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  1. The best way to make a small fortune is to start with a big one if Autotrader has their heads screwed on they’d be out bidding CarGurus on Google to stop them getting established, however I suspect they are too focussed on short term profit to invest in maintaining their market share. Big benefit car gurus have with private ownership will be that the owner can keep pumping money in without anyone to answer to. in reality we’re all losers from this as customers are now spread across multiple platforms (With subsequent increase in costs to reach buyers), go back 20 years and it was Autotrader or local paper only.
  2. Curious to know what level of profits car gurus are making if they are paying for Google advertising to drive traffic.
  3. Got to be £1m plus at today’s return rates
  4. With Ads manager you can set target ages to cut out the unlikely demographics, plus target on interests, family situation (parents with young kids, etc).
  5. If it’s MK and you want a specialist then worth calling Deutsch Tech. I would recommend MTek in Northampton as a better alternative though , as Northampton labour rates quite a bit cheaper than MK rates.
  6. Get a business account and use Ads manager. That gives you more control and enables you to be more creative. Eg you can create an ad to directly serve to people who’ve seen more than 50% of a Car video you upload, target people who’ve visited your website, etc. It’s really quite amazing what you can do with FB advertising.
  7. Try living here. £250 per hour is standard for proper legal work (not conveyancing). I’ve never known a business put its prices up when supply exceeds demand though? Usually the other way round. However, my experience is that a genuinely good solicitor is worth paying for and saves money in the long run. I tend to use different ones for different things and have a cheaper option for stuff like legal letters.
  8. I think AT are scared of losing buyers to FB, CarGurus etc so are busy trying to increase the “value” of their product to the searchers in terms of more information. However they are biting the hand that feeds as pushing down margins and making the site less trade friendly will just more traders away and onto FB, EBay, etc. thus actually helping their competitors gain market share.
  9. Looks like it's dependent on Browser. Using Safari Nick's MINI is Good Price and no marker on E Coupe, on Chrome MINI is only Fair Price and E Coupe has high price marker. Some lovely stock there BTW. I especially like the 03 Focus. Both my kids have them (£300 cars) and they are brilliant things, though one is getting a bit leggy after 4 yrs.
  10. Understatement of the century?
  11. How to bite the hand that feeds. Force margins down by creating pressure to lower prices. Frankly ludicrous. Consumers may live it but they aren’t the ones paying for it.
  12. Just swapped the X5 at £800 for a set of tyres every two years for a 335i. Upside is cheaper tyres, downside is I daren’t floor yet on these damp roads.
  13. Just bought a Genius Boost G40 today, 20% of with trade card, better than 3% with Amazon Black Friday deal.
  14. Good article in this months Car Mechanics magazine on VAG and DSG boxes.