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  1. Dealer Auction - Any better now?

    We use DA quite regularly and only ever had one real issue. Got there, asked to drive the car, crunching in 3rd but managed to negotiate £800 reduction and gearbox cost us £350 so ended up better off. Picked up one today (as described) and going to pickup another on Tuesday. Fingers crossed!! Like everything, you have to take it with a pinch of salt. There are good and bad cars on dealer auctions and the same can be said about the dealers on there
  2. Car Gurus

    We're giving it a chance anyway. Managed to do £260 pmonth for 20 cars for 6 months.
  3. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    Still very quiet here too! :-(
  4. Gumtree / eBay Motors

    We just renewed with ebay/gumtree combined £227 is an offer for customers currently using Ebay only (some sort of legacy deal) to get them to switch to Ebay/Gumtree combined. As we started with a combined package the lowest price they could offer us was roughly £430 per month + VAT for both, 20 car package (in reality it's up to 25).
  5. Facebook

    Hi all We use the personal account for marketplace however I'm pretty sure you can do it from your business page by adding your cars to your 'shop' tab on your page. Haven't tried it myself but keep seeing prompts for it. Also, we use click dealer for our website and they've just launched an Accelerator pack for a bolt on per month which includes business page marketplace adds fed from your website ads
  6. Car Gurus

    Thank you all for your responses. Think we will be politely declining at the offered £335 p/month for 12 months for 20 cars but may consider if they can re-think the price
  7. We also buy from DA. Cars are paid for prior to collection as normal but we insist on thorough inspection and short test drive when we get there just in case. Definitely worth doing as one of the first cars we purchased from there had a gearbox issue, noticed and re-negotiated based on this for £800 discount. Had we have just drove from site they wouldn't have even discussed it. OP, I would've done the the same
  8. Car Gurus

    Hi All, Never had any luck with the free Car Gurus but recently were upgraded for a month as a "free trial". Had a few leads including phone calls and one sale. Now the trial is over they're pushing for us to continue using this paid package which I would like to do however I'm not sure the price they are quoting is competitive. For those using paid Car Gurus packages, is it worth while / are you getting quality leads and deals? For those who don't mind sharing what are you paying per month, feel free to PM me? We stock roughly 20 cars so the quote they've given is based on this. Thanks, Kelly
  9. Eerily Quiet Or Is It Just Me?

    V quiet for us but we are low on stock
  10. Class 4 or Class 7 MOT?

    We had a LWB Vivaro, all prev MOT's had been class 4 but logbook weight was 3030kg and garage we took to advised that it was Class 7.
  11. March sales so far ?????

    After a slow Feb, March has been great so far 9 on the board with 5 of those on finance and our recovery truck is going tomorrow. -Kelly-
  12. Transporters/recovery truck... shall I buy one?!

    We have ours for sale around the £6k mark if any is interested in buying one, PM me
  13. Autotrader Vehicle Checks

    We have 2 cars showing "mileage discrepancy" but I cannot see a discrepancy in the mileage it's flagging up! Also had this message today regarding a PX we took in last week and decided to retail, we cleared the finance on handover: "Is it still available? Is there any outstanding finance on this vehicle please? Autotrader suggests there may be. I would like to know this before l decide to travel from Hereford to look/test drive" Although I'm happy with the cost saving I think this could potentially cost a deal or at least deter some of our leads so will have to think about keeping it in place.
  14. How did you take the leap

    Would also recommend Click Dealer
  15. Newbie hello

    Welcome James! Best of luck -Kelly-