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  1. AT Portal valuation not working

    Just me then!
  2. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    Dead today. Just a CF 247 enquiry that will probably lead to nothing On the subject of CF247 I had one on the go earlier in the week on a little Pug 108 All done my end then heard nothing. I called CF247 next day asking what the hold up was. They told me customer will e sign tonight. Next day called them again and was told customer had signed it's with payout Later that day they called me to say customer has lost phone on a business trip so can't complete payout. It will be sorted next week. What a load of bullshit!
  3. AT Portal valuation not working

    Yep tried in/out Finally got through on the phone. It's an issue they are aware of but 'the technical team don't work weekends so monday/tuesday before it's fixed' Great!
  4. Yesterday afternoon and today Anyone else having a problem with this?
  5. Trader Newbie

    Welcome Max
  6. Suzuki Jimny’s

    Jimnys are great news. Always have been I've bought and sold loads a back in the day when we used to underwrite cars from our local Suzuki dealer. Those were the days...underwriting cars. I digress I watch them on DA now and they make fortunes. Must be one of the slowest depreciating cars on the road
  7. I buy most of my stock via D/A. There are a couple of vendors that I have looked at that don't allow test drives but they put this in T&C's. I wouldn't entertain bidding however cheap with no T drive. There are others who try to make it difficult but you have to be firm with them OP you did the right thing to walk away
  8. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    It's still quiet here in Northampton! 2 deals in 2 weeks. I hear others in the town also quiet. I just don't get it. 95% of my stock showing good price and more stock than i've had for 12 months. I think AT are up to their old tricks. A couple of enquiries asking 'is this still for sale'. Phoned and emailed back but no response. This only seems to happen when it's quiet!
  9. Warranty for home trader

    3 month warranty on everything except SOR cars. Cars in the area I self warrant 3 months and I'm quite happy to cover everything even exhausts. It's good customer service and promotes a good reputation IMO Out of area I use 3 month Lawdata warranty
  10. Taxing a car with no V5C/2

    This was my exact post a few weeks ago....why copy and paste when all answers are there in previous thread? Strange
  11. Find an fund

    My rep recently told me they are putting more money into online promotion We had 1 lead in 6 months and that went dead