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  1. I blew £1500 fixing a £3995 Zafira a few years back. It was one of those where I wish I never started but your in so deep you have to keep going. It ended up fixed and the patient customer was happy in the end
  2. It's useful for part exchanges. Using the VW part exchange facility(free for those that don't know) I give the punters a nice printout with the figures. Punters seem to go for it every time Although I do cut the VW logo off the top first
  3. It's a very odd market at the moment. The general consensus is it's quiet out there(it is for me) However if you need to replace stock it's a fortune to buy The normal rules of supply and demand just don't seem to apply Can't get my head around it really!
  4. Good luck! I hope it goes your way and restores your confidence in what you do
  5. 20min job to clear the scuttle. Take of wiper arms etc and completely remove the cover to get all the debris out. The mutiplug in question is located under the carpet passenger side. There are about 50 wires and pins. If your lucky you will see a green pin which can be cleaned with contact cleaner. If your unlucky like I once was the pins will be rotten. My auto electrician spent a good few hours soldering!
  6. Check it's not full of water under the passenger front carpet. Rots the multiplug pins I've had a couple of Clio's do very strange things where water ingress in the multiplug is the cause. The water ingress is caused by blocked scuttle drain. Crap design on a Clio and prone to blocking
  7. 2009 Mini Cooper Cabriolet 1.6 Petrol Pepper Pack, 1/2 Leather, Heated/Sports seats 95k Miles with good history Drives well but engine smokes/burning oil. A pretty car with no major body damage £2000 Should retail for around £3995 Email on john@albertabbottmotors.com or call during working hours on 01604 713599
  8. I can recommend the Sealey VMA914 if your looking for a proper valeting machine. Good value and pretty robust. Remote control for spray and suck. Must of had ours about 4 years. Still going strong and only a few small parts replaced in that time.
  9. A nominal subscription fee would keep out the one time posters, punters and weirdos wanting information
  10. So to all those that have been pulled for 'no keeper' was there any consequences? Just asking for a friend
  11. I've got an 09 Cabriolet Cooper that smokes. Going cheap if anyone wants to take it on
  12. Quiet start to the month but i'm not going to start giving them away. Looking back it was the same last year...
  13. I have the same model and colour in stock, low mileage etc. Hardly any enquiries. My brother thinks its the colour and I think it's the spec thats making it stick Sick of the sight of it!
  14. Very common problem on these. Second hand one is a bit risky as they all go at some stage Last time we spent £100 for brand new one off ebay seller Make sure numbers match