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  1. Strikes me as management trying to fill turnover gaps. I’m sure bids will be £60 lower so net price the same. Maybe they will treat it differently in their accounts.
  2. Car wow is new cars though and I suspect car wow users by their nature do a lot of background research before making a purchase.
  3. The beauty is Facebook ads done through Facebook business (as opposed to just boosting posts) is the level of targeting possible and the ability to run split tests. We’ve stopped doing cars for the moment due to volume of work in my other interests but presently doing a lot of work on FB business and the split tests options has enabled us to learn a lot about what works best (aka cheaply).
  4. CCC

    No more BMWs

    Zetecs and Duratec's are great engines. For a banger it's hard to go wrong with a Mondeo or Focus. Having read up on BMW"s cost saving measures in recent years (e.g twin to single row chains) then the newer ones are starting to sound decidedly risky, give me an old 3.0 M44 over an N series any day of the week.
  5. I suspect it’s easier to tweak an electric car for performance purposes in a test than an IC..also lots of different power models around nowadays.
  6. Parents seem to think there's a big difference in insurance between the 1.2 and 1.4, but little difference now everything is black box. 1.4 gives you a bit more breathing space at roundabouts/overtaking too. Sold a lovely one 1.4 in Vision Blue to a friend for his daughter, she loves it.
  7. Interesting, if BCA about to be floated then I’ll bet that the business profits have been maximised in advance to get top dollar. Best time to buy flotation is after 12 months when the real profit numbers come in.
  8. Cloe Brothers is a neat arrangement. Low risk in that it's 70% of invoice and and basically they are funding you to help sell their finance. A win-win if managed correctly and the market's doing OK. At those terms funding from bank or your own pocket seems to be not worthwhile.
  9. I was anti ulez until I sat in heavy traffic in Exeter with my windows open and virtually choked. I had the luxury of being able to close them but the people living by that junction didn’t. The proliferation of the internal combustion engine is what’s killing itself. As for electric cars then I’m sure the trade will adapt (and batteries get cheaper). You can just change dead cells on Lexus hybrids nowadays.
  10. It's interesting times. I've been reading a lot recently and a few books have talked about how widespread car ownership enabled the growth of shopping malls in the US in the 1950's and that, coupled with the building of the Interstates killed off "Main Street" more than 50 yrs ago there. Here in the UK we're seeing the death of the standard high street, but places with leisure alongside retail are doing OK. Where I live (small market town) the Town Centre is doing fine. Yes, poor businesses are closing but good ones are doing OK, and there are lots of coffee shops (and new pubs) but all are doing OK, our biggest problem is now parking. Meanwhile there is no attraction at all to visiting the standard shopping centres in the local towns, as they're all identikits with chain stores, none of which are particularly enticing. Our local Ironmonger beats B&Q on price and offers double the level of customer service and is thriving. I guess we're in just another cycle. When you think about groceries in the last 100 yrs we've been through travelling stores (wife's grandfather had one of these), corner shops with made your order up/delivered, supermarkets, home delivery. Meanwhile people are moving back into town centres to replace retail (L&G just announced plans to build old peoples residential homes in vacant town centre locations). We just need to ensure we adapt to what's ahead.
  11. Arguably a thinning out of the market will help. Low interest rates are helping people enter the market and survive on lower profit margins than before.
  12. Posh bucks market town. It’s topmwbd stuff that’s arguably getting beyond affordable. One we liked was £685 asking, dropped to £650, we bid at £625 at agents suggestion and was accepted, now being told they’ll take £610. That said a lot of asking prices are optimistic, so in reality they houses are losing money vs what was paid, they just haven’t appreciated as much as the owners thought.
  13. From talking to mates who are in management there’s a lot of redundancies about to kick off in their firms, they’d held off hoping for a managed Brexit but with that looking unlikely it’s time to start cutting the cost base hard ahead as the downturn looks permanent. Seeing house prices tumbling round here too (SE) for mid/top end stuff.
  14. My experience of chargebacks is that it doesn’t make a difference what card type, and the banks don’t have a dialogue with you they just do it. If your employer can’t afford £250 to refund what seems like a genuine situation where the customer has a right to a refund then I’d be looking for a new employer. Put yourself in his shoes, website says refundable and gives no conditions, why should he expect any issue? if it happened to me then I’d be doing chargeback plus writing to company MD directly with my complaint before following it up legally. Might cost me more than £250 but I take exception to being misled. Fortunately the writing to MD’s generally works, my son even got his iPhone replaced by Apple after local store told him he was out of warranty (they’d timed it from date ordered not collected)
  15. Interesting to see Autotrader Shares being rated as a “sell” in the press this week. Rationale was that dealers had been squeezed as far as they could be and that they were now highly vulnerable to the downturn in the car market. Hard to argue with that. I wonder if their prices might soften to draw dealers back? Though I doubt it as they will now be trying to maintain turnover. Sometimes you need to consider what’s maintainable over the long term.