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  1. Same. It will create opportunities for many, but if it's no deal then expect credit to tighten as banks will become wary of increased default rates. Younger generations already have enough problems, this might just add to them. As ever I think the richer you are the more likely you are to the reality is likely to be a no-deal Brexit leading to a Labour government within a few years as Brexit is not the magic panacea to living conditions/costs that Boris made it out to be and the electorate will vote for the next set of promises they are given. "The Revolution eats it's Babies", I suspect Boris and Dominic are about to learn this in the next 12 months.
  2. We’re heading back to the 70’s, a big dose of inflation is probably heading our way, and the government don’t care as it reduces their debts. Interesting times ahead, increasingly so as no deal looks more likely by the day. Hope I’m wrong as transition with a deal will mean business as usual and a return of confidence.
  3. The warehouse my former business used tried to actively employ British workers. Took on 5, none came back for the second week. Meanwhile the Poles, Romanians etc, all put down roots, buy new homes and furnish them, pay taxes, spend money here. More so than the ageing UK population who's growing need is simply care (my mum spends £100 a month outside utilities, she has no need for anything as she's got enough clothes, furniture, etc. The simple fact is that the economy is a demographics game and with a rapidly ageing UK population we need new blood to fill jobs, pay taxes, etc. Without immigration then look at Japan for the last 20 yrs to see where our economy will go. And yes, we can export, but it's far more complicated exporting to India, etc. than France. For a start you'll be wanting payment guarantees which will cost you, plus exchange rate risk is far greater. Plus our currency will have to drop another 10-20% to make us competitive vs Eastern Europe (I left engineering around 2000 when it was clear many of the UK''s manufacturers where moving East). I don't see it ending well but for some of us, then yes, rich pickings.
  4. What's the years on these to avoid? For us it's the BMW/Peugeot Prince engine - New caught directly but a few close calls out of warranty put us off them unless very low mileage. Generally find MINI's lacking in servicing as oil change interval is too great (they get more brake fluid changes than oil changes according to the schedule).
  5. I’m torn. There will be rich pickings but for those who lose their jobs, businesses and homes then I have sympathy with those who just ended up in the wrong place and the wrong time. In truth we’ve had it too good for too long, and sooner or later we need a reset. I think those who think house prices etc only go one way might learn what those of us who remember the 80’s learnt 40 yrs ago.
  6. Older is the way to go for reliability. Small issue of ULEZ charge to deal with, but maybe the lesser of two evils. My 1997 328 got to 200K miles without any issues....not sure many would do that now?
  7. Just popped into the local MINI dealership on way home from the accountants. Salesman openly admitting market is slow at the moment and now is the time to get a deal both new and used. Then popped into Imperial Motors, only person there on a Friday afternoon (other than the sales staff who are very good).
  8. Reminds me of a conversation with a friend in the 2009 crisis. Two of his friends had businesses in trouble. One had a small amount of debt so the bank just called the debt in and forced them out of business. The other had a massive amount of debt so the bank called them in and discussed a repayment plan. A small amount of debt is your problem, a large amount of debt is the banks problem.
  9. I think fear of no deal Brexit is what's presently driving the economy shrinking (though personally I'm hardly surprised, there is no immediate upside, and a lot of opportunity to lose trade for everyone). The banks grabbing cash will become the norm - Sad end to a good business that overstretched themselves, I suspect there may be many more. Keep debt manageable and build your business in a manner that can cope with good times and bad times (and never overspend in the good times, keep the profit for the bad times).
  10. Unless you're a pensioner probably, somewhat ironically given Noacross's earlier post. Seeing quite a few classics now coming on the market for fear of issues once it rolls out to the North Circular. I fancy an R129 but half the attraction is tooling London on days out. Off to London tonight and timing it to arrive just after 6pm to avoid congestion charge.
  11. Last petrol was E500, so a whole 5.5 litres Before that a mere 3.5 litres of BMW. Don’t miss 20mpg though, X5 3.0d does 28 for me, I’d hate to think what the old 4.8iS V8 did.
  12. I’ve always run petrol cars until our present two, the ulez rollout has hit me thinking I should move them on at some point soon (or at least one of them) and the Birmingham think I wasn’t aware of. I’m not sure what the effect will be in large car sales as having run big petrol saloons before the mpg numbers can be scary unless you go for 4 cylinders.
  13. CCC


    CarGurus on TV at moment with advertising so might explain the waves, people will use them when advertising then revert to Autotrader (who are probably top of mind for most people) after. If AT had a decent marketing manager they'd match Car Gurus TV spend when they are on which would negate it's influence.
  14. CarWow are still privately owned, but fair play to raise circa £60m with what looks like no track record means they must be very good at pitching. With Asset prices so inflated investors are chasing bigger bets and I suspect its small beer to the investors who can write off losses against tax. In fairness I think Car Wow's business model is a lot more feasible than Cazoo's. One regret I had with my last business was not being in a higher transaction value category, however the level of stock risk Cazoo must have can be a killer. Though the same might apply to a lot of finance houses, we dealt with Close who claimed to be more cautious in their loan/value ratio and customer profile.