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  1. AAM90

    Fiat Panda

    I have stopped buying Pandas. They always sell in the end but with hardly any margin by the time it's overage and reduced. Old lady car. Kids won't buy because of the looks.
  2. Lots of messers between Christmas and New Year. Too much time on their hands!
  3. I can't load photos here. email me on john@albertabbottmotors.com. It's still here and I will take £1600 for it
  4. My expectations are to pay the bills. Not alot of profit to be earned in a December with an election looming.But you never know. However December is the month to stock up and prep. I hate buying in January, prices are insane.
  5. Just had another look. Can't seem to find it. I would appreciate a pointer in the right direction
  6. I've bought 2 this week. But I can't find where to get VAT invoices for buyers fee. Emailed DA but no answer Any ideas? The first car I bought on Monday didn't show who the vendor was. I had to guess and make a phone call. This issue is sorted now. But it's a mess
  7. AAM90


    I can't see this working in the long term. They will drown in returns. 7 day free returns. Can you imagine all those snowflakes ordering cars which in the photos look like new but in reality it's a used car
  8. Double stock offer means time to play with Autotrader algorithms if you have spare space on AT If I have unused slots I shall leave sold cars live but increase the price by say £500 If enough of us do it it should move the price markers Anyone else up for this?
  9. Have any of you looked at the new sight on portal? Seems over complicated to me. Clearly not working properly. For example a Holdcroft car is listed as independent seller in Leicestershire ! Anyone who buys from Holdcroft will know they are franchise in Stoke
  10. I try to stick to opening hours but flexible if arranged at least 24 hours before. Sundays strictly appointment only, I'm not opening the gates for tyre kickers
  11. I'm also with Autoaid. Never had to use them yet so i'm not sure on untaxed car policy. It's super cheap for personal cover
  12. Who else is on the Facebook group Car Sales/ Dealers? Alot of ranting on there about price markers. An Autotrader manager offered to join the group and answer questions/concerns. So they do know they are upsetting dealers.