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  1. First few cars didn’t sale for few months and now you are looking for bigger place so what’s the secrets Lucas ? :-)
  2. Well done! We thought your £200k won’t last long after first few cars no calls. You still have the Red Jaguar XF ? :-)
  3. Code Reader Snap on ???

    Obd usb cable.
  4. International buyer from France

    Bank transfer only. You pay £10-£15 to receive paymentdepending on bank.
  5. Forum problems!

    Spot on !
  6. Forum problems!

    Thanks CDM.
  7. Unless you are big buyer your complain getting you no way:-(
  8. Lee iacocca

    Love Ford Mustang. RIP Sir.
  9. “Imda closing “

    Sorry Umesh my mistake:-(
  10. So sad imda closing.
  11. Always go withyour mechanic mate
  12. Petrol or Tar 'n or Glue remover?

    Asda cheaper only 123.6 p
  13. Jim from imda definitely worth a shout. Good guy.
  14. I thought Dave2302 is not far from Aberdeen. He is genius. Give him a shout.