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  1. Thanks NOA. We have a small audience on our page (1800ish) but do well out of our sponsored posts. We do best with Facebook with our lower value stock, although that could come down to area etc
  2. I think Facebook massively depends on how you use it and your stock profile. Over 50% of our sales this month have come from Facebook.. But you do get a lot of time wasters amongst them
  3. Last Car we bought without a log book was a repo. V62 in customers name but couldn't tax as it wasn't registered in the trade (was therefore still registered to prev owner), held the vehicle until our customer received the logbook and could tax it which was around 4/5 weeks
  4. False reviews are killing us - read my separate thread. (It is in the private section) Internet is a fantastic thing but the problem is you have dickheads that can purposely write whatever they like to try and tarnish your reputation Can't do anything these days without fear of offending somebody who may post something online that becomes a nightmare to try and remove
  5. We switched from free CG to paid package around 4 months ago and so far so good. Leads are limited but we've had quite a few sales so ROI isn't bad at all, we've had better success with some of our lumpier stock on CG than AT. However, I don't like the dashboard, vehicle pricing check and the amount of info it gives the customer
  6. Not long after we opened, we took an old 1.3diesel Hyundai Getz in for sale. Customer was "devastated to part with it", decent MOT, looked fine offered him £500 to get the deal done (didn't bother driving it out of the yard). Happy customer leaves with his new i20, Ryan takes the Getz to the local shop, starts a 3 point turn and cuts out in the middle of the road. Managed to get it going again but there was no reverse! Ended up spares or repairs on eBay with fuel and gearbox problems. Had another customer a week or two later, PX and old focus. Lives 2 streets away so had walked up to test drive the Volvo he wanted. Mileage on PX please, 103k he said. No problem, we'll give you £700 for it. Deal done, he returns that evening for handover, our mechanic test drives the PX which is fine and new car goes out. About to ring the guy who has our cheap stuff, looking through the MOT history - last MOT 180K miles, check the car 198k miles!! A few lessons quickly learnt, thankfully they weren't too expensive! -Kelly-
  7. Before we opened the garage, Ryan used to do some trade valeting to bulk up his work load. £40 Full valet and £90 with machine polish to the trade for most sized vehicles - South Wales area
  8. We only ever had 20-30 images, but always fill in all the boxes etc etc Haven't noticed increase in enquiries but definitely an increase in ad views.. will have to see how it goes as we were just considering dumping them!
  9. GLWS FYI We sold our XC70 (the white one) for £11990 via a Car Gurus lead. We're on the paid package. Didn't seem to get much interest through AT though
  10. From an outside perspective, I'd do the following: Re-take photos - some of them look fine, others not so great. The Wheel photo - definitely add tyre shine, not everyone likes it but makes a huge difference on the photo's. The door card photo is blurry. I'd put the price back up and show a "Great Price" indicator rather than "Low Price" indicator. Volvo buyers don't tend to be the last price brigade, they want a quality car. We recently sold an XC70 - Not sure if you can see the old facebook ad? We have another one in stock atm - https://www.rjeautomotive.co.uk/used-volvo-xc70-ebbw-vale-south-wales-2330050
  11. Absolutely dead here - hardly seen a soul this month let alone sold a car! With 17 in stock we're a little low but have some great bits which I think are priced very competitively.. Hoping for an end of month pick up
  12. Doesn't seem cheap to me (considering the issues you've had as well) £80 a panel here and turned around in a couple of days
  13. We've had a few NI cars and never shown as import on Hpi, I thought it would only be Irish cars that would show as NI is part of UK and although number plates & MOTs are different there they are issued with a standard UK log book??
  14. We sent request with proof and got access within a week or so. They never emailed back to confirm though, I just clicked and there it was
  15. Workshop is not as busy as we'd like it to be but it's ticking over consistently so taking the sting out of the quiet weeks. We did get rid of 4 cheap PXs yesterday so at least they're gone. Ryan's dad is pretty experienced in the trade, he was GM at Empress back in the day and managed plenty of small sites since so we're pretty lucky. We can go away for a week and relax with little worry. Hopefully, we will have some customers that he can sell the cars to!