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  1. Motorhub finally nailed

    53k.... Bet all the other rogues are shitting themselves.... not
  2. Motorhub finally nailed

    How this firm are still in business is beyond me. You only need to google them to find scores of threads across dozens of car forums about how shady they are! They've had some cars for sale for years and years. I certainly dont think they'll be closing their doors for a measly 53k.... Money certainly doesn't seem to be in short supply!
  3. Who Can Recommend a Turntable?

    I've yet to see decent photos off a turntable. Lighting, yes. Back drop, yes. Good equipment, yes. Turn table? Do you really sell that many, that turning the car around under its own power is that much of a hassle and drain on time?
  4. Mileage descrepancies

    If we see a mileage discrepancy of any sort, pre p/x or purchase, we just leave it be. It takes up too much time 'explaining'. Plenty of cars out there without, so why bother.
  5. autogroup.com is for sale

    Just need to run it by the wife... Do you have a card?
  6. autogroup.com is for sale

    Will you take a px?
  7. Potential New Trader

    Hi Steve, welcome. I'm fairly new to the Forum, but we've been in the business for a long time. We are also based in the central belt. I've given thought to being a 'specialist' before, as it will give you a head start over other 'general' garages. My go-to marques would have been Porsche and Lexus (I'm passionate about both), but it was the supply of stock that seriously hindered this option. Buying from 'enthusiasts' and selling to 'enthusiast' means you'll be squeezed from both ends. Sellers looking for top dollar and buyers, comparing your car with others on a 'national' level. Not really issues you get with 'normal' car buyers. Although it can still happen. I'm a devout petrol head, but it rarely pays. Its good to have enthusiasm, it helps, but prep, price and reputation is more important than wether or not I'm into cars. Best of luck, it sounds like you have your team primed and ready to go! Stevie
  8. autogroup.com is for sale

    Whats your best price
  9. TV, did I? My ageing memory must be failing me! I did buy it several weeks ago, but its been away having a boost issue sorted. Thankfully without having to split the bloody thing in two to allowaccess the turbo actuators... I'm also guilty of frequenting the forum after a few beers, which doesn't really help. I'll check my post history next time! Rightly or wrongly, we've settled on 16985 to get the ball rolling. Can always bring them down. Putting the up, well, thats not just as straight forward! Cheers, Stevie
  10. Car Gurus

    We were on the free package and were selling from it. Took the plunge and signed up for their 12 month contract at 260pm (20 cars) and the enquires stopped. Literally stopped. It was so bad in fact, or account manager tried to get us out of contract which didn't happen. We duly paid until the end, with little/no change. Few months after coming out of contract, we appeared on their site again,on the free package, and we are back to selling cars off it and get a measurable amount of leads from it too. Its a funny old game, advertising!
  11. We've just done that with an 8k mile '97 Lotus Elise (23k), but I dont think the same can apply to a Range Rover?
  12. Dont think it was nicked AD, I dont really think good cars often are. Used CAP and AT to give me a feel for where I hoped we would be retail, and deducted a chunk as at the end of the day, it is a LR after all. Recon is always fairly serious, even with good ones. Then you need to make sure warranty is covered, as theres always something. At this age, RAC wont cover it all. My research suggests 15985? I was keen to find out if I'm right or wrong.
  13. Evening guys, I'm usually fairly adept at pricing our own stock, but just how far do you think we can go with this? As per title, with annual LR servicing upto 2017 (300miles ago!) Silver, Cream & all the goodies. Just a lovely lovely thing, but a touch tricky to price. Obviously looking to maximise, as its a total one off. Look forward to input! Cheers, Stevie
  14. Bye bye autotrader

    Hi @justina3, it was me who posted it. It can't be review driven, as there was a private first in the search when filtering by 'Recommended'. I'd love to know what algorithm AT use to power this search filter. Stevie
  15. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    March finished up on 18 retail, plus around half a dozen trade deals. Saturday was a nice finish, two sales, two purchased and a hand over. Not bad considering theres only one of usin on Saturdays between 11am and 4pm I felt like I'd earned my Coronas that night Two on the board for April so far and a nice line of on-going enquiries. Stevie