AutoTrader is over price

    I can no longer keep this in. My name is mark and I love Olives, so much in fact, that when I buy mypizza in Tesco (without Olives) I then need to add the finest Olives off the deli counter and turn my nose up at the value Olives. Primula in a tube, what's that all about?
  7. AutoTrader is over price

    I'm with you. Do you know my local Tesco's pizza counter no longer give you the option of having olives on your pizza but yet sell olives in store. And Ozz thinks he has problems.
  8. AutoTrader is over price

    Bloody hell, this is all news to me but I'm with you brother. Let's march.
  9. Bye bye autotrader

    I have to say, the Motors package has really been performing well this year so far, really well in fact.Unlike previous years, I won't be looking to get rid of it any time soon.
  10. How do you pass time on dead days?

    Chess you say.Very addictive. Myself and Shaunfrom Codeweavers who posts on here have the odd battle on the board. if your on we should have a game sometime whilst waiting for thelots to come through
  11. How do you pass time on dead days?

    No idea what your talking about. Cough, (delete's browsing data) cough, cough.
  12. Auto Raperrrr

    We need to start talking about this more. Get it out in the open.
  13. Auto Raperrrr

    No. Surely this can't be right
  14. Potential New Trader

    This. Personallyif I were in the OPs position I'd be working onmy golf swing.