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  1. Your current longest car in stock....

    Our longstanding Cooper S did this to us. Got all the known issues fixed and sold it (insignia guy). It then throws an engine management light within a week. Bit of diagnosis and it only does it when left idling for a few minutes and shows as misfire plug 1. Put new plugs, coil and leads on it with no change. Now booked into our local guy to go to next stage (injectors?). Goes like a train and guy loves it so a bit unsure what to do if we can’t solve it. He’s even bought his own reader to kill the light.
  2. This. Fighting it in court will cost you a lot of money on top of costs of repair. My guess would be snapped cambelt or chain, unless you’ve got proof it was done.
  3. AA or RAC partners?

    We signed up to AA as a means of giving some re-assurance to customers when we started up. Not many customers seemed to care and I don’t think we need it now. Gave notice to end contract as soon as we could.
  4. February.......

    Got a neighbour like that. Nice guy and a solicitor, ran a 1995Passat (old boxy one) for about a decade. Then got himself a nice 2005 525d, which was replaced in 2011 by a 4.2 Q7. Still got it and it’s immaculate. Got about 70k miles on it and he occassionally asks if he should change it in case it goes wrong. I think there is a queue of us to buy it when he finally does get rid.
  5. service invoices

    Not saying I agree with it, but yes you could see that happening if someone got paranoid about GDPR. Some very stupid interpretations going around and a lot of middle managers averse to risk taking. annoyingly v5s no longer show previous owner names and addresses. Especially, as most peoples details for sale on the black web as you point out.
  6. Unbelievable

    Happy days, first car was a Chevette which I learnt to fill on. Followed by escort mk2 1.6, wanted a sport but could only afford to insure a Ghia (in old man gold/brown)
  7. service invoices

    I guess the problem is the invoices all have customers names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
  8. Who got this wrong?

    Is the next stage that the dealer who buys it doesn’t make a massive profit on the unit but does on the finance? its a pack of cards I reckon, but then I’m a pessimist when it comes the this stuff.
  9. Agree. For people spending £9990 on something with performance then it's all relative anyway. Chances are they would be considering something with £300+ tax anyway so what's an extra £200 per year (and not so noticeable now it's direct debit every month). That's the way I used to look at it, and any extra cost on tax and fuel was more than offset by lower depreciation vs buying a new car. I did go from one extreme to another though, selling an E500 (£500 per year road tax) and replacing it with a Mini Cooper D (£30), though that's because the MINI was the highest group I could get cover for a 17yr old on (I'd have kept the E500 if it wasn't for those pesky kids )
  10. All these electronic issues meanI'm starting to hanker after my MK4 Cortina again. Bought a nice Freelander 2 earlier this week. Low miles, FSH, one owner. All good, bought direct from owner who's chopping it in for an Evoque. Decided to use it today, fine for first hour or so, then got a HDC Fault message flash up. Cleared on stop/start and not re-appeared, Google seems to think it's a random error they throw when low battery (likely issue with this one, hence using it) and cold weather (so today definitely) but it's broken my confidence in it a bit. Oddly the spare remote is a bit slow to respond too, takes 5 minutes to lock/unlock it (unlocks just when you are about to give up on it).
  11. Warranty for home trader

    Thanks. Appreciate the drink, I'll buy you one sometime. I suspect you're not that far from me (MK) Cheers
  12. Warranty for home trader

    Any chance I could send you £5 to get an example?
  13. Keyless Entry / Start - Worries

    I’ve got to admit that pressing the fob to unlock the car isn’t too much of a hassle. Could never see the point of keyless. Supposedly someone had a BMW nicked when their wife left her key in her handbag in the car.
  14. Any Jimny Buyers??

    Just bought in a nice Freelander. Never hoped for snow before
  15. They stopped making those early on I think. Friend brought a brand new one for his wife and the box failed within 6 months, I’m not sure if they initially replaced the box and had another failure beforethey refunded but by then they’d discontinued the model due to failures and hadn’t got a leg to stand on consumer rights wise.