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  1. February.......

    Feb started slow for us! Only 2 gone out and one deposit so far. Going away next weekend so hoping to get a few done before then. Aiming for 10 but short on stock so we'll see how it plays out. -Kelly-
  2. Quickest FCA approval ever?

    Thank you all for your advice. Will get some Rep's in this week and see how it goes
  3. Hi All, After working myself up for month's about submitting our FCA application I finally did it last Tuesday (22nd). With some guidance notes from a local finance rep it was relatively straight forward and painless. I set myself up to be waiting a month or two at least before receiving approval so I was astounded to see the email today saying we're good to go, less than a week from submission!! Few questions now if you can help / don't mind sharing - for anyone that doesn't want information public but is happy to help, please pm me What finance companies are you mainly using for prime and sub-prime? What sort of average commission should I be expecting from 4-7k stock? Appreciate that will vary depending on amount of business being put through but would be good to see some indication for someone very new to the industry. Thanks in advance -Kelly-
  4. How’s January started out?

    Us too
  5. Warranty Advice

    Thanks AD Yes I have thought about this. At the time of sale customer (in jail) thought it was best for his partner to be registered keeper so it's her name on original invoice and logbook and therefore her who will receive the refund and sign a disclaimer to relinquish ownership and therefore purchase rights in regard to said vehicle on receipt of partial refund Thanks all for your comments and advice it really is appreciated
  6. Warranty Advice

    Unfortunately I was hoping to take this stance. However, vehicle showing same fault signs before the accident to showing now. Also, collision was minor and has already been settled by van driver company (BT) so they would uphold the matter is resolved if they tried to claim through insurance
  7. Warranty Advice

    Hi Mojo, Honestly, it has been hands down the most stressful few months of my life! Everything takes longer than you expect it to. Things happen when you least expect them to and sales come in waves of peaks and troughs. However, the satisfaction is great for me as I'm supporting Ryan doing what he's always wanted to do. For a new starter, I think you need to be really passionate about the industry and prepared for the reality that comes with it. The guy (in jail) partner/wife. So she's the one that will be receiving the refund.
  8. Warranty Advice

    Update! Phone call received today. They would like to accept a partial refund of £3400. Still have a nightmare car to trying and sort but at least the customer stress element is removed!
  9. Advertising Platforms

    Could come down to area? On Facebook we advertise all of the cars on our page and on marketplace. Then each week we have a "Car of the week" which we boost the post. Typically, I target 21-60 yr olds within 20 miles. If it's a specific age range car like a new driver car I'd reduce the age specification further. Other than that, sometimes I'll make slideshows of our stock. Trying to show a car for each "target market" and boost this.
  10. How’s January started out?

    Congrats! Hope the deal goes smoothly for you. Our 2 strong leads dealt today too with deposits down so fingers crossed looking good.
  11. Advertising Platforms

    Ebay / Gumtree - Combined package - OK. Not as many sales as AT but it's a fraction of the price so can't complain. More timewasters/weak leads than other platforms AT - Great for units sold but it should be with the price it commands. Facebook - Good. Few deals done from Facebook page / Facebook marketplace. We typically spend £40 p/month on page / post advertisement so very good return on investment.
  12. How’s January started out?

    2 strong leads already in the past half hour so hopefully get them dealt! Looks like it will be a busy weekend for us -Kelly-
  13. How’s January started out?

    Less than a week until the end of the month! How are you all getting on? We've been fairly steady with 7 done but would like to see another 2-3 before Feb ticks around!
  14. Warranty Advice

    I didn't want/dare to ask. No, unfortunately not lol!
  15. Warranty Advice

    Hi all Looking for some advice - apologies for the long post! We sold a VW golf GT TDI 170 (2007) to a customer 13th October. Car was perfect for a 10 year old vehicle and drove fine. All PDI'd properly and test drove. Within a week, customer calls, DPF light on. Brought the vehicle back, driven with 2 flats. 1 alloy, 1 space saver. The space saver was almost square! Front bumper scuffed, number plate cracked. We done a re-gen. Customer paid for tyres. We added new space saver no charge due to inconvenience. Customer comes back 3-4 weeks later. Light back (with EML) and car been in an accident. Can we do the repairs and charge the company who's van was at fault and fix DPF at same time. Company in question provided hire car. Car was with us 3 weeks waiting for panels. Launch diagnosed fault as DPF pressure sensors. Replaced, road tested over 2 days - perfect. Car goes back out. Few days later, customer back again!!! Fitted aftermarket DPF also had to fix radio as broken due to fizzy drink spilled (not by us) and crystallised and shorted wiring. At this point, customer offered courtesy car due to inconvenience - rejects this, not required. Christmas! This bloody Golf if back. Explained we're shut down over Christmas but will send the car to a VW specialist as soon as re-opened. Car gone to specialist 7th Jan. Diagnosed fault, new DPF failed. Advised - genuine second hand DPF, terracleaned and fitted. They will do the job - currently waiting on this DPF which is due to arrive on Saturday, delayed due to weather conditions. In the meantime customer gone to jail, partner and brother in law made contact for updates complaining about money spent on taxi's etc. Explained our courtesy car is currently out with another customer but welcome to use it as soon as it's back in. Today, brother in law called. Demanding full refund basically. Said he's spoken with Trading Standards and solicitors and if we can't come to agreement they will be pursuing. I have advised this is the first time we've had mention of a refund. We're trying our best to get this resolved asap and can only apologise for the inconvenience. Due to the time passed since purchase and the wear and tear on the vehicle, we would only be able to offer partial refund of £3400 (purchased vehicle for £4150). Brother in law to speak to customer / solicitor and contact us. This car has caused nothing but grief for the past few weeks as well as the customer! We've spent a lot of money getting this repaired to go back with a full refund. What do you recommend / what would you do? -Kelly-