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  1. Had one yesterday on FB....The very 1st line says £12995. Some numpty, 1st comment, asks how much
  2. Sorry to drag up an old thread but out of interest what kind of security do these firms like close brothers and next gear capital require for a stocking facility?
  3. Sorry to jack this thread but I can’t start one for some reason. What’s you guys recommendations for engine bay cleaning....tools, Chems etc?
  4. Thanks Mark. Bit lumpy on the mileage for me. I know it’s all relative to how well it’s been looked after and serviced but ideally something max of 80K.
  5. Hi all, as some of you may know from previous threads I’m a an electrician/security engineer. I’ve got a new security guy starting soon so need to purchase an estate car.....Preferably black and no older that a 2012 plate. I quite like something like a Vauxhall insignia around the 5-6K mark. I know I could just look on AT but reading the threads on here over the last year and most people on here seem to be good people. If you have something in stock let me know. I wouldn’t be to bothered about viewing it so it could be delivered etc TIA Lee
  6. The same old boy who doesn’t use the Internet?
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/news/8247940/travelodge-builder-jcb-digger-liverpool/amp/ poor bloke must be on his arse and really needed the money and just absolutely plotted it im going to chuck a tenner in. https://www.gofundme.com/unpaid-travel-lodge-digger-driver-edge-lane
  8. Most of our sites rent them from a company called RS French in Kent. The ones they normally hire come as an office, toilet and a little cupboard type thing with a built in generator. Might be worth a look. I’m not 100% but I believe they are around £40 a week.
  9. Solar and turbines are no use for what you want. You would have to store the energy they produce so you can use it when they stop producing. To store the energy you would need batteries. Batteries on this scale require regular maintenance and are expensive....in the region of £1000 to £2500 each to buy. A silent running diesel generator will be your best bet and you can run it on cherry. The generator will need Automatic voltage regulation because if it doesn’t it will fry electronics like laptops etc. A 6KVA generator will give you about 20A of power. 6000 watts/240V=25A There will be losses through the generator so you have to allow for power factor....0.8 would be a reasonable Pf. 25A x 0.8Pf=20A Running at 50% the generator will use around 1.4 liters an hour. Are you thinking of buying or renting a modular building?
  10. The other thing I’ve learnt from his that he advertises on AT, eBay/gumtree motors pro, car gurus, RAC, desperate seller, motors, RAC, Facebook and says they are all useless really apart from AT which is costing in the region of £1500 a month. The only reason he’s keeping up with the others atm is because of brand awareness.
  11. Mainly thinkgs like S-lines, M sports, AMG’s, etc seem to come in to stock often then sell within a month. I’ve been keeping an eye on his pricing and they all seem to £100-£250 cheaper than the top end retail price given by AT. Other stock he keeps are the likes of qashqai’s, Tiguans and Kugas that seem to do well. I know he has a 250k stocking facility but not sure who it’s with....I would be interested to know. I suppose I could HPI one of his cars to find out? I know he uses BCA but buys using the online auction side of things rather than actually going down to the auctions. He did say he had a “buyer” as he called it. I’ve been keeping an eye on his sold vehicles as he marks them as sold on the website and he’s done 9 this month so far. He said he thinks he’s doing well because he offers same day drive away rather than the customer having to wait a few days to collect. He doesn’t valet or do any of the work on the cars himself and doesn’t have anyone at his pitch doing it so I can only assume he takes them somewhere for a valet etc. All cars are sold with a 3 month mechanical and electrical warranty, PDI’d etc.
  12. I know the one. As a kid I lived a few doors down from Babchild motoring world which I think is where Peter Waddell (big motoring world) 1st started. I do appreciate the advice from all who’ve taken their time to reply.
  13. Yes it has taken a lot of hard work. I’m not looking to jack it all in and become a car dealer over night. I’m just interested in making more money whilst I’m young and able to. I would like to build the business in to a position like my electrical business eventually.